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Absolute best Simple Pizza Dough – No Mixer or Yeast Proofing Required


I will make an average pizza, nevertheless it took me some time to be informed how. Remarkable pizza begins with nice dough and for the simpler a part of the previous decade my pizza dough way caught as regards to Peter Reinhart’s Napoletana pizza dough recipe. It makes an exquisite, flavorful crust the use of a not on time fermentation manner. However, in recent times I sought after to ditch the stand mixer and simplify anywhere imaginable. So, issues have developed in a great way!

Best Pizza Dough Recipe - Pizza Coming out of Oven
Lately, I’m going to percentage my go-to pizza dough recipe. It’s the most straightforward recipe I do know and delivers gorgeous, dependable effects whether or not I’m baking in my kitchen oven, the little Airstream oven(!), or an outside pizza oven. No mixer is wanted and also you don’t want to evidence any yeast. It’s such a straightforward pizza dough recipe and entirely delivers.

Pizza Dough Inspiration

Let’s discuss this recipe. Along with Peter’s Napoletana pizza dough recipe I’ve attempted a large number of approaches to pizza dough through the years. Some of the recipes I appreciated (for a large number of causes) is the Roberta’s recipe that ran within the New York Occasions. You combine it by means of hand for a couple of mins, leisure, combine once more, divide, and refrigerate. It’s lifeless easy. That mentioned, I love the flavour building in Peter Reinhart’s in a single day, chilly, slow-fermentation. So I now use a little of a hybrid of the 2 recipes as my start line for pizza making. I’m going percentage the place I have landed comparable to creating dough, after which communicate you thru a large number of the main points, as a result of a super pizza dough is just the beginning. Past that, pizza making is sort of completely about way, methodology, and suppleness.

Close-up photo of Pizza with Mozzarella and Red Sauce

Pizza Dough Elements

There are just a handful of components in pizza dough and I’m going to speak thru them. There are some clean errors to make at the flour and yeast entrance, and to steer clear of making them my major recommendation is to begin by means of in moderation checking your labels.

Let’s Discuss Yeast

What sort of yeast will have to you employ for your pizza dough? The Roberta’s + NYT recipe requires energetic dry yeast. I’ve come to choose the use of immediate yeast for a dough like this one. Anthony Falco’s quote in his e-book Pizza Czar left an influence. He says, “energetic dry yeast is subjected to top temperatures, so maximum cells are lifeless. It’s a ghost send of yeast cells. Arduous cross on energetic dry.” You’ll be able to see why proofing energetic dry yeast is so essential. Ghost send! No longer so with immediate yeast. I name for fast yeast within the recipe beneath.

Margherita Pizza with Chives Instead of Basil on Pizza Peel

What’s the Absolute best Flour for Making Do-it-yourself Pizza Dough?

The most productive flour to make pizza dough with is the flour you’ve got for your kitchen at the moment. Simply opt for it. Preferably it might be bread flour, however don’t be detoured if all-purpose flour is what you’ve were given. For those who suppose you wish to have to head down a significant pizza-making rabbit hollow, clutch a bag of bread flour, make a couple of pies. After which examine the ones to ones made with some “00” pizza flour. Experimenting is part the thrill.

  • Bread Flour: With the next proportion of protein in comparison to all-purpose flour, that is the flour I’d suggest beginning with for a super crust. Bread flour is extensively to be had, and also you’ll get improbable effects.
  • “00” Pizza Flour – A large number of other folks swear by means of a pizza dough made with a proportion of “00” flour. I from time to time move the additional mile and supply this flour, however extra occasions than now not I’m out of it. I’m right here to inform you, it’s k, bread flour works truly smartly by itself. Additionally, right here’s the deal, there are a couple of sorts of “00” flour. So you want to be additional cautious. You’re on the lookout for “00” pizza flour. No longer the “00” for pasta. All of the “00” flours are floor powder-fine, however you wish to have one in particular for pizza. I come with directions beneath if you wish to experiment in “00” global.
  • Unbleached All-Goal Flour: You’ll be able to make truly nice pizza dough with all-purpose flour. If truth be told, the pizza dough recipe in my 1984 version of Chez Panisse: Pasta, Pizza, and Calzone requires unbleached all-purpose flour. You’ll be able to most probably choose effects when the use of a flour with upper protein content material – bread flour, and/or “00” pizza flour – however there are nonetheless a large number of APF lovers in the market.

How To Make Do-it-yourself Pizza Dough

There are a large number of variables, and a large number of questions associated with the main points of constructing dough at house. I will communicate thru a host of them right here. The principle function with this recipe used to be to create an easy-going pizza dough this is easy to make and clean to form and take care of. I sought after the ensuing pizza crust to be a little rustic, with some bubbles and topography and nice texture when baking – even if pulled somewhat skinny. I will provide the components as weight, so a elementary kitchen scale is wanted. I am not requiring it to be tough, it dials for your dough in appropriately. You’ll be able to truly really feel the variation in case your flour or water are off.


