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Candy potatoes are starchy, sweet-tasting root greens with a tube form that is available in other colors and sizes. They have got a naturally candy flavour and are available in plenty of sorts. Because of their considerably decrease calorie and carbohydrate content material, candy potatoes are a more healthy change for all potato cravings.  Along with being low in ldl cholesterol and saturated fats, candy potatoes additionally come with nutritional fibre, potassium, manganese, and nutrition B6. This superfood could also be a excellent supply of Diet A (as beta-carotene). 

Candy potatoes have a excessive dietary price and are an economical means so as to add vitamins to a vitamin. Proceed studying for more info at the dietary price, advantages and makes use of of candy potatoes.

Dietary Profile of Candy Potato

The flesh of candy potatoes is brightly colored, in most cases orange, and has a skinny, brown outer pores and skin. On the other hand, there are extra sorts, corresponding to crimson, yellow, or white. Candy potatoes are safe to eat, each complete and peeled, as are the plant’s leaves.

Candy potatoes are available in plenty of textures, and the variations in texture may additionally impact their dietary price. The healthiest candy potatoes are the ones with crimson flesh as a result of they comprise extra anthocyanins. 

Here’s the dietary price of 100 g of uncooked, unprepared candy potato:

  • Energy: 86 kcal
  • Protein: 1.57 g
  • Carbohydrates: 20.1 g 
  • Fibre : 3 g
  • Starch: 12.6 g
  • Potassium: 337 mg
  • Phosphorous: 47 mg
  • Calcium: 30 mg
  • Diet A: 709 µg
  • Beta carotene: 8510 µg

Kinds of Candy Potato

In its common shape, candy potatoes are starchy safe to eat roots which are white and feature tricky pores and skin. On the other hand, its color and homes would possibly range reasonably relying on its selection and climatic elements. The next are the most important forms of candy potatoes :

Orange Candy Potatoes

This number of candy potatoes has orange flesh and is reasonably sweeter compared to different sorts. They’re wealthy in beta-carotene, which turns into nutrition A that helps excellent imaginative and prescient, a wholesome immune gadget and total excellent well being. There could also be an important quantity of nutrition C, fibre and more than a few antioxidants found in orange candy potatoes.

White Candy Potatoes 

White candy potatoes have a creamy white flesh and a mildly candy flavour. This selection is wealthy in carbohydrates, fibre, nutrition C, potassium, and manganese. It’s the maximum flexible selection because of its style and suppleness to more than a few recipes. 

Red Candy Potatoes 

This sort of candy potato has a deep crimson flesh and a reasonably nutty flavour. Red candy potatoes get this extremely colourful color because of the provision of anthocyanins, an impressive antioxidant that gives anti inflammatory advantages. Red candy potatoes are very best for truffles as a result of their flavour.


Candy potatoes are a extremely nutritious supplement to any vitamin. They arrive in plenty of sorts that vary from one any other when it comes to color and explicit well being advantages. Whilst there are masses of variants international, they in most cases fall into 3 number one classes in line with color and distinctive dietary traits. Orange candy potatoes are wealthy in beta-carotene, which the frame makes use of to supply nutrition A and toughen the immune gadget and eyesight. Whilst crimson candy potatoes are filled with potent antioxidants and anthocyanins, white candy potatoes are excessive in carbs, fibre, and different essential nutrients and minerals. On account of its adaptable flavour, candy potatoes pass neatly with nearly any recipe. 

Well being Advantages of Candy Potato

Candy potatoes are superfoods as a result of their excessive degree of vitamin. Right here’s a better have a look at the benefits and well being advantages of consuming candy potatoes:

Just right for Eye Well being

Candy potatoes are a excellent supply of beta-carotene, one of those nutrition A that is helping deal with eye prerequisites caused by a deficiency of the nutrition. Orange candy potatoes are the main supply of the antioxidant beta-carotene. Along with making improvements to imaginative and prescient, this antioxidant aids within the remedy of xerophthalmia and cataracts. In step with Meals & Diet Analysis analysis, crimson candy potatoes have anthocyanins, a selected magnificence of antioxidants that experience eye-beneficial homes.

Improves Digestion

Nutritional fibre from candy potatoes naturally is helping with digestion and gastrointestinal wellness. Moreover, it has a excessive focus of phytosterols, one of those plant sterol that protects the digestive tract and forestalls constipation. Candy potato phytosterols could also be efficient within the prevention and remedy of duodenal and abdomen ulcers, particularly the ones led to through NSAIDs (nonsteroidal anti inflammatory medication like ibuprofen).

