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72 Weightlifting Phrases You Want to Know


To the neophyte, power practising is easy: select up a weight, put it down, get sturdy.

Spend a couple of weeks or months on the net or chatting up your new fit-buddies, and you come back to understand there’s plenty of science, artwork, and jargon in the back of the obvious simplicity: compound workouts; plyometrics; supination; RPE; 1RM; ATG.

That will help you work out what the health club bros and health nerds are yapping about, we’ve put in combination a cheat-sheet of weightlifting phrases that breaks all of it down for you.

So subsequent time any individual recommends that you just “Attempt to PR at the ultimate pyramid set of your compound actions the general mesocycle prior to deload,” you’ll know what they’re speaking about.


Ass to grass

Woman Does Jump Squats | Circuit Training

A motion carried out in squat diversifications through which the knees and hips flex absolutely, and the glutes are shut as imaginable to the ground. Incessantly abbreviated as ATG.

Compound motion

An activity that comes to vital motion of 2 or extra main joints. Examples come with squatslungesdeadliftspull-ups, and presses of a wide variety.

Concentric motion

One of those muscle contraction during which a operating muscle is going from a lengthened to a shortened place. In power practising, it’s the a part of the transfer at which the burden (or your body weight) strikes upward, as within the ‘pushing’ portion of an overhead press.

Eccentric motion

One of those muscle contraction during which a operating muscle is going from a shortened to a lengthened place. In power practising, it’s the a part of the transfer at which the burden (or your body weight) strikes downward, as within the ‘reducing’ portion of an overhead press.


A motion during which a joint is going from an open to a closed or bent place, as in a biceps curl or sit-up.


A motion during which a joint is going from a closed to an open or lengthened place, as in a triceps extension or a deadlift.

Practical motion

A motion, activity, or drill that resembles, or is helping to make stronger, actions continuously encountered in on a regular basis lifestyles. For example, wearing groceries or hoisting baggage into an overhead bin.

Grip power

Closeup of woman's hands opening a large pickle jar

The capability to seize, hang, pinch, raise, and hold from items of quite a lot of shapes, sizes, and weights the use of essentially the power of your palms and arms.

Grip power is an element of many alternative health club actions, together with farmer’s carries, rows, deadlifts, pull-downs, pull-ups, and, to a lesser extent, presses, and is thought of as a trademark of common well being and a competent predictor of longevity.

Hip hinge

motion during which each hip joints flex (bend) whilst the backbone stays braced and inflexible. A Romanian deadlift is an instance, as is the set-up place for the status row.

Isolation actions

Workouts that contain vital motion of only one main joint. Examples come with lateral raisestriceps extensions, and biceps curls.

Isometric activity

An activity that puts pressure on a number of muscle teams, however calls for minimum motion at any main joint. Examples come with the wall take a seat and the plank.


The act of extending, stress-free, or freeing a muscle or muscle crew. Within the ahead bend stretch, for instance, the hamstring muscle crew at the backs of the thighs lengthens as you fold ahead.


The act of tensing or contracting a muscle or muscle crew. Within the curl activity, for instance, the biceps muscular tissues of the higher hands shorten as you lift the burden.

Lifting to failure

Appearing an activity till you’re not able to finish some other repetition.

Technical failure refers to appearing an activity till you’re not able to finish some other complete repetition with just right shape.

Absolute failure refers to appearing the activity till you’ll now not transfer the burden in any respect, and generally comes to appearing a number of partial repetitions — every so often with the assistance of a coaching spouse — till your muscular tissues are totally exhausted.


Man Does Curls | Mind Muscle Connection

The act of turning your hand or foot upward or outward in order that the palm or sole is pointing up. In a dumbbell curl, supinating your hand as you lift the burden ends up in larger pressure to your biceps muscular tissues.

The time period additionally applies to the entire physique, when an activity is carried out on one’s again (supine).


The act of turning your hand or foot downward or inward in order that the palm or sole is pointing down. The time period additionally applies to the entire physique, when an activity is carried out on one’s abdomen or dealing with down (susceptible).

Time beneath pressure (TUT)

The time taken to finish all stages of a strength-training activity, every so often expressed as a four-digit quantity, with each and every digit relating to the time taken to finish a particular portion of the motion.

So a pushup with a 4210 pace could be a collection of pushups during which you are taking 4 seconds to decrease your self against the ground; two seconds protecting the “down” place; one 2d to push your self again up, and nil seconds — no time — within the “up” place. Every rep of the pushup would give your chest, shoulders, and triceps seven general seconds beneath pressure.


