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7 Highest Therapeutic massage Weapons For Runners 2023


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For years I’ve gotten a per thirty days sports activities therapeutic massage as a result of I discovered it used to be extraordinarily advisable in keeping up a contented IT band, aligned hips, and lowering my total tension ranges—which progressed restoration. May an at house therapeutic massage gun for runners give me a few of the ones advantages??

I’m at all times having a look to spend cash correctly, so I began to surprise, “Are therapeutic massage weapons actually price it?” May a high quality therapeutic massage gun serve as an alternative for my per thirty days sports activities therapeutic massage? Is it higher than a foam curler for running the fascia?

With the intention to to find out, I began by way of speaking to Bodily Therapist Stuart Wilson of Raise PT. Then, I moved directly to trying out out various other fashions. In any case, I checked in with masses of runners thru certainly one of my weekly Instagram polls, as a result of there’s not anything higher than actual lifestyles information to give an explanation for whether or not one thing works!

🤑Now not involved in studying the entire put up, then right here’s a scorching tip this AFFORDABLE therapeutic massage gun is solely as excellent (whilst nonetheless being top of the range sufficient to closing), if making a decision one is vital.

However I’m going to proportion with you extra main points on what I’ve used and why some athletes may spend extra for positive options.

Let’s dive in to the whole lot you wish to have to find out about therapeutic massage weapons for runners to lend a hand with the ones tight hamstrings and sore muscle groups.

What’s a Therapeutic massage Gun?

Therapeutic massage weapons, referred to extra technically as percussion massagers, percussive treatment or vibration treatment, are a step up from at house equipment we’ve lengthy had get admission to to, like deep tissue massagers that use a extra round movement.

When became on, therapeutic massage weapons pulse ahead, making a pounding impact at the muscle, aka percussion.

The percussive therapeutic massage gun is a light-weight, transportable wi-fi hand held software formed a bit of like a device you’d be expecting to look on a building undertaking. Maximum are sufficiently small that you’ll even throw them on your fitness center bag and take them at the move.

The “gun” identify comes from being formed like a nail gun (or energy drill) and with the similar concept that the therapeutic massage device itself pushes outward. Particularly they’re designed to:

  • Make the most of intensity, pace and power to hit muscle groups that deep tissue therapeutic massage would with much less ache
  • Permit you to paintings in deeper than you’ll with a foam curler
  • Other pace settings permit for various ranges of muscles paintings
  • The repeated power supplies vibration treatment
  • Centered to be used on small muscle teams (bring to mind your TFL or pecs that are onerous to get with a foam curler)

It’s vital to notice that percussion and vibration are actually other. Percussion is operating deep in to the tissue, the place one thing like a vibration foam curler helps to distract nerves from ache. That permits you to paintings extra on a space or just to cut back ache.

massage guns

What are the Advantages of a Therapeutic massage Gun?

Sadly there aren’t but a ton of research to turn out out the claims being made, which matches to turn a large number of it might be in our heads like the use of compression tights for operating. Don’t care, I’ll take the entire headspace wins I will be able to get.

One small learn about did display that the use of vibration and/or therapeutic massage helped with muscle soreness. And a brand new higher evaluate of many research helps that information!

When runners have interaction in high-impact actions, their muscle groups can enjoy microtears, resulting in soreness and stiffness. Percussive therapeutic massage treatment is helping to expedite the therapeutic procedure by way of expanding blood go with the flow to the world, which aids in nutrient supply and waste removing.

Together with a learn about that confirmed 5 mins with a therapeutic massage gun had the similar advantages as quarter-hour with a therapeutic massage therapist.

In response to what docs and bodily therapists find out about therapeutic massage treatment, now we have extrapolated the anticipated advantages for runners who constantly use therapeutic massage weapons.

  • manipulation encourages tight knotted muscle groups to liberate by way of expanding blood go with the flow
  • relief in muscle stiffness because of the deep vibration
  • greater muscle leisure may just advertise higher sleep
  • greater blood go with the flow to that house when completed can lend a hand with muscle restoration
  • may just strengthen flexibility whilst the muscle groups are in a state of distraction
  • interrupts ache alerts to the mind (came upon this when writing about vibration foam rollers)
  • possible building up in muscle power (learn about)

One of the most distinctive advantages of therapeutic massage weapons is their talent to turn on the frightened device’s ache gate mechanism.

