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A Non secular Interpretation of Simon and Garfunkel’s Track “Sound of Silence”


Our Inside ‘Distinction Land’

Do you bear in mind while you first began to meditate? Do you bear in mind the instant while you set out in your trail to enlightenment, to God and Self-realization? Wasn’t {that a} maximum superb time?! Didn’t you obtain a different blessing originally of your religious adventure? Weren’t you blessed by means of some valuable, particular glimpses of the internal international and skilled a marginally of its good looks, intensity, and glory?

That second, in fact, was once best the start of your inside adventure. After which? Quickly, too quickly alas, the candy honeymoon segment ended and also you all of sudden discovered your self within the area between your first moments of revelation and the overall objective of the adventure: Samadhi.

For many people there lies an unlimited and unsure land between those two issues. An extended, huge, and winding distance between the start of our adventure and the tip. I really like to name this the Distinction Land. This is a rocky terrain that all of us must move.

Within the Distinction Land

I name it the Distinction Land as a result of it’s typically marked by means of a substantial disparity between our short-term increased meditative reviews – our soul consciousness – and our ordinary state of awareness.

Isn’t this distinction a truth for many people at the moment? At the one hand, now we have (or are) already tasting one of the crucial blessings of Spirit however alternatively, we’re nonetheless immersed in our outdated reactions and emotions. We would possibly (nonetheless) get disappointed, grasping, lonely, jealous, downcast, damaging, stressed, impatient, and extra.

This is a distinction between our littleness and our greatness; our humanity and our divinity; our restricted pleasure and our infinite bliss.

This adventure comes to many ups and downs. Now and again we’re status on a hill of deep inside belief however then in finding ourselves descending right into a valley of a long-standing egoic conduct patterns and attitudes.

The religious adventure could be a problematic tour. The extra we growth on our trail, the extra our soul suffers when our outdated egoic patterns specific themselves. Isn’t this true? We know that we’re so a lot more than any show of negativity, anger, need, or impurity.

Now and again that massive Distinction Land may also be demoralizing for us once we in finding ourselves in a meditative valley for too lengthy with out experiencing any peaks. In such instances, we don’t appear to be making any growth in any respect. Sadly, the outcome can also be that we lose enthusiasm for our meditations and our focus an increasing number of wanders off to all the issues we need to do outwardly.

On Against the Function

Our soul will stay cheering us on:

Stay going! Stay shifting alongside in your trail via that rocky Distinction Land! As you meditate, stay watching into the darkness between the 2 eyes, the place the internal gentle will seem to you.

Thankfully, that gentle does seem if we stay shifting ahead. After we in any case see it, now we have made a substantial step ahead on our adventure during the Distinction Land towards our objective. That objective is the limitless Cosmic Gentle, which Paramhansa Yogananda describes as follows:

It’s not a obvious gentle, however a mild this is mild and oblique,
which is unfold in every single place the sector.
In that gentle, within the glimmer of that gentle,
the entire universe you’re going to behold, as though in a reflect.

Once more, and once more we gaze into the darkness of the brow. If truth be told, we do neatly to persist each day as Yogananda tells us:

The Kingdom of God lies very close to, simply in the back of the darkness of closed eyes…

While you pierce the darkness of closed bodily eyes, you behold the sunshine of the religious eye—the intuitive, all-seeing eye of the soul. Thru that religious eye you’ll input the sector of woke up silence. It’s there, in the back of the clouds of darkness, that you simply understand Christ.

Through Christ, Yogananda supposed the permanent, everlasting, unmoving Christ Awareness. Certainly, that is the wonderful objective (or nearly) of our inside trail, the place we in any case depart the rocky Distinction Land in the back of.

“The Sound of Silence”

Nearly 60 years in the past, Paul Simon wrote some of the well known pop songs ever, “The Sound of Silence.” He defined that there has at all times been a religious size to his song. If truth be told, in case you pay attention to the track from the religious viewpoint, it makes an excessive amount of sense because it describes the location we’re speaking about: the rocky Distinction-Land consisting of our luminous divine inside reviews alternating with decrease states of awareness:

Hi [inner meditative] darkness, my outdated buddy,
I’ve come to speak with you once more,
As a result of an [inner] imaginative and prescient softly creeping
Left its seeds whilst I used to be napping [in my subconscious].
And the [divine] imaginative and prescient that was once planted in my mind
Nonetheless stays throughout the sound of silence.

How superb! The divine imaginative and prescient – an enjoy all of us have had – stays with us, within the inside silence. It leaves in the back of valuable seeds which can be planted in our brains, in our awareness.

