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340B Contract Pharmacy Limits: The Battle Continues


3rd Circuit Regulations on Producer Restrictions on Contract Pharmacies

The primary of 3 pending appeals on whether or not a pharmaceutical producer can restrict distribution of lined 340B medicine to contract pharmacies led to a transparent victory for pharmaceutical producers.  The 3rd Circuit resolved conflicting selections amongst district courts inside the 3rd Circuit via ruling that the 340B program didn’t require pharmaceutical producers to distribute or ship medicine bought via 340B lined entities to all contract pharmacies that the entity had partnered with.  Sanofi-Aventis U.S., LLC v. HHS, Case No. 21-3167 (1/30/2023).  The court docket rejected the federal government’s opposite interpretation that may have required producers to ship medicine to any location designated via the lined entity. 

Each circumstances have been filed via producers after the federal government despatched letters mentioning that producers had violated the 340B program via proscribing the supply of substances to a lined entity’s contract pharmacies. The producers prevailed in AstraZeneca Pharms. LP v. Becerra, 2022 WL 484587 (D. Del. Feb. 16, 2022), and the federal government prevailed in Sanofi-Aventis U.S., LLC v. HHS, 570 F. Supp. 3d 129 (D.N.J. 2021).

The 3rd Circuit determination centered at the statutory language requiring that producers “shall be offering” medicine which are to be had to any person at any value to “lined entities” for “acquire” at a cut price. 42 U.S.C. §256b(a)(1). The court docket noticed that “nowhere” did Phase 340B point out contract pharmacies, and extra, that neither the phrase “be offering” nor the phrase “acquire” implied any particular requirement for supply or distribution.  The court docket held that 340B “imposes a value time period for drug gross sales to lined entities, leaving all different phrases clean.” The court docket rejected the federal government’s interpretation that may have given lined entities discretion to fill within the blanks on supply or distribution as long as they foot the invoice. Mentioned the court docket, “when Congress’s phrases run out, lined entities won’t select up the pen.”

No longer All Statutory Interpretation Problems Have been Resolved

The 3rd Circuit famous that its determination didn’t essentially give producers the precise to impose any and all stipulations on using contract pharmacies.  The court docket famous that it would come to another consequence if a drug maker barred all use of contract pharmacies, the place a lined entity that lacks an in-house pharmacy would haven’t any option to dispense the medication and so may just no longer in apply “settle for” them. Nevertheless it refused to invest on a state of affairs that had no longer been introduced. 

Pending Appeals May Create Circuit Conflicts

Two different circuits are taking into account the similar factor on enchantment.  The federal government has appealed from a choice within the District of Columbia that two manufactures’ insurance policies of proscribing using contract pharmacies didn’t violate the 340B statute. Novartis Prescribed drugs Corp. v. Espinosa, Nos. 21-cv-1479 (DLF), 21-cv-1686 (DLF) (D.D.C. Nov. 5, 2021) (enchantment pending). 

 The 7th Circuit additionally heard argument in October of 2022 in a producer’s enchantment from an Indiana determination that upheld the federal government’s interpretation, however no opinion has been issued. Eli Lilly and Corporate v. Becerra, Case No. 21-3128 (7th Cir.).

States Weigh In

States have additionally lately weighed in at the remedy and availability of 340B lined medicine distributed via contract pharmacies. 

In December of 2022, a court docket upheld 38 Ark. Code Ann. § 23-92-604(c) from a problem via the Pharmaceutical Producers Affiliation that the legislation used to be preempted via the Federal 340B statute.  Pharma v. McClain, Case No. 4:21-CV-864-BRW (E.D. Ark. 12/12/22).  The legislation prohibits pharmaceutical producers from denying or prohibiting “340B drug pricing for an Arkansas-based group pharmacy that receives medicine bought underneath a 340B drug pricing contract pharmacy association with an entity approved to take part in 340B drug pricing.”  The court docket held that the 340B program didn’t preclude states from protective state hobby associated with the distribution of prescribed drugs inside the state.  The case is on enchantment to the 8th Circuit. 

In the end, in a coverage that changed into efficient on January 1, 2023, Pennsylvania issued steerage that looks to do away with Medicaid repayment for 340B lined medicine distributed via contract pharmacies. That steerage can also be discovered right here:  MAB2022122201.pdf (  The coverage arises out of ongoing stress between the Medicaid rebate program and 340B discounted pricing, as a result of a producer is obligated to provide rebates or reductions underneath most effective such a methods on drug purchases.  Failure of state Medicaid methods to earn rebates for medicine which are bought underneath the 340B program however reimbursed underneath the Medicaid program has resulted in conflicts over, necessarily, whether or not 340B lined entities or state Medicaid methods will have to obtain the monetary good thing about Federal drug discounting methods.  As well as, each states and producers have alleged vital documentation mistakes via lined entities and their contract pharmacies in figuring out 340B lined medicine which are distributed to Medicaid beneficiaries, resulting in protracted disputes and requests for recoupment via producers.


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