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Can Durations Assist With Weight Loss Publish-Exercise?


As a bicycle owner, you’re no stranger to the exhilaration of the open highway, the rhythm of the pedal strokes, and the pursuit of height efficiency. However do you know that some great benefits of your trip can lengthen past the street? On this toolbox article, we can be informed extra about extra post-exercise oxygen intake (EPOC) and notice if it’s a useful device for weight reduction, or only a fashionable health buzzword.

Hiking durations

What’s EPOC?

Extra Publish-Workout Oxygen Intake (EPOC), regularly known as the “afterburn impact,” is a physiological phenomenon that describes the increased oxygen intake and effort expenditure that happens after an activity consultation has been finished. In different phrases, EPOC represents the extra quantity of oxygen the frame wishes to go back to its pre-exercise state and recuperate from the tension and effort calls for of the exercise.

Determine 1. Oxygen intake right through & after activity. Realize the ‘Oxygen deficit’ originally of activity should be repaid following activity as ‘EPOC’. Taken from Arney, et al., 2019.


EPOC happens as a result of activity puts more than a few stresses at the frame, together with increased middle charge, greater breathing, and the breakdown of power substrates like fats & carbohydrates. After the activity is done, the frame continues to devour oxygen at an increased charge to:

  • Refill oxygen shops throughout the frame.
  • Transparent collected metabolic byproducts
  • Repair the frame to homeostasis, together with frame temperature, middle charge, and different physiological processes

EPOC leads to further calorie expenditure and will persist for a time frame, relying on components like activity depth & period. Top-intensity and interval-based workouts are idea to supply a extra pronounced and prolonged EPOC in comparison to lower-intensity, steady activity. We’ll overview a 2016 find out about that investigated the position of activity depth & period at the afterburn impact and notice if EPOC could be a primary contributor to fats loss and frame composition adjustments.

Dash period coaching

What did they check?

Researchers sought after to know how activity kind affects EPOC and total power expenditure (EE). They when put next 3 various kinds of activity to a non-exercise regulate situation:

  • Secure State Workout (SSE) – 30 min @ 80% most Middle Fee (HRmax). This could be analogous to a excessive zone 2 staying power trip.
  • Top-Depth Period Workout (HIE) – 4 x 4min @ 95% HRmax with 3 min energetic restoration between efforts. This could be very similar to ‘Seiler 4 x 4 durations’
  • Dash Period Workout (SIE) –  6 x 30 sec ‘Wingate’ sprints with 4 min energetic restoration. Members had been inspired to trip has laborious as conceivable for every 30s dash. I will have to indicate that this sort of activity is in no way simple, nor amusing. In truth, SIE led to 3 individuals failing to finish the find out about.

Who did they check?

13 recreationally energetic males had been recruited to take part, regardless that best ten would entire the find out about. In comparison to different cyclist-specific research we’ve reviewed up to now with elite degree cyclists, those individuals are quite much less nicely skilled:

  • Age: 24 +/- 4 years
  • Weight: 73.1 +/- 8.2 kg
  • Relative VO2max: 45.9 +/- 7.2 mL/kg/min

What did they to find?

For three hours after activity, cumulative EPOC & internet power expenditure had been higher from dash durations than from secure state or excessive depth durations, suggesting that the “afterburn impact” from dash coaching used to be more than high-intensity durations or secure state activity.

Determine 2. Oxygen intake (in L/min) towards time (in mins) for the three activity prerequisites, relative to a non-exercise regulate. Realize that every one 3 activity sorts led to some EPOC, however Dash Period coaching (white squares) resulted within the largest internet quantity of EPOC. Symbol taken from Tucker, et al., 2016.


As chances are you’ll be expecting, oxygen intake used to be higher right through activity for the secure state & high-intensity activity prerequisites, in comparison to dash coaching. There used to be no important distinction between SSE & HIE. In different phrases, the dash period activity used the least quantity of power right through activity.

Curiously, in spite of higher EPOC and EE following activity in dash activity, secure state activity nonetheless resulted within the largest overall oxygen fed on & internet power expended. There used to be additionally a pattern for extra oxygen fed on and larger power use in secure state in comparison to high-intensity period activity, nevertheless it didn’t achieve statistical importance. The consequences are well-summarized within the determine beneath:

Determine 3. Oxygen fed on right through activity (black) and after activity – e.g. EPOC  (white) for the three other activity prerequisites: secure state activity (SSE), high-intensity period activity (HIE), and dash period activity (SIE). Regardless of SIE having considerably extra EPOC, SSE nonetheless resulted within the largest overall oxygen fed on. Symbol taken from Tucker, et al., 2016).

sf wahoo

So… What’s the Verdict?

Dash Period coaching surely does elicit a better EPOC than each secure state activity and high-intensity period activity. Then again, the activity power expenditure for dash coaching, even with 6 maximal efforts, used to be considerably lower than that for SSE and HIE. Additionally, the blended activity + submit activity internet power expenditure used to be lowest for SIE, which means that EPOC following high-intensity period and dash period coaching is not likely to be the key contributor to fats loss and frame composition adjustments.

Due to this fact, together with some high-intensity and dash depth durations could be a really helpful addition in your coaching and leads to greater EPOC. Then again – in line with the result of the find out about we reviewed lately – there’s nonetheless surely an issue that steady moderate-intensity activity can building up your overall power expenditure, which is a significant contributing issue to weight reduction.

That’s considering this month! Keep secure, trip speedy, and I’ll see you subsequent time!


Arney, Blaine E. M.S., ACSM-EP; Foster, Carl Ph.D., FACSM, MAACVPR; Porcari, John Ph.D., FACSM, MAACVPR, ACSM-RCEP. EPOC: IS IT REAL? DOES IT MATTER?. ACSM’s Well being & Health Magazine 23(4):p 9-13, 7/8 2019.


Tucker WJ, Angadi SS, Gaesser GA. Extra Postexercise Oxygen Intake After Top-Depth and Dash Period Workout, and Steady Secure-State Workout. J Power Cond Res. 2016 Nov;30(11):3090-3097.

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