Energetic restoration

3 Friends Walking Together | Active Rest

Gentle, simple motion carried out on non-exercise days — or between or after practising periods on exercise days — meant to stimulate move, relieve soreness, and support restoration. Examples come with foam rolling, simple swimming, strolling, stretching, dynamic warmups, and yoga.


A coaching block eager about constructing muscle groups, generally involving heavy, compound workouts, additional protein and energy, and a focal point on leisure outdoor the health club.


Repetitive workouts involving body weight most effective. Examples come with push-upssquatsleaping jacks, and sit-ups.


A coaching block eager about shedding fats, generally involving decreased energy, endured focal point on protein intake and power practising, and an emphasis on further low-intensity activity outdoor the health club.


A brief duration — generally per week — of decreased quantity and depth in a strength-training program, generally following per week or extra of high-intensity and high-volume practising.

Density practising

A coaching taste eager about finishing as many reps, units, and/or workouts as imaginable in a given time frame. Instance: appearing as many rounds as imaginable of 10 reps each and every of push-ups and squats in 10 mins.

Drop set

A collection of a power practising activity carried out in an instant after a number of medium to heavy units during which you significantly cut back the burden used with a purpose to additional exhaust a muscle.

Dynamic stretching/warmup

Woman Holds Runner's Lunge | Dynamic Stretching

Gentle warmup strikes, carried out with body weight most effective, to extend core temperature, loosen joints, building up move, and cut back damage. Examples come with excessive kicks, leaping jacks, and strolling lunges.

Complete-body practising

A coaching block or program during which you’re employed all of the main muscular tissues of the physique in each and every exercise.

Muscular staying power

The capability of a muscle to contract many times beneath pressure prior to fatiguing.

One-rep max

The volume of weight you’re able to lifting, for a unmarried repetition at maximal depth, in a given strength-training activity.


In power practising (versus staying power practising), understanding at a degree of quantity and/or depth from which you’re not able to recuperate from one exercise to the following.

Signs come with higher resting center fee, decreased center fee variability, loss of motivation, and hampered growth.


An manner to practising which makes a speciality of other targets — power, energy, staying power, restoration — in practising blocks lasting 4 to twelve weeks, all the way through the learning yr.

An instance is the Tremendous Blocks thought, during which you figure out in three-week blocks, each and every eager about a selected side of health, separated via one-week deloads (see above).


The capability to specific power briefly. A 100-meter dash or a protracted leap are assessments of energy. In physics, energy is expressed as power x acceleration, so the more potent you’re and the speedier you progress the extra robust you’re.


woman man doing plyometrics

Jumps, throws, and calisthenics strikes designed to broaden athletic explosiveness and tool, and support power.

PR (Private document)

A person’s efficiency in a boost or different activity that represents their best possible effort thus far. Examples in power practising may come with appearing extra pull-ups in a row than you’ve ever executed with out losing from the bar, or lifting extra weight for a unmarried repetition than you ever have in a deadlift.

Modern overload

Systematically expanding the reps, weight, and/or quantity of a power practising program over the years with a purpose to spice up power, muscle groups, staying power, and different elements of health.


A power practising technique during which the burden will increase incrementally in an activity over a number of units whilst repetitions inversely lower, usally culminating in one all-out set of 5 or fewer reps.


A unmarried cycle of a strength-training motion, together with — if appropriate — reducing, lifting, and/or isometric holds.


A rep or crew of reps of an activity carried out in succession to extend some side of health. In most cases expressed along side the rep rely of the activity, as in, “3 units of 10 reps,” or, merely, “3 x 10.”

Cut up practising

Versus full-body practising (see above) a cut up program makes a speciality of other muscle teams or actions on other days of the week, or days inside of a cycle of exercises.

Some examples come with “push-pull” during which the lifter plays actions that contain pushing workouts on some days, and pulling workouts on others; “upper-lower,” during which the lifter works higher physique some days and decrease on others, and “physique phase splits,” during which the lifter works only one or two person muscle teams — say, hands or again or legs — each and every exercise.


Woman Does Deadlifts | Body Recomposition

The facility to exert power to triumph over resistance. In physics, power is expressed as power x distance — so the extra power you’ll exert, and farther you progress the resistance, the more potent you’re.

Tremendous environment

Alternating units of no less than two workouts, again to again, generally to avoid wasting time, or to extend the workload on a given muscle crew.

Undulating periodization

variation of the usual periodization (see above) style during which you range the point of interest of the exercises inside of the similar practising block with a purpose to cut back rigidity, and create a stimulus for broader adaptation.