Then, time and again, we’re faced with our personal decrease awareness, with our restlessness, ache, bother, worldly and disharmonious reviews, with our reactions to town existence, to our paintings eventualities, and to circle of relatives instances. Our unconscious thoughts and our stressed desires replicate our unresolved inside state. Thankfully, the internal silence resurfaces many times. The track expresses this stark distinction with those lyrics:

In stressed desires, I walked on my own,
Slim streets of cobblestone.
‘Neath the halo of a boulevard lamp
I grew to become my collar to the chilly and damp,
When my eyes had been stabbed by means of the flash of a neon gentle
That cut up the night time, and touched the sound of silence.

The following verse once more describes our in-between awareness. We aren’t worldly anymore so worldliness can simply hassle us. We see and listen to numerous other people speaking (perhaps additionally our personal households?) however they don’t seem to be truly talking meaningfully to one another. They listen however don’t truly pay attention to others. They invent many stuff, perhaps write songs however it all involves … not anything.

Thankfully, no person of their worldliness can ever dare disturb the internal sound of silence of the soul. As Yogananda places it: “You’ll stay up in that everlasting pleasure the place now not a concept dare to disturb you, now not a legitimate move past the bars of your silence in that everlasting sphere.” That is what the track says:

And within the bare gentle I noticed
10000 other people, perhaps extra,
Folks speaking with out talking,
Folks listening to with out listening,
Folks writing songs that voices by no means shared
And no person dared disturb the sound of silence.

In different phrases, we’re looking at other people main a existence that we too as soon as lived – a sophisticated, silly, and superficial one. As it’s nonetheless an unresolved factor inside us, it bothers us. We would possibly pass judgement on them and really feel uncomfortable with them. We may also attempt to convert and persuade them. The track continues:

Fools mentioned I, you have no idea,
[Soul-] Silence like a most cancers [of the physical body] grows.
Pay attention my voice that I would possibly train you,
Take my [spiritual] hands that I would possibly achieve you.
However my phrases, like silent raindrops, fell
And echoed within the wells of silence.

The top of this verse describes how our phrases to persuade others simply fall and drop, echoed best in our personal meditative wells of silence.

The track is going on to explain the worldly idol-worship of people that adore materialism, era, and consumerism, although all over there are warnings or writings at the wall.

And the folk bowed and prayed
To the neon god they made.
And the signal flashed its caution
Within the phrases that it was once forming,
And the signal mentioned, “The phrases of the prophets
Are written at the subway partitions and tenement halls,”
And whispered within the sound of silence.

Revised Lyrics for “The Sound of Silence”

Briefly, all of us must handle the contrasts of being on that rocky and changeable stretch of the Distinction- Land that lies between our first inside glimpses and our final objective of Samadhi. The reality is that we will be able to by no means transfer ahead at the trail by means of looking to alternate issues outwardly or by means of looking to alternate others.

A prerequisite for victoriously crossing the Distinction Land is endurance. Stay shifting ahead patiently daily. By no means stop your efforts in meditation! Swami Kriyananda tells us:

You’re going to must develop regularly from the place you might be. It takes time. It takes effort. Endurance is among the quickest paths to God. Acknowledge then that each and every step ahead is a step in the suitable path. Don’t have absolute values. Have relative values on this sense: that you simply develop directionally towards no matter objective you are attempting to perform.

Nayaswami Shivani, as a way to encourage and inspire us, has rewritten the lyrics of “The Sound of Silence,” as “Inside Silence,” expressing the comfortable awareness we will experience having left the huge heart flooring once we in any case achieve the objective and function of our trail. In that state, we will be able to have develop into breathless and limitless, experiencing natural soul-consciousness, past area and time.

Inside Silence 

Hi gentle, my expensive outdated Buddy,
I’m happy to search out you right here once more.
Within the silence of my breathless soul,
You might have touched my middle and made me complete.
And the imaginative and prescient of the famous person and the deep blue gentle
Fills my night time. I pay attention to the silence.

Silence fills me to the core.
It takes me to the cosmic shore
Of the sea past area and time,
The place I lose myself after which I in finding
A comfortable truth of sound
And of sunshine throughout the silence.

Silence leads me to the door
Of the everlasting evermore
Past barriers of all concept and shape,
During the tunnel the place the sunshine is born,
The place the lotus flora bloom in the name of the game lawn
Of my backbone within the stillness of silence.

Silence performs its melody
Inside you and inside me.
After we make an effort to be on my own,
We discover the trail that takes us to our house
Within the depths of our inmost soul the place we need to be,
The place we’re unfastened past the silence.

This track in reality provides us hope because it describes the distinction of a sophisticated inside existence. That is our inevitable long term. Please pay attention to the track under.

Carried out by means of Arudra Slisko and Mihai Huber

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