Can this Pizza Dough be Utilized in a Pizza Oven?

Sure! It does nice in devoted pizza ovens, for instance – when the elements is good- we use an Ooni 16. I’ve discovered the most productive effects occur after we pre-heat the oven for 45 mins on most warmth. Release your pizza onto the stone, after which dial again the warmth to the bottom imaginable atmosphere. Flip your pizza the use of a peel or tongs to steer clear of burning. It takes some apply, make additional dough if you find yourself beginning out!

Can this Pizza Dough be Utilized in a Usual Oven?

Sure, turn the convection transfer when you’ve got one. If now not, no large deal. So far as oven temperatures move – I’ve nice effects at 450F levels (or upper) WITH a pizza stone. Pass purchase a pizza stone instantly if you’re fascinated by making nice pizza at house. They’re reasonable and make an enormous distinction for your crust.

How Do I Stay my Pizza Dough from Sticking

I’ve discovered this the laborious approach. Very first thing, for those who’re baking on (or in) a pizza pan, sheet pan or baking sheet (beneath), you don’t want to concern about beginning with a floured floor. Rub a little of olive oil around the pan, form the dough within the pan and also you’re in a position for toppings. Issues most effective get trickier for those who’re making an attempt to arrange a pizza after which switch it to a pizza oven or onto a pizza stone for your oven which is what we’re going to discuss subsequent.

Photo of Pizza Dough Topped with Tomato Sauce, Goat Cheese, Artichokes and Lemon Zest Before Baking

Be great in your long run self. One solution to stay pizza dough from sticking in your pizza peel, is to arrange a floured floor. I’ve discovered that a little of care and a focus at this step can pay dividends down the road. It’s a stability, you don’t need your pizza to stick with the pizza peel, as a result of then you’ll be able to’t get it into the oven. However you additionally wish to stay additional flour or cornmeal to a minimal, as it burns up and will depart off flavors for your pizza. Right here’s my way:

Photo of Pizza Dough on Flour and Cornmeal Dusted Pizza Peel Ready for Toppings

Get ready your pizza peel: Use your fingertips to rub flour into your pizza peel. Like, truly rub and paintings it in. Then faucet off many of the additional. Upload a small quantity of cornmeal, simply sufficient to lend a hand the dough a little cut loose the outside of the peel. See all that additional flour and cornmeal across the dough (up above)? Brush it off prior to making an attempt to release your pizza into the oven. If truth be told, now that I am having a look extra carefully at that shot, I would suggest the use of part the cornmeal you spot there. An excessive amount of, my dangerous. I am positive it burned proper up.

Photo of Hand Dusting Pizza Dough with Flour to Prevent Sticking

Get ready Your Dough: When your dough is in a position, and simply prior to you wish to have to bake the pizza right here’s what you wish to have to do: position some flour on a plate. Gently, and with out over-handling, switch the dough onto the plate. Turn it and coat the opposite aspect of the dough. You need to hide any sticky spots with a gentle coating of flour. Gently, however operating temporarily, select the pizza dough up and start to paintings it right into a round form, dusting off any additional flour whilst you’re at it. Gingerly stretch and prepare for your ready pizza peel. Give the peel a little of a shimmy to verify the dough isn’t sticking in any spots. Continue with toppings and get the pizza within the oven quicker reasonably than later. The longer it remains at the peel, the much more likely it’s to stay.

What if I Don’t Have a Pizza Peel?

I didn’t use a pizza peel till I purchased an outside pizza oven. And I have changed the peel within the picture (beneath) with the similar one, most effective smaller. It is more straightforward to move within the small oven. That mentioned, you’ll be able to clutch anything else skinny and flat (now not plastic), flour it and upload a little of cornmeal (see notes above), get ready the pizza, after which release it onto the pizza stone. A skinny bamboo slicing board all the time did the process smartly (nonetheless use it). The bottom of a flat baking sheet too can paintings, however I opt for the only with slightly any lip – you wish to have your pizza to sail off the “peel” now not drop off a cliff.
Two Pizzas Prepared Side by Side Ready to Be Baked

Pizza Topping Technique

I will depart you with my favourite pizza dough recipe, it is as much as you to mess around with the toppings. The most productive recommendation I will come up with is to take it clean on that entrance – a bit of is going far. One in every of my favorites is a straightforward pizza margherita pizza made with this tomato sauce, a couple of torn up mozzarella balls, and a couple of pinches of salt prior to putting the pizza within the oven. And, do not disregard the magic touches. When the pizza is sizzling from the oven, give it a snappy dusting of freshly grated Parmesan, a tiny drizzle of artisan-quality virgin olive oil, and a sprinkling of basil minimize right into a chiffonade. Serve pronto! Every other topping concepts to practice.

