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Blue crab Diet info and Well being benefits



The blue crab is a fast-swimming crustacean this is supported by way of a couple of paddle-shaped rear swimming legs. Its shell (carapace) is clean and olive-green in colour. The intense blue claws in mature women function purple guidelines. Grownup men can achieve as much as 9 inches in diameter and feature a lifespan of as much as 3 years.

Men (Jimmies) function slender, inverted T-shaped stomach, whilst mature women (sooks) have a large, rounded stomach.

Blue crabs develop ceaselessly and molt a number of occasions all over their existence span. A soft-shelled crab that has simply molted and has a nearly clear frame.


Blue crabs reside within the sea, rivers, and brackish waters alongside the coastal shelf and estuaries. They’re omnivores and feed on just about anything else they may be able to in finding, plant and animal detritus and clams, oysters, mussels, smaller crustaceans, freshly lifeless fish, and so on.

Existence Cycle

Blue crabs showcase distinctive reproductive conduct. They mate from Would possibly via October within the brackish waters. Ahead of mating, men cradle a soft-shelled feminine of their legs, wearing her for a number of days ready she molts. After mating, the male continues to cradle the feminine till her shell hardens.

Women broaden an exterior egg mass (bright-orange sponge) underneath their stomach. In about two weeks, larvae are launched into the waters. Larvae transported to sea waters however go back again to estuaries and rivers to transform full-size grownup crab. Their lifespan is set 3 years.


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