Improves Center Well being

Antioxidants and fibres assist in decreasing the chance of cardiovascular sicknesses. Candy potatoes are useful in improving center well being as a result of they’re excessive in antioxidants and fibre. Moreover, crimson candy potatoes’ anthocyanin content material reduces the chance of coronary center illness.

Aids Weight Loss 

Candy potatoes are a very good supply of resistant starch, a filling, fibre-like carbohydrate that the frame is not able to soak up or digest. Resistant starch stimulates the discharge of peptides, which sign to the frame that you’re complete. Moreover, resistant starch lowers the frame’s fats garage capability.

Improves Pores and skin and Hair Well being

Candy potato extract is favourable for pores and skin and hair as it incorporates plenty of nutrients, together with antioxidants, nutrients A, C, and E. Whilst nutrition E helps wholesome pores and skin and hair, nutrition C will increase the manufacturing of collagen, which naturally improves pores and skin texture. The anti inflammatory qualities of nutrition C additionally assist save you pimples and pores and skin infections.

Keep an eye on Blood Sugar Ranges

In spite of having a excessive starch and sugar content material, candy potatoes have a low glycemic index, which signifies that, against this to different starchy meals, their sugar content material will get launched regularly into the bloodstream. The slow breakdown of sugar within the frame reduces the risk of excessive blood sugar ranges.

The next-fibre vitamin lowers the chance of sort 2 diabetes. Due to this fact, candy potatoes’ excessive fibre content material is helping to control diabetes. In truth, one cup of baked candy potato gives roughly 3 grams of fibre.


Candy potatoes have plenty of well being benefits that include together with them in a day by day vitamin. Antioxidants are considerable in candy potatoes, particularly within the crimson and orange sorts. Antioxidants decrease the probabilities of most cancers, center illness, and getting older through fighting unfastened radicals within the human frame. Candy potatoes comprise each soluble and insoluble fibres. The intestine well being advantages very much from each varieties of fibre. Candy potatoes’ orange hue is a end result in their excessive beta-carotene content material. The frame makes use of this beta-carotene to supply nutrition A, which is favourable to imaginative and prescient. Candy potatoes stabilise blood sugar ranges and building up insulin sensitivity. They’re additionally a very good addition to weight-loss diets because of the presence of resistant starch.  

Techniques to Consume Candy Potato

Candy potatoes are extremely flexible because of their mildly candy and nutty flavour, which pairs neatly with plenty of recipes. One can upload candy potatoes to common foods within the following techniques:

Salads and Soups

Upload cooked, diced, candy potatoes to any soups or salads of selection for a nutritious addition to the meal.

Fast Snack

Slice a baked candy potato in part and best with cooked greens of selection, some cheese or yoghurt. 

Mashed Candy Potatoes

Mash the cooked candy potatoes with the assistance of a fork or blender. Upload any liquid of selection, corresponding to milk, water, or yoghurt. Best it up with some salt and herbs as in line with style.

Roasted Candy Potato Wedges

Reduce a medium-sized candy potato within the form of wedges. Coat with any vegetable oil of selection and unfold on a baking sheet. Sprinkle some salt and herbs if desired, and bake at 375 F for 25-35 mins or till they flip crisp. 

Doable Facet Results of Candy Potato

But even so a number of well being advantages, candy potatoes even have some doable unwanted side effects. Listed below are some imaginable unwanted side effects to be cautious of:

  • Candy potatoes are wealthy in potassium, and when desirous about medicines that building up potassium ranges within the frame, corresponding to beta-blockers, they will purpose issues associated with over the top potassium consumption ranges within the frame.
  • Other folks with kidney issues should steer clear of consuming candy potatoes as a result of an improper-functioning kidney can’t take away potassium from their frame, inflicting excessive potassium ranges that may be destructive to them. Candy potatoes comprise excessive quantities of oxalates, which might building up calcium-oxalate kidney stones chance. 
  • Candy potatoes comprise beta-carotene, and their over the top intake reasons hypervitaminosis A (nutrition A toxicity). This extra nutrition A accumulates within the liver, and the color of the outside and nails would possibly flip orange.
  • Moreover, candy potatoes are wealthy in carbohydrates. Due to this fact, the ones on a carbohydrate restriction vitamin must steer clear of overindulging in them.


Candy potatoes comprise oxalates, that are ingredients that bind calcium and different minerals. A vitamin excessive in oxalates would possibly lead to kidney stones. In the event you recently have kidney stones or are at greater chance of having them, you must restrict the quantity of meals excessive in oxalate. Overindulging in candy potatoes isn’t advisable for other folks on a carb-restriction vitamin or the use of medication that elevate potassium ranges within the frame. As a result of candy potatoes comprise beta-carotene, eating an excessive amount of of them can result in hypervitaminosis A or nutrition A poisoning. When the liver absorbs an excessive amount of nutrition A, the outside and nails would possibly grow to be orange in color.

