Excellent morning!

Within the spirit of retaining you to your feet, or no less than the balls of your toes, I’m happy to provide you with a quiz. As at all times, learn about the query, assume, and click on to your solution. When you’re proper you’ll comprehend it, and for those who’re flawed you’ll see extra Astana rap.

Thank you very a lot for studying, trip protected, and trip safely.


–Tan Tenovo

1) Contemporary research have confirmed that:

2) What does the New York Occasions name individuals who wash automobiles on the street for cash?

3) What number of Diminutive Frenchman Devices (DFUs) does it take to overwhelm a Mavic R-Sys spoke?

4) Motor scooters and throttle e-bikes are uniting New Yorkers as a result of:

5) With a view to meet its local weather targets, the UCI would require riders to bathe in combination right through Grand Excursions.

6) Does body subject material tell the trip high quality of a bicycle?

7) Unofficially, many of us believe Peekskill to be New York Town’s “6th Borough.”

***Particular E-Motorbike-Themed Bonus Video!***

They could also be reclaiming the streets from automobiles or no matter, however that’s gonna give me night time terrors.