So, as a substitute of that specialize in staying power for 4 weeks, hypertrophy for 4 weeks, and power for 4 weeks, you may carry out two staying power exercises, two hypertrophy exercises, and two power exercises each and every week for a six- or eight-week duration.


The overall quantity of labor carried out in a given exercise, week, or practising block. From time to time expressed as “weight lifted x units x reps,” however usally brief passed as “selection of operating units.”


Amino acids

amino acid funtions | Amino Acids

The constructing blocks of nutritional protein, which shape the uncooked fabrics for muscle- and tissue-building throughout the physique.

Anaerobic vs. cardio

In biology, cardio reactions are those who require oxygen, and anaerobic ones don’t. So, many running shoes and exercisers seek advice from staying power actions (working, swimming, biking, and many others.) as cardio, and power and tool actions (power practising, sprinting) as anaerobic.

Actually, few if any bodily actions are purely one or the opposite; maximum actions lie on a spectrum someplace between the 2 extremes.

ATP (Adenosine triphosphate)

The main gas that powers organic task within the physique. Power in meals (carbohydrate, fats) is transformed via metabolism into this power to accomplish paintings.


Scientifically unproven practising and dietary recommendation, usally delivered via other people with few if any legit credentials, in individual or on social media.

EPOC (Extra post-exercise oxygen intake)

The tendency for the physique to proceed burning power above your baseline metabolic fee after the belief of a exercise.

EPOC is reasonably upper after high-intensity actions like sprints and circuit practising than lower-intensity ones, however, opposite to a few older analysis, no longer a big contributor to caloric burn or fats loss.


Muscle enlargement.


An often-misunderstood and mischaracterized gas supply for muscle contraction, produced and burned throughout extended high-intensity power or staying power practising.

RPE (Charge of perceived exertion)

A subjective scale, expressed as a bunch from six to twenty or one to ten, of ways onerous an individual is operating relative to their maximal capability.



biceps anatomy | arm muscles

The muscular tissues at the fronts of the higher arm, liable for flexing (bending) the elbow.

Glutes (gluteals)

The “butt muscular tissues” at the backs of the hip joints liable for extending the hips.

Lats (latissimus dorsi)

The thick muscular tissues at the aspects of the torso liable for drawing the hands again and down, and serving to to increase the decrease again.

Pecs (pectorals)

The chest muscular tissues, liable for drawing your higher hands against, and previous, your middle line.

Quads (quadriceps)

The muscular tissues at the fronts of your thighs, liable for extending your knee joint.

Traps (trapezius)

The kite-shaped muscle to your higher again, liable for drawing your shoulder blades upwards, backwards, and downwards.


The muscular tissues at the backs of your higher hands, liable for extending (straightening) your elbows.


single leg standing hip abduction woman band proprioception

The act of transferring an arm or leg clear of the middle line of the physique.


The act of transferring an arm or leg towards the middle line of the physique.


All metabolic actions that contain enlargement, or the assembling of smaller organic elements into better ones. Muscle enlargement, which comes to the development of recent muscle groups from amino acids, is one instance.


Muscle loss or breakdown.

Frame composition

A size or the percentage of physique fats in an individual relative to their total physique mass.

Muscle fiber kind

Some way of categorizing the lengthy, parallel, hair-like fibers that contain muscle groups. (See additionally speedy twitch and sluggish twitch).


Converting the relative share of physique fats and muscle groups within the physique, with minimum exchange in general physique mass.


Metabolic actions that contain breakdown, or the breaking of bigger organic elements into smaller ones. Fats loss, which comes to the breaking of fats tissue into triglyceride gas, is one instance.

DOMS (Not on time onset muscle soreness)

Soreness in muscular tissues felt many hours — or every so often days — following a difficult activity consultation.

Speedy twitch

One of those muscle fiber, sometimes called kind II, that’s massive and light-weight in colour, and liable for speedy, high-effort, high-exertion actions like all-out sprints and heavy lifts.

Those are prominent from slow-twitch, or kind I, fibers, which might be slimmer and darker, and liable for slower, decrease effort actions like jogging and lighter, quicker lifts.


An imaginary middle line that bisects the physique vertically.

Thoughts-muscle connection

The psychological consciousness of the motion of your muscular tissues as they prolong and contract, proven to make stronger the effectiveness of a strength-training program.

Muscle imbalance

distinction within the relative power of muscular tissues on two aspects of the physique or two aspects of a joint, believed to play a job in posture and susceptibility to damage.

Vary of movement

Seated Woman Stretches Hamstring | Dynamic Stretching

The course and level to which a joint or a chain of joints transfer — or are able to transferring — in a selected activity or stretch.


Lack of muscle groups stemming from illness, getting older, or disuse.


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