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71st Birthday Provide Arrived – BionicOldGuy


I were given a brand new recumbent motorcycle for my 71st birthday which simply arrived a few days in the past. My recumbent used to be over 10 years outdated as a result of I purchased it used, and one of the most parts like gears and brakes have been getting somewhat out of date and tough to track. I may have simply changed it with the most recent model of the similar style (the Bacchetta Giro A20). However the Giro is a traveling style, and I noticed that for a similar value I may get a lighter weight efficiency style, the Bacchetta Corsa. This used to be interesting as a result of I love to move after Strava age staff data. I used to be involved that the extra competitive place at the Corsa will not be as comfy because the Giro, and luxury to me is extra essential general than efficiency. Then again, I noticed that if the motorcycle has disk brakes, it’s simple to make wheel adjustments, and the Corsa might be made as comfy because the Giro for each day driving. Then with a wheel and seat switch I may put it again in efficiency mode every time I sought after. I’d been toying with the speculation of doing this someday sooner or later, however Dana Lieberman, who owns Bacchetta motorcycles, placed on a killer “black friday” sale sooner than Christmas that I may no longer face up to. So I ordered the motorcycle a couple of weeks in the past and it simply arrived.

My first rides showed it’s relatively just a little faster than the Giro, and I’m taking a look ahead to going after some Strava 70+ data with it. Sadly my fresh chilly intervened in order that were given postponed until I recuperate. For longer rides the Giro does appear just a little extra comfy now, however that can be an issue of having used to the brand new seat (additionally the brand new seat is extra comfy in a extra reclined place, which is just right for aerodynamics however would possibly require a headrest). And I will be able to through the years glance into swapping out wheels and seats for convenience vs. efficiency as mentioned under. Thankfully, via donating my non-electric upright motorcycle I made room to retailer the brand new Corsa, so I will be able to stay each motorcycles no less than for now whilst I kind this out. This type of experimenting is amusing for me as a retired engineer.

The brand new Corsa is saved on its new customized rack above, with the Giro under it. For the reason that Corsa is lighter it’s simple to raise it as much as retailer.
That is the perfect amendment I’m bearing in mind. Simply substitute the Corsa’s entrance wheel with the small wheel from the Giro. This lowers the entrance about 8″. This presentations it with the Corsa seat however it might even be simple to position at the extra upright seat from the Giro. I took this for a trip and it handles superb. This may be just a little extra aerodynamic than the Giro and highest for on a regular basis use, then I may simply switch entrance seats and entrance wheel to position it again it “efficiency mode”.
Some other of the tips I’m bearing in mind: This “artist conception” presentations how the Corsa might be made extra comfy via changing its 700c (28″) wheels with 406 (20″) wheels and the usage of the seat from the Giro for on a regular basis driving. It wouldn’t paintings to only put the Giro’s seat at the Corsa with the massive wheels, as this might make the seat peak too prime and the motorcycle awkward.


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