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Can I Steer clear of Dangerous Karma? — Ananda


There’s a giant tree in entrance of the balcony of my second-floor condominium that shelters many birds. I am getting the chance to watch them at other instances of the day and all through the seasons. The very explicit habits patterns of those birds, and different animals together with a stray cat or two in my backyard carry insightful questions for me about proper and improper movements (karma).

Paramhansa Yogananda frequently mentioned that animals don’t incur sin or karma as they don’t act thru ego motivation. They as an alternative are instinctive and observe nature’s regulations. Yogananda explains that sin is an lack of understanding – an lack of understanding in regards to the regulations of nature. I puzzled, bearing all of this in thoughts if I may just dispel lack of understanding and steer clear of developing adverse karma by way of attuning to and following nature’s regulations. I sought after to discover the likelihood and provides myself the danger!

Within the Bhagavad Gita, Lord Krishna’s purpose is to reach the state of nishkam karma (appearing with out ego motivation) that brings moksha (liberation). So, the needle of liberation at the non secular compass at all times issues to nishkam karma. That is the purpose the place we upward thrust above the world of karmic regulation and to find freedom within the Endless Spirit.

Going again to the Grasp’s (Yogananda’s) quote about animals and the aim of existence to reach liberation in the course of acting movements, I puzzled what I may just be told from the egoless task of animals. I needed to paintings on this planet and task could be a day-to-day topic of outrage.

People are, actually, voters of the animal kingdom however with some delicate distinctions – We’ve got an absolutely evolved occult spinal gadget (chakras) and we now have the boon of loose will.

Regardless of those benefits, I understand that guy is frequently frightened and unsatisfied about something or any other. In my backyard, the birds chirp fortuitously and the animals reputedly roam carefree. I pondered the validity of loose will as a boon for us as it so frequently turns to our drawback when implemented throughout the ego.

Why can we combat such a lot?

If existence is a tapestry — woven threads of days and nights, I need to concentrate on the best way that animals undergo their days with out developing adverse karma. A few of us, alternatively, combat evening and day to steer clear of the karma monster.

Yogananda mentioned that bodily wrongdoing brings bodily diseases, psychological misbehavior brings psychological disharmony, and non secular lack of understanding brings non secular darkness. Via now, occupied with the ones phrases, my ideas are spinning like a wheel, however I in the long run find a guidepost in Yogananda’s poem, “God! God! God!” Within the poem, he divides the day and its actions into waking, consuming, operating, dreaming, and slumbering

In waking, consuming, operating, dreaming, slumbering,
Serving, meditating, chanting, divinely loving,
My soul will repeatedly hum, unheard by way of any:
God! God! God!

This cycle of task and motion gave me some sensible route.


At the waking entrance, birds and animals get started their day at crack of dawn and finish it at sundown. Many animals stretch proper after waking.  Many people have observed cats stretching straight away upon waking within the morning and at other instances all through the day. Curiously, Yogananda evolved the Energization Workout routines after staring at the best way a cat stretches.

Within the Autobiography of a Yogi, Swami Sri Yukteswar Giri recurrently mentioned, “The darkness of Maya is silently drawing near. Allow us to hie homeward inside of.” Grasp ceaselessly reminded his disciples at nightfall with those phrases about their want to shift their consideration from task to their night meditation observe and Kriya Yoga. It has frequently been showed for me that the phrases of an avatar are ceaselessly true.

I understand that disciplined or spiritually conscious folks attempt to care for a dharmic regimen till it turns into moment nature, whilst worldly folks paintings all the way through the day, and their game and leisure frequently get started at evening. Grasp recommends that the evening be reserved for God communion when the whole lot is quiet. The start and finish of the day are quieter instances so best possible for connecting with the upper Self.


Animals additionally observe a herbal consuming development: herbivorous animals consume crops corresponding to grass, frugivores thrive on end result, and carnivores are proud of meat and flesh, and as soon as they’re complete, they don’t seem curious about or have cravings for a chum’s complete plate of meals! A saint as soon as mentioned that you just received’t see a tiger too fats to run or a sparrow too fats to fly, as they consume simplest when hungry.

Many people, nonetheless, habitually really feel starvation on every occasion meals is visual. As a substitute of following the desires of the frame, we frequently observe the calls for of the senses, managed by way of the ego.

We adore to consider ourselves as being good and fashionable. We consume a wide variety of meals: herbal, natural, cooked, raw, overcooked, meat, vegetarian, processed, junk meals, artificially flavored meals, and meals this is utterly unnatural for us. I’ve to invite myself, am I a complete exception to all this? I’m on no account. I’ve to do my best possible to observe the precise regulations to stick wholesome.

Swami Sri Yukteswar Giri, a Gyanavatar, gave clinical causes explaining that guy is largely a frugivorous animal and would observe a herbal consuming development to stay wholesome. Yogananda humorously mentioned that the general public dig their very own graves with a knife and fork!


I understand that within the place of business, the ego tries to sneak into our actions, expanding alternatives for working into adverse karma. It’s interesting how within the animal kingdom essentially the most competitive habits revolves round securing meals. At the human facet, we frequently step into the sector of labor with aspirations of main a significant and honorable existence, even though frequently to find ourselves entangled in traps of energy, title, and status.

For myself, it’s essential to carry onto the conclusion that my true essence stay aligned with my authentic wishes.


Nature’s techniques are really interesting. Animals, pushed by way of their instincts, mate just for propagation to make sure the herbal cycle of existence. Animals procreate inside of their species throughout seasons of abundance, making sure an plentiful meals provide for his or her offspring.

This raises a query for me: are we, as people, attuned to this refined inside steering? Non secular teachings emphasize a the most important level— over the top indulgence in sensory pleasures can disrupt our psychological and bodily well-being.

Reflecting in this, I’ve come to remember the fact that if I align myself extra intently with nature’s regulations (refined regulation running across the clock) I will be able to be much more likely in a position to experience each bodily and psychological well being. Following herbal regulation is usually a blueprint for a harmonious lifestyles resulting in a existence in attunement with the essence of our bodily and non secular selves. It’s a gentle steadiness that nature turns out inherently desirous about to lead her creatures.

Our apprehensive gadget with its seven chakras is the royal pathway to liberation.

At this level, ideas in regards to the totally evolved occult spinal gadget and the importance of the chakras emerge. Swami Kriyananda’s phrases within the Competition of Gentle resonate deeply with me. There may be this sort of profound sense of divine grace and redemption in his phrases. “For now, by way of God’s grace, our redemption is handy.” Our apprehensive gadget with its seven chakras is the royal pathway to liberation.

The use of the ways of Kriya Yoga passed down by way of our line of Gurus, we now have the ability to dissipate adverse karma and transparent our approach. I’ve the important thing to disposing of unhealthy karma with the robust float of existence power (prana-shakti) generated by way of Kriya Yoga!

The topic of disposing of karma turns out overwhelming, but I understand with out a lot brainstorming that it’s simple for me to attract steering and inspiration from the herbal rhythms of the animal kingdom about learn how to align my day-to-day movements with much less ego attachment. Via the advantages of Kriya Yoga, I will navigate past the entanglements of karma and pass speedy ahead at the freeway of Self-realization.

-Nayaswami Suvarna


In 2011 after assembly Swami Kriyanandaji for the primary time and together with his loving invitation to return and reside in Watunde (Pune), Nayaswami Suvarna moved to the ashram there from Mumbai. She used to be a Kriyaban prior to this time and used to be additionally a member of Ananda Sangha Pune.

