Thursday, June 1, 2023

BSNYC Friday A laugh Quiz! – Motorcycle Snob NYC


Take a seat down! Close up! Francis, get that chewing gum from your ear!

Glance, I understand it’s great out of doors and also you wanna get outta right here, however SETTTLE THE HELL DOWN.

Just right..

K, now, I’m happy to give you with a quiz. As all the time, learn about the object, assume, and click on in your resolution. If you happen to’re proper you’ll understand it, and in the event you’re improper you’ll see science.

Thank you very a lot for studying, and experience protected, as a result of while you’re executed with this you’ll cross get your motorbike and play out of doors.


–Tan Tenovo

1. Digital transferring is far better than mechanical transferring as a result of when the battery in your digital derailleur dies mid-race you’ll try to exchange it whilst descending at excessive pace, while mechanical transferring is so primitive it doesn’t also have batteries!

2. The nice outdated threaded backside bracket is in spite of everything again, most effective now the threads are:

3. In line with one skilled it takes all the nation of Ecuador 9 months to supply and export the collection of bananas identical to what the 5 Boro Motorcycle Excursion makes use of in one day.

[Anti-idling advocate and avid toilet flusher George Pakenham]

4. According to the alleged luck of its anti-idling program, New York Town now desires to pay you to record:

[To experience the hammock just slip your hand right under the power band and initiate forceful squeezing.]

5. How do Trickstuff Usual pads begin to diverge a little from sintered Shimanos in high-intensity braking?

6. What sort of motorbike did David Byrne experience to the Met Gala?

[“You have stolen my dreams and my childhood and my lugs with your empty words.”]

7. How dare you! We’re at first of a mass extinction. The ____________________________ are disappearing!

***Particular Protection-Themed Bonus Video!***

Lovely certain I’ve proven this earlier than however it merits an encore. Additionally, I in point of fact need that jersey.


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