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12 Surya Namaskar Mantras With Which means & Postures


12 Surya namaskar mantra

12 Surya Namaskar Mantras aka Solar salutation chants are crucial part of Surya Namaskar that makes it a religious observe. Via those solar salutation mantras, the solar’s qualities are liked and assimilated via the practitioners.

Those 12 Surya Namaskar Mantras are chanted together with the 12 postures synced with the breath in a meditational go with the flow. Whilst chanting, the Solar is worshipped in all its paperwork and names.

Importance of Surya Namaskar Mantras

Very similar to the precise collection of 12 poses of Surya namaskar, the mantras also are chanted in a particular method. In japanese astrology, those 12 mantras are regarded as the sounds of zodiac indicators in which the solar passes annually in 12 levels (rashi). Chanting those mantras complements the religious part of Surya Namaskar.

12 Surya Namaskar Mantras are chanted in Sanskrit. The center time period of every mantra (between Om and Namah) is one title of the Solar God. Each sound syllable of the Solar God title contained the car of fundamental power represented via the solar itself.

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Chanting Sanskrit mantras might be daunting at first. On the other hand, to specific the actual determination to the observe its translation would come in useful.

Surya Namaskar Mantra With Which means and 12 Postures

Beneath which means of 12 surya namaskar mantras are described with posture and their right kind interpretation.

Use this tradition information for figuring out the essence of the Solar and the importance of paying gratitude to this tough supply of lifestyles.

1. Pranamasana (Prayer pose)
Mantra – “Om Mitraye Namaha”

1st prayer pose mantra

Which means: “Mitraye” is a Sanskrit time period derived from the basis time period “Mitra” relating to “pal.” Due to this fact, the primary mantra of surya namaskar actually interprets, “salutations to the pal of all.”

Inference: Solar is the common entity and stocks its mild similarly among all with none discriminations which symbolizes friendship. Therefore, in pranamasana, we reward the Solar for being without equal supply of lifestyles for each organism on Earth like a real pal.

2. Hasta Uttanasana (Raised hands pose)
Mantra – “Om Ravaye Namah”

upward hand raised pose mantra

Which means: On this pose, Solar is being known as on via its Hindi synonym, “Ravi”, which means that “glossy”. Therefore, the chant is translated as, “salutations to the shinning and radiant one”

Inference: “Ravaye” denotes one thing that shines and provides blessings on all. In the second one pose of solar salutation, all of the frame is stretched and unfolded receiving the power and effort from the Solar and in addition to greet it for sharing its radiance.

3. Padahastasana (Status ahead bend)
Mantra – “Om Suraya Namaha”

standing forward bend pose mantra

Which means: Suraya” has been derived from Surya which is the title given to the Solar to be praised as a Hindu God who’s chargeable for shifting the day and lifestyles on Earth. Thus, “Om Suraya Namaha” approach, “salutations to he, who induces job.”

Inference: The Solar is the dynamic being that energizes the Earth, people, and the entire dwelling beings. Due to this fact, folding ahead in Padahastasana and chanting the corresponding Surya Namaskar mantra connects us to the Earth for sharing the average supply of power. It additionally develops groundedness and steadiness for similarly sharing the energizing houses from the Solar.

4. Ashwa sanchalanasana (Equestrian pose)
Mantra – “Om Bhanave Namaha

ashwa sanchalasana mantra

Which means: “Bhanave” is once more derived from the Hindi synonym of the Solar, “Bhanu”. It approach the only which serves because the supply of sunshine. This interprets the chant as, “salutations to he, who illumines.”

Inference: The Solar is thought of as as a dispeller of darkness via bringing within the sunlight on a daily basis. Due to this fact, this surya namaskar mantra is chanted whilst taking a look upward in Ashwa Sanchalanasana. Retaining the pinnacle and gaze up on this pose indicates the removing of psychological blocks, fears, negativity, and overcoming the restrictions.

5. Chaturanga Dandasana (four-limbed group of workers pose)
Mantra – “Om Khagaye Namaha”

chaturanga dandasana mantra

Which means: “Khag” is a Hindi time period that refers to the one that is living within the sky. Due to this fact, right here it addresses the Solar because of its shifting place within the sky all over the day by day hours. Thus, the shloka interprets, “salutations to he who strikes briefly within the sky.”

Inference: Passage of the Solar is thought of as as a conventional clock for the folks in precedent days. Due to this fact, chanting this mantra within the 5th place the practitioner turns into a conduit with the earth and the sky inquiring for the passing of time with appreciate to the Solar to be sort to all.

6. Ashtanga Namaskar (eight-limbed pose)
Mantra – “Om Pushne Namaha”

asthanga namaskar pose mantra

Which means: The time period “Pushne” is derived from the time period “Poshan” which means that “nourishment”. This Surya Namaskar Mantra is chanted to reward the Solar for being the giver of nourishment to the dwelling beings. It’s higher understood as paying salutations to the giver of power and nourishment.