The speedy percussive pulses from the software can stimulate sensory receptors within the pores and skin, sending alerts to the mind that quickly override ache alerts from sore muscle groups. This may give quick aid and make post-run restoration extra comfy for runners.

PT, Stuart Wilson, encourages runners to start out making the therapeutic massage gun a part of their nightly regimen. Considering of this restoration time as priming the frame for the following exercise. If truth be told, this is likely one of the items of the Harm Prevention Program for Runners we created.

There’s some proof in step with the Magazine of Sports activities Medication, that it might prolong or decelerate DOMS (not on time onset muscle soreness). This means that we’re ready to coach more difficult, once more faster.

Are Therapeutic massage Weapons Price It?

Right through my closing sports activities chiropractor talk over with, I requested for but some other opinion. I knew my Bodily Therapist used to be on board, however what did my sports activities Chiro consider this device.

Do you assume other folks will have to be the use of therapeutic massage weapons at house?”

Dr. Toby Spitzlberger DC had a few actually sensible issues to mention:

  • I believe it’s actually thrilling when other folks first get it after which many type of put it to the aspect and prevent the use of it (contacté my buddy contacté on each gizmo we lust after).
  • Other people will have to NOT simply stay going time and again a sore house (that’s an effective way to extend irritation, similar to why you don’t foam roll your IT Band).
  • It’s actually nice for running in to a glute (or different muscle) whilst additionally the use of motion of the leg.

So the whole dialogue result in sure they’re price it when used constantly and when you know the way to make use of them as it should be. It’s good to be doing extra muscle harm in the event you’re the use of them incorrectly.

Don’t concern, we can dive in to that in a while.

massage gun legs

massage gun shoulders

7 Highest Therapeutic massage Weapons For Runners

Why are therapeutic massage weapons so pricey? There’s a large number of era concerned, however I will be able to’t come up with an enormous reason the $600 therapeutic massage gun is hugely higher than the only I’m the use of and is on sale for lower than $200.

My chiropractor does have the $600 Theragun Professional and likes the therapeutic massage head on it as it doesn’t reason ache when you are over a bony house, which is simple to do round your shoulders and chest. As famous, I’m looking for issues that could be slightly extra pockets pleasant, however you’ll’t move fallacious with what the professions like.

*Word: I don’t counsel any of the mini therapeutic massage weapons, too onerous to get sufficient power to be helpful. There are many nice therapeutic massage weapons beneath $100 which are complete dimension.

#1 Warmth and Chilly Therapeutic massage Gun – ROLAZ Therapeutic massage Gun ($83)

For an extremely low priced therapeutic massage gun, this has some nice options. Should you aren’t on the lookout for a really perfect deep massager, I actually like that this has the cold and warm options, having used them I will be able to say they’re fabulous.

  • Warmth mixed with the vibration can lend a hand to loosen pressure
  • Chilly can simply really feel lovely darn nice on a sore house
  • Designed to be reasonably
  • Comprises the entire therapeutic massage heads and a sporting case (even though actually why trouble with those that may’t do warmth or chilly?!)
  • Steel head slides actually simply and once more the warmth simply feels excellent
  • Percussion won’t really feel as deep as others, I frequently use this kind only for vibration

#2 Highest Therapeutic massage Gun Underneath $100 – Tolco Therapeutic massage Gun ($40)

It has over 42,000 critiques and remains to be at 4.5 stars to me that claims so much as a result of individuals are onerous to delight!

  • It additionally has 20 speeds making it simple to make a choice your energy degree
  • Heaps of therapeutic massage heads for various wishes
  • Simple to learn display to make a choice your energy degree
  • Quiet

Don’t let an inexpensive value make you assume it may possibly’t do the activity. It could possibly!