Pizza Topping Concepts

I stay a pocket book of the entire favourite pizza toppings we’ve got performed within the contemporary previous. Some favorites come with:

Close-up photo of Pizza with Mozzarella and Red Sauce

  • Chile Crisp Potato Pizza: I really like a potato pizza. This one (above) used to be a chile crisp oil like the only by means of Fly By way of Jing or KariKari, thinly sliced balanced potatoes, ricotta, fava beans, and lemon zest. End with lemon olive oil drizzle and chives.
  • Artichoke Center Purple Pizza: Tomato sauce, thinly sliced blanched potatoes, sautéed artichoke hearts, goat cheese, lemon zest (image above prepped on a sheet pan)

Close-up photo of Pizza with Artichokes and Fava Beans

  • Artichoke Center Spring Pizza: Olive oil or pesto, sautéed artichoke hearts, mozzarella, shallots, fava beans, lemon drizzle, grated Parmesan. Pictured at once above.
  • Chana Masala & Chickpea Pizza: We make this one so much. Tomato sauce made with plenty of caramelized onions and closely spiced with chana masala spice mix (or from time to time garam masala), chickpeas, dollops of low-fat yogurt (it really works higher than full-fat right here for some reason why), lots of beaten dietary yeast kale chips on most sensible after pizza comes out of oven, drizzle of lemon or basil olive oil when pizza comes out of the oven.
  • Cherry Tomato Kosho Pizza: Kosho or different citrus garlic paste, cherry tomatoes, chickpeas, chives, and slivered basil with a drizzle of tangerine oil after it comes out of the oven.
  • Meyer Lemon Pizza: Impressed by means of my favourite pizza ever, at Bettina in Santa Barbara, CA. Ricotta cheese dollops, pickled pink onion, thinnest slivers of complete Meyer lemon, pistachios.
  • Paneer & Pea Pizza: Turmeric-marinated paneer, scallions, chickpeas, sautéed artichoke hearts, tomato sauce, peas, a little of crumbled goat cheese, serrano chiles, and plenty of chopped cilantro after the pizza comes out of the oven.

Identical Day Pizza Dough

For those who like to attend till the ultimate minute to make pizza dough, right here’s what I’d do. Use heat water (115℉) as an alternative of the ice water known as for within the recipe. Observe the recipe instructions, divide and form the pizza dough balls, after which permit the dough to upward push at room temperature for 3-4 hours. You will have to be nice to head. That mentioned, I strongly choose the in a single day manner. You find yourself with a golden, gorgeous crust with the easiest quantity of crunch and delicate yeasty undertones.

Favourite Tomato Sauce for Pizza

That is my favourite easy tomato sauce, and I apply it to a lot of my pink sauce pizzas. My one pro-tip is to make it forward of time. Make sure that it’s now not sizzling. If the sauce continues to be heat if you find yourself topping your pizza, the dough is much more likely to stay.

Wildcard: Imagine Flavoring your Pizza Dough

Except for swapping in a proportion of complete grain flour sometimes, I have a tendency to restrict my dough components to flour, yeast, salt, water, and a little of olive oil. That mentioned, from time to time I’ll upload components to the dough to carry an added taste element to the celebration. Enjoying round with dough add-ins is a large number of a laugh. My favourite factor so as to add is lemon zest. You’ll be able to additionally upload herbs like thyme or oregano – recent or dried. Chances are you’ll upload chopped olives, or chopped sun-dried tomatoes. Grated cheese is honest sport, and even tiny cubes of Gruyere. The instructions you’ll be able to move in are never-ending.

The right way to Double your Pizza Dough Recipe

There’s from time to time confusion associated with scaling up baking recipes. This recipe could be very straight-forward. Double all components together with the moment yeast.

Pizza Dough Time-saving Tip

If I do know I wish to make pizza dough, I take a look at to keep in mind to cool water within the fridge in preparation forward of time. It will get the water all the way down to about 40F, chilly sufficient to make the dough, after which I don’t want to fiddle with ice cubes.

Pizza Dough Sources

There are an abundance of fantastic cookbook and baking books in the market masking the subject of pizza dough and pizza making. There also are improbable bread and sourdough books that delve into the subject of pizza dough. Listed here are a couple of of my favorites. A lot of them use herbal sourdough as a leavener, which we’re now not masking these days. I’ll do a separate put up on sourdough pizzas someday down the road. If you wish to do a deeper dive at the how’s and why’s of pizza dough, listed here are some nice sources:

Two Pizza Dough Balls

How To Freeze Do-it-yourself Pizza Dough

If, after blending up your pizza dough and refrigerating it in a single day, you don’t suppose you’ll be the use of it within the subsequent couple of days, switch the dough to the freezer (nonetheless in a plastic bag or wrapped tightly with plastic wrap) and use inside a month.

The right way to Thaw Frozen Pizza Dough

To thaw frozen pizza dough switch the dough to a countertop and make allowance to thaw totally after which come to room temperature prior to the use of.

Have a laugh, and let me know your favourite pizza toppings within the feedback please!

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