Inference: Whilst appearing Ashtanga Namaskar we search the power and nourishment from the Solar in order that it complements our power on a deeper stage.

7. Bhujangasana – (cobra pose)
Mantra – “Om Hiranya Garbhaya Namaha”

cobra pose mantra

Which means: “Hirangarbh” is a composite time period having shaped via combining “Hiran” (deer) and “Garbha” (womb). The deer womb may be regarded as because the beginning of lifestyles within the Universe. It’s sometimes called the golden egg for the reason that Solar is the golden cosmic frame, therefore, this mantra refers, “salutations to the golden, cosmic-self.

Inference: Hiranya Garbhaya is sometimes called the golden egg and the manifestation of self-existence. Solar is thought of as because the God that has the golden brilliance that may manifest lifestyles. Therefore, this mantra whilst working towards Bhujangasana expresses the inquiring for gesture to fill lifestyles with creativity.

8. Adho Mukha Svanasana (Downward canine pose)
Mantra – “Om Marichaye Namaha”

downward dog pose mantra

Which means: “Marich” is some other synonym of Solar that implies “rays of sunshine”. Since Solar brings forth break of day Thus, this mantra has a translation that conveys salutations to the Lord of the Crack of dawn.

Inference: But even so praising the Solar, the time period Marichaye additionally refers to a mirage that serves as an phantasm or distraction. They devise hurdles within the trail of lifestyles, due to this fact chanting this within the 8th pose is for searching for the actual trail or function in lifestyles. It inculcates the actual knowledge to discriminate between what’s actual from unreal.

9. Ashwa Sanchalanasana (Equestrian pose)
Mantra – “Om Adityaye Namaha”

2nd ashwa sanchalanasana mantra

Which means: Aditya is the son of the common mom, Aditi. On this surya namaskar mantra we’re praising Solar because the son of cosmic mom. It actually translated as greetings to son of Aditi, the cosmic mom.

Inference: The whole thing at the Earth has been originated or created via the cosmic mom, Therefore on this 9th place, together with worshipping the Solar the practitioner additionally greets the inventive energy that we’re part of and that flows via all lifestyles.

10. Padahastasna (Status ahead bend)
Mantra – “Om Savitre Namah”

2nd standing forward bend pose mantra

The Solar presentations two of its state all over the day by day hours, the daybreak and sundown. Earlier than the time of daybreak, it’s referred to as “Savitr” in Hindi or Sanskrit. Therefore, “Om Savitre Namah” expresses salutations to the lord of advent or the one that enlightens the sector.

Inference: Savitre is a time period that refers back to the stimulator or energizer. Due to this fact, within the 10th place, we bow right down to obtain the stimulating or inventive power that aids in attaining the needs with kindness and love.

11. Hasta uttansana (Raised hands pose)
Mantra – “Om Arkaya Namah”

2nd hand raised pose mantra

The time period “Arkaya” right here has been taken from “Ark” which denotes one thing which is worship-able. Therefore it’s traslated as, salutations to he who’s are compatible to be praised.

Inference: On this posture the hands and whole self is stretched to the sky. Via stretching and opening up in opposition to the sky, the practitioners greet the Solar in addition to the sky to obtain power and to specific gratitude to the good pressure within the sky.

12. Pranamasana (Prayer pose)
Mantra – “Om Bhaskaraya Namah”

prayer pose mantra

“Bhaskar” is a composite time period having “Bha” that implies “mild and information” whilst “Kar” refers to “do”. It indicates the Solar as the one that brings mild and information to the practitioners. It’s translated as salutations to he who ends up in enlightenment.

Inference: This surya namaskar mantra brings you nearer to enlightenment via creating a harmonious connection. Because of this, Surya namaskar is thought of as as an entire religious observe, i.e. Sadhana.

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Bija Mantra for Surya Namaskar

If you need to observe Surya Namaskar at a quick tempo and 12 Surya namaskar mantras are an excessive amount of to include, then Beej Mantras are all you wish to have.

There are six Beej Mantras aka seed syllables which might be repeated consecutively 4 instances within the following collection all over the observe.

  • Om Hraam
  • Om Hreem
  • Om Hroom
  • Om Hraim
  • Om Hraum
  • Om Hrah

There’s no specific which means of those Beej mantras, then again, those convey forth tough vibrations of power throughout the thoughts and frame of the practitioner.


Uplift your conventional Surya Namaskar observe via incorporating those 12 Surya Namaskar mantras with the 12 poses. Those mantras strengthen the mindfulness whilst chanting and brings general consciousness throughout the practitioner.

Chanting loudly or within the thoughts is completely the number of the practitioner, then again, the advantages will stay the similar. Due to this fact, succeed in the total type of Solar salutation and reap the entire advantages of mixing mantras on your observe.


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