If truth be told, even the highest tier choices were shedding in value. So in the event you’ve been ready to seek out the most productive therapeutic massage gun, now’s the most productive time to snag it.

Affordable Massage Guns

#3 Mid-Stage Good Therapeutic massage Gun Theragun Top – ($219)

There are a selection of Theragun choices, this one is heart of the street. Now not as expensive as the pro fashion, however no longer shifting all the way down to the fewer robust Theragun Mini.

  • Maximum Theraguns declare to have a deeper muscles remedy than you’ll to find with decrease powered machines
  • Top vs Professional: It’ll have the similar depth, however much less stall energy. This means that you need to extra simply observe an excessive amount of power. It has a somewhat shorter battery lifestyles at 2 hours.
  • Top is way quieter than the opposite variations
  • Is available in a pouch sporting case, moderately than a difficult sided case
  • Wi-fi charging
  • Smartapp bluetooth integration gives you exact routines to make use of!

#4 Skilled Gade Therapeutic massage Gun – Theragun Professional ($599)

Should you actually wish to degree up and you wish to have that tremendous deep muscle penetrating pound, then the Theragun Professional you to find at maximum PT’s place of job is the place you wish to have to appear.

Simply understand that extra power doesn’t at all times imply a greater end result.

That is going to be the heaviest therapeutic massage gun at 2.8lbs, with probably the most stall power of as much as 60lbs (particularly the price range ones are extra like 20-30lbs.

Identical options just like the OLED display and interchangable heads because the Top.

#5 Bluetooth Guided Utilization – Hyperice Hyper Volt 2 – ($299)

My Ragnar workforce used to be obsessive about this actual fashion, passing it backward and forward between vehicles after we traded off legs.

It’s one of the vital extra widespread fashions available on the market. It does have fewer pace choices than others, however experiences having an extended battery lifestyles.  It’s additionally indexed as one of the vital quietest therapeutic massage weapons.

  • Hypersmart app gives you customized plans to get probably the most of out it
  • TSA pleasant
  • Very quiet, however most effective 3 pace ranges

For the cost I’d most definitely make a selection one thing else. BUT Hypervolt is a actually top of the range emblem and this therapeutic massage gun goes to closing you a long time.

#6 Just right Drive and Perspective Erkin Athletics B37 – ($299)

Should you actually like that deep power of the Theragun, here’s a less expensive possibility this is actually smartly favored. An advantage is the slight perspective of the massager could make it more straightforward to achieve round and get your again muscle groups (a will have to for me).

  • Tremendous lengthy battery lifestyles
  • Deep percussion – 5 speeds to make a choice from
  • Beautiful…does that topic, I don’t know, however I just like the emerald colour!
  • Extremely quiet era

#7 Mini Therapeutic massage Gun – Sportneer Mini 3 ($49)

If you wish to have a mini for touring, it is a respectable possibility amongst the ones in the market, to in fact nonetheless supply some energy. It actually does pack a punch, at about part the facility of a Theragun, which goes to be on par with a large number of complete dimension masssgers.

They label it as pocket sized, however I’m no longer certain whose pocket we’re speaking about.  It’s about as tall as an IPhone, however in fact nonetheless chunky

  • Nice LCD display
  • 5 Speeds
  • Just right battery lifestyles

*a laugh observe: do know that in the event you shuttle with a mini therapeutic massage gun, you’ll most probably get stopped at TSA…and they are going to be pondering it’s a special vibrating software.

Affordable Massage Guns

What to search for in a Therapeutic massage Gun?

One of the vital key options we checked out when trying out runner therapeutic massage weapons. I had a couple of I actually sought after to counsel, however after trying out they only had so little energy I couldn’t really say they’d carried out anything else.

  • Amplitude – how deep it is going (one of the vital vital issue according to what you wish to have the massager to do)
  • Speeds – how a lot you’ll keep an eye on the depth
  • Great to have a couple of device heads to hit muscle groups otherwise
  • Simple to carry
  • Just right battery lifestyles (I’m indubitably person who forgets to price issues)
  • A guaranty as it higher closing awhile in the event you’re the use of it instead of a per thirty days therapeutic massage

Who Will have to Steer clear of Therapeutic massage Weapons?

