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An period exercise for 5K and 10K runners


The autumn racing season is winding down, and whilst many runners around the nation are striking their toes up for some hard-earned down time, there are nonetheless a couple of left with end-of-the-year 5Ks and 10Ks at the calendar. When you belong to this staff, this rapid exercise is simply what you want to top your self for a brand new private highest.

This exercise will also be accomplished at the observe or the street, and is an effective way to practise hitting, and maintaining, your purpose race tempo on legs that can be drained from a season of racing. The consultation begins at your purpose velocity, then cranks issues up a notch, to tire out your legs. Cap off this energy hour with yet another period at race tempo, to pressure your self to hit your goal, even if your legs are toast.

runners on track
Picture: Unsplash/nicolas-hoizey

The exercise

Warmup: 10-Quarter-hour’ simple jog, adopted through drills and strides


1K at purpose race tempo; 1:30 relaxation

5 x 400m at moderately quicker than race tempo, with 1 minute relaxation between durations

1K at purpose race tempo

8 post-race mirrored image questions for each runner

Cooldown: 10-Quarter-hour’ simple jog

When you don’t have a observe, do this timed model as an alternative:

5 mins at purpose tempo; 1:30 relaxation

5 x 1:30 at moderately quicker than race tempo, with one minute’s relaxation between durations

5 mins at purpose tempo


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