HealthifyMe Advice

Candy potato generally is a wholesome choice to many conventional recipes. Baked candy potato fries are a scrumptious choice to French fries. You’ll additionally change mashed potatoes with mashed candy potatoes. Along with this candy potato can be added to pancake batter to make it extra healthy.


Candy potatoes are nutrient-dense superfoods which are filled with fibre and antioxidants. This can be a starchy root that, when eaten moderately and as a part of a standard vitamin, gives plenty of well being advantages. In keeping with their color, candy potatoes fall into 3 classes, every with distinctive dietary benefits. Any nutritional overindulgence, although, may have detrimental well being repercussions, so it’s very best to persist with the advisable day by day allowance. 

Disclaimer: The aim of this text is solely to disperse wisdom and lift consciousness. It does now not intend to exchange scientific recommendation from pros. For additional knowledge, please touch our qualified nutritionists Right here.

Incessantly Requested Questions (FAQs)

Q: What are candy potatoes?

A: Candy Potatoes are starchy, sweet-tasting tuberous roots used as root greens, that are wealthy in nutrients and vitamins. They arrive in more than a few shapes, sizes, and hues. 

Q: What’s the dietary profile of candy potatoes?

A: The dietary profile of 100 g of candy potatoes is as follows: Protein: 1.57 g, Power: 86 kcal, Carbohydrates: 20.1 g, Nutritional fibres : 3 g, Sugar: 4.18 g, Glucose: 0.96 g, Starch: 12.6 g, Calcium: 30 mg

Q: Can candy potatoes assist in weight reduction?

A: Candy potatoes are favourable for weight reduction because of their excessive fibre content material, low fats and calorie ranges and nutrient density. On the other hand, eat moderately. 

Q: How do candy potatoes give a contribution to center well being?

A: Consuming potassium-rich candy potatoes is helping advertise a wholesome center. Upper potassium consumption permits you to excrete extra sodium, lowers your blood force and decreases center illness chance.

Q: Are candy potatoes a excellent supply of nutritional fibre?

A: candy potatoes are a very good supply of nutritional fibre, each soluble and insoluble, that is helping handle right kind digestion and intestine Well being.

Q: What are the antioxidants present in candy potatoes?

A: Candy potatoes are wealthy in an antioxidant referred to as beta-carotene and anthocyanins. The beta-carotene transforms into nutrition A after ingestion. 

Q: Can candy potatoes assist control blood sugar ranges?

A: Sure, candy potatoes control blood sugar ranges as they’re high-fibre. It’s extremely impactful in sort 2 diabetes. 

Q: How do candy potatoes receive advantages eye well being?

A: Candy potatoes are wealthy in nutrition A, which performs an energetic position in making improvements to imaginative and prescient and eye well being.

Q: What position do candy potatoes play in supporting the immune gadget?

A: Candy potatoes supply beta carotene, which is important to the immune gadget and improves intestine well being and immunity.

Q: Can candy potatoes be a part of a diabetic-friendly vitamin?

A: Sure, diabetic sufferers can eat candy potatoes. This vegetable incorporates superb dietary advantages, and it slowly dissolves sugar within the bloodstream, which doesn’t let the blood sugar ranges upward push.

Q: How does the glycemic index of candy potatoes impact blood sugar?

A: Candy potatoes have excessive fibre content material and a low glycemic index, which is helping to reduce the speedy have an effect on on blood glucose ranges. It will probably assist other folks with diabetes to stay their blood sugar ranges in keep an eye on.

Q: What are some great benefits of candy potatoes all the way through being pregnant?

A: The good enough quantity of fibre found in candy potatoes reduces blood sugar spikes and improves digestive well being, which is able to cut back the chance of constipation all the way through being pregnant. 

Q: Are there any doable unwanted side effects or hypersensitive reactions related to candy potatoes?

A: Eating candy potatoes in extra could cause nutrition A toxicity that may purpose pores and skin rashes and complications. Because of excessive fibre, over the top intake of candy potatoes too can purpose bloating, abdomen ache and diarrhoea.

Q: How can candy potatoes be integrated into more than a few recipes and foods?

A: There are a selection of recipes through which candy potatoes pass neatly. One can upload them to salads, soups, and cutlets or with any dessert and savoury recipes.

Q: What’s the distinction between candy potatoes and common potatoes when it comes to vitamin?

A: Despite the fact that they’re each tuberous roots, candy potatoes and strange potatoes have other tastes and appears. Each types of potatoes are excessive in carbohydrates, fibre, and nutrients C and B6. Candy potatoes have extra nutrition A, however white potatoes have extra potassium.

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