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Befriend Your True Self — Ananda


Every human being is a country unto itself occupied via many various voters. There are lots of qualities within every particular person, some just right and a few unhealthy. We wish to learn how to love our particular person international locations although there are voters dwelling there who’re seeking to undermine or break them.

Within the Bhagavad Gita (Bankruptcy 6, verse 6) Krishna says:

For him whose (decrease egoic) self has been conquered via the (upper, soul) Self, that Self is the buddy of his (decrease) self. The real Self, alternatively, isn’t pleasant to the false self, and (in some ways) is its enemy.

Krishna is announcing very obviously that we will have to love handiest the nice portions in ourselves. It isn’t conceivable to raise our decrease selves if we hate ourselves. We will be able to handiest carry ourselves up if there’s a love for our want to advance spiritually.

We should attempt to uplift the decrease qualities in ourselves and likewise take into account that the best way to try this is to like our attainable for goodness. Everyone seems to be probably a Christ. Everyone seems to be probably a Krishna. Everyone seems to be probably a God. Subsequently, we will have to love the goodness this is this sort of necessary a part of us.

As an example, if we have a tendency to drink closely, we will have to no longer love that tendency. We will have to, alternatively, love the a part of that tendency that provides us the aspiration to transport upward. What’s that exact tendency? It’s the need to get away the ache. Other people drink as a result of they believe that numbing the ache brings happiness however it doesn’t. There’s the need to get away the ache come what may. That’s the section that we will have to love.

If we will be able to achieve some degree the place we now have an opportunity to match a decrease excitement with a better excitement, naturally we can select the upper.

Lend a hand Your Decrease Nature

We gained’t lend a hand our decrease self via hating it and via telling ourselves that we are not any just right. We will be able to handiest be just right pals to ourselves if we don’t hate our decrease qualities. We will be able to be a pal if we stay attempting to triumph over our decrease natures, have religion, and take a look at to raise them up.

Take into account that we’re many people in a single frame. Every little high quality we now have is one trait. That one trait represents one citizen in our non-public nation on the earth earth.

If there’s a high quality in any person that you simply like, it signifies that you resonate with that high quality. Subsequently, paintings at the high quality and take a look at to broaden it in your self. Likewise, if there’s something that you simply dislike in your self or any person else, this implies there’s something in your self to triumph over. If there’s a high quality this is destructive to you, your upper self will have to no longer permit that high quality to manifest.

Flip In opposition to the Gentle

We will have to befriend our entire country and concentrate on the goodness in every citizen and their qualities.  Every high quality has two sides simply as when you find yourself status within the sunshine going through the solar – you’re within the mild and your again is in shadow.

Subsequently, we will have to at all times flip towards the sunshine, flip towards the solar, flip towards bliss, and switch towards God. At all times search the facet going through the solar. At all times search the facet that you’ll befriend and uplift. Keep away from the shadow facet that can handiest deliver you down into maya (fantasy).

We will have to at all times emphasize the certain facet of ourselves and with each detrimental high quality, befriend the certain facet of that high quality and that can lend a hand us to upward thrust.

We need to direct every high quality upward and embody samadhi (oneness with God); embody infinity versus embracing the ego. We need to embody the sunshine to understand the upper self, to understand reality, and to understand God.

There are just right movements and unhealthy movements. When our movements and effort are too outward, we wish to steadily wean ourselves from those dispositions, outward expressions, and outward provider and direct them inward.

We will be able to transfer our power inward, figuring out that the true energy to lend a hand people isn’t our personal. It’s one thing that flows via us.  The extra we really feel this power flowing via us, the extra we can really feel to show inward. Once we are doing one thing for others, we will have to really feel that we’re in them – that we’re serving to their wishes, no longer our personal.

The Soul and God

“God is the sea of Spirit, and human beings are like waves that upward thrust and fall at the ocean’s floor. Can somebody ever get away his Author? We’re all part of God, at the same time as waves are part of the sea. Our separateness from Him is an look, simply.

“When other folks verify their individuality, and thereby carry themselves up in self-importance and satisfaction, they crash aggressively in opposition to different ego-waves, whipped up, like them, via fantasy’s hurricane. Like ocean waves in a tempest, they heave and toss about, conquering one minute, being conquered the following, in a ceaseless frenzy of war and festival.

“In a hurricane, the outside of the sea is aware of no peace. In a similar way, so long as the hurricane of fantasy rages within the human thoughts, an individual is aware of no peace, however handiest pressure and nervousness.

“Peace comes when the hurricane is stilled, whether or not outwardly in Nature, or inwardly in an individual’s awareness. Because the hurricane of maya subsides, the wave of the ego subsides additionally. Because the devotee’s ego diminishes, he relaxes and accepts as soon as once more his reference to the limitless Spirit.”

– Paramhansa Yogananda


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