However let’s no longer overlook that for some other folks a therapeutic massage gun might not be your best choice for restoration. It’s at all times vital with any means from cryotherapy to ice baths to accupressure to understand your frame.

It’s very important to prioritize protection and visit a scientific skilled prior to the use of a therapeutic massage gun, particularly in the event you fall into any of the next classes:

  1. Fresh Accidents: When you have lately suffered an acute damage equivalent to a muscle pressure, tear, or sprain, it’s a very powerful to permit your frame enough time to heal prior to the use of a therapeutic massage gun. Making use of percussive power to an injured house may just exacerbate the wear and prolong the therapeutic procedure.
  2. Open Wounds or Bruises: Steer clear of the use of a therapeutic massage gun on spaces with open wounds, cuts, or vital bruises. The serious vibrations and power may just impede the herbal therapeutic procedure and doubtlessly reason additional hurt.
  3. Irritation or An infection: People with prerequisites characterised by way of irritation, equivalent to rheumatoid arthritis or acute infections, will have to keep away from the use of therapeutic massage weapons in spaces suffering from irritation. The extra stimulation may just result in greater discomfort or possible headaches.
  4. Positive Scientific Stipulations: People with explicit scientific prerequisites, equivalent to deep vein thrombosis (DVT), blood clotting problems, osteoporosis, or positive pores and skin prerequisites, will have to seek the advice of a scientific skilled prior to the use of a therapeutic massage gun. Those prerequisites would possibly require specialised steering to make sure secure utilization.
  5. Power Ache Stipulations: People with power ache prerequisites equivalent to fibromyalgia, neuropathy, or power fatigue syndrome will have to seek the advice of a healthcare supplier prior to the use of a therapeutic massage gun. The serious vibrations may irritate those prerequisites, and a healthcare skilled can be offering steering on the most productive way.
  6. Medicines: If you’re taking medicines that impact blood clotting (blood thinners), ache belief, or muscle serve as, seek the advice of your healthcare supplier prior to the use of a therapeutic massage gun. The interplay between the therapeutic massage gun’s results and your medicines will have to be evaluated.
  7. Kids: Kids’s our bodies are nonetheless creating, and the impression of percussive treatment on their rising muscle groups and bones isn’t smartly understood. It’s really useful to keep away from the use of therapeutic massage weapons on youngsters until particularly recommended by way of a pediatrician.
  8. Unfamiliarity or Discomfort: If you’re new to the use of therapeutic massage weapons or enjoy discomfort whilst the use of one, it’s very important initially low depth and quick periods. Discontinue use in the event you enjoy ache, numbness, or any opposed reactions.

How To Use Therapeutic massage Gun?

Whilst I like having my husband run the therapeutic massage gun over my again, in most cases you’ll be the use of it on your self and that’s supreme to be sure to aren’t the use of an excessive amount of power.

This isn’t a deeper is best state of affairs. Now not the sports activities therapeutic massage, the place you’re gripping the desk as they paintings thru that calf knot more or less factor.

Step 1, you wish to have to loosen up.

Should you’re stressful as a result of you already know a space is smooth, you’re making it more difficult for the device to paintings and it’s most probably going to harm extra. Get started with an overly gentle power and straightforwardness in to the world.

  • Get started at the lowest pace and building up as wanted.
  • You’re the use of a gentle contact and permitting the vibration to lend a hand liberate the knot.
  • You’ll most effective be protecting it on a given house for a couple of seconds, as you still slowly transfer it round.
  • Recall to mind discovering a decent spot and shifting it round for 15 seconds, shifting over that entire house of your frame for not more than 2 mins.
  • A whole complete frame consultation may most effective take 5-10 mins. This isn’t like getting an hour therapeutic massage; that’s overkill in your muscle groups.
  • Do NOT overuse it.
  • DO NOT apply it to injured spaces, lines, sprains, and so forth.
  • Don’t apply it to bony spaces.
  • It’s good to use it a couple of instances all through the day if desired, with a minimum of a pair hours between.

