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A primer on brand-name prescription drug repayment in the USA – Healthcare Economist


That’s the identify of a contemporary paper through Hernandez and Hung (2024). The item supplies a very good evaluate of the way medicine get reimbursed in the USA and who the important thing gamers are. I supply an abbreviated abstract underneath, however do learn the complete article.

The gamers

  • Producers analysis, expand, and produce new drug merchandise to marketplace.
  • Wholesalers act as vendors of drug merchandise. Wholesalers acquire the drug product from producers and distribute it to pharmacies and well being care suppliers.
  • Pharmacies dispense self-administered pharmaceuticals to sufferers. Kinds of pharmacies come with retail, mail order, on-line, area of expertise, and institutional.
  • Well being care suppliers prescribe all pharmaceuticals and administer drug merchandise that wish to be supplied beneath the supervision of a well being care skilled (e.g., infusions, some injections).
  • Sufferers are customers of drug merchandise from well being care suppliers (physician-administered) or pharmacies (self-administered).
  • Well being plans or insurers (aka payers) supply protection for scientific and pharmacy products and services to their individuals. Non-public insurance coverage is funded through employers and staff; public insurance coverage (eg, Medicare, Medicaid) are funded with tax bucks. Medicine distributed to sufferers at outpatient pharmacies are coated beneath the drugstore good thing about an insurance coverage, while provider-administered medicine are coated beneath the scientific get advantages. Well being plans or insurers ceaselessly subcontract the management of pharmacy advantages to pharmacy get advantages managers (PBMs). Well being plans or insurers also are known as payers.
  • PBMs administer the drugstore good thing about insurance coverage insurance policies and design formularies, negotiate reductions with producers, identify pharmacy networks, negotiate contracts with pharmacies or pharmacy products and services administrative organizations, and procedure and pay claims.
  • Staff buying organizations (GPO) are purchasing consortiums that combination buying energy amongst their individuals, letting them negotiate higher reductions than they’d get right of entry to on their very own. GPOs come with well being methods, clinics, area of expertise pharmacies, retail pharmacies, and PBMs.
  • Pharmacy products and services administrative organizations set up and negotiate contracts with PBMs on behalf of unbiased pharmacies. Some pharmacy products and services administrative organizations are affiliated or owned through wholesalers.

Drift of finances for drug coated through the Pharmacy Get advantages

Bills between those gamers are summarized through the graphic underneath for medicine sufferers obtain via a pharmacy. The drugstore generally is a usual loose status pharmacy (e.g., CVS, Walgreens), a pharmacy inside of a health center, or perhaps a mail-order pharmacy.

Drift of finances for drug coated through the Clinical Get advantages

Right here, somewhat than pharmacies handing over medicine to sufferers, scientific suppliers provide the medication. Those suppliers obtain repayment each for the price of the drug administered and likewise the pro products and services rendered to manage this drug.

Taking a look ahead

The item additionally identifies various key issues:

  • Drug costs were emerging in recent times, however rebates were emerging much more
  • Federal executive drug value negotiation is starting with the Inflation Relief Act (IRA)
  • Higher vertical integration with insurers buying PBMs and the introduction of GPOs owned through PBMs
  • Well being plans are an increasing number of shifting area of expertise provider-administered medicine to the drugstore get advantages, via “white bagging” (having a area of expertise pharmacy dispense the drug and send it to the service) or “brown bagging” (having a area of expertise pharmacy dispense the drug to sufferers to deliver to the service for management)


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