When To Use a Therapeutic massage Gun?

You’ll get advantages of the use of the therapeutic massage gun for restoration past due within the day or for priming muscle groups previous to a exercise.

Muscle Activation: 30 Seconds

Pre-workout, you need to put it to use on spaces like your glutes and quads to hep get up the muscle groups with a brief consultation.

A couple of research have proven that the use of it at the forearms progressed grip power when carried out prior to lifting. Some other confirmed extra energy within the quads.

So it’s unquestionably price trying out on your dynamic heat up. I adore it to hit on my tight TFL previous to a exercise.

Muscle Re-Activation: 15 Seconds

Some have additionally really useful the use of it throughout a exercise whilst you’re starting to fatigue, in all probability for the reason that vibration creates the muscle distraction to reduce ache alerts. That is extra not unusual in power coaching periods the place individuals are additionally on the lookout for the ones good points famous above.

Leisure: 2 Mins

If you’ve absolutely cooled down from a exercise or are getting able for mattress, you’ll use the therapeutic massage gun on other spaces for as much as 2 mins. Once more shifting the gun round constantly, it’s stated to advertise leisure and can now be running in to these tight spaces to liberate fascia.

The way to Use Therapeutic massage Gun Heads?

I admit this used to be one of the vital first issues I used to be eager about…why such a lot of and what do they do? Now not in need of to injure myself by way of merely trying out, I began to analyze first!hydragun review

That is probably the most used head, as it may possibly actually move any place at the frame and the softer foam will likely be much less intense on puts like your inside thighs (which frequently get skipped with foam rolling) or smooth calf muscle groups.

Medium Ball

This can be product of one thing slightly more impregnable than the froth ball relying at the fashion, however could also be appropriate to be used on lots of the frame and would possibly merely supply slightly extra intense muscle paintings than the bigger head.

Flat Head

This one could be extra supreme for many of our higher sore muscle groups as it spreads out the impression. I love each the flat head and the ball extra MOST of my therapeutic massage time.


This smaller, extra intense device is designed for explicit cause issues and is frequently used at the soles of the toes. It’s on occasion discussed to be used round joints, however I don’t assume for probably the most phase we wish to be whatsoever sending an impression in to the bone.

Fork Head

This break up head attachment means that you can goal spaces such because the backbone or neck with out hitting the bone. However could also be frequently used at the Achilles, or in a space the place you wish to have a twin hit to lend a hand liberate the muscle groups.

Metal Heads

As I realized with the Hydragun, those are in fact INCREDIBLE. Particularly as a result of I’ve been hitting my glutes and coffee again onerous for the reason that ultramarathon and at all times to find my blouse getting snagged up…no longer with this.

Do You Want a Therapeutic massage Gun?

If requested, this wouldn’t be the primary device that I’d invest in, even though I do experience mine.

More than likely as a result of I’m stingy with the place I spend cash and I don’t wish to throw yours round both. Am I playing having one? Evidently. However they’ve been out for years and I survived with out one, too.

I’d get started with a perfect pair of compression tights, the appropriate trainers, superb operating socks…after which I’d ask in the event you’re doing a dynamic heat up and strengthening your hips.

If you’ve stated sure, I’m doing the ones, in case you are in need of to regard your self or take issues to the following degree, then move forward and get a therapeutic massage gun.

This isn’t a treatment all or a magic bullet, but when it excites you to coach or is helping you’re feeling like restoration is best then GO FOR IT.

I were given in to operating as it used to be affordable. I may just run in my cotton t-shirt, my mesh shorts and the footwear I had laying round…I briefly realized a minimum of that closing piece used to be an overly unhealthy selection.

However really, I by no means will have imagined what I’d spend on a GPS watch and not even contemplated one thing like therapeutic massage gun.

But now, I notice that the appropriate equipment are key to protecting me operating damage unfastened.

This means that protecting me sane.

On the lookout for extra critiques to seek out the most productive issues to your run?

Checkout our complete web page of operating tools critiques and guides to save lots of you time looking and cash! I proportion what’s labored for me and fellow runners, together with what wasn’t price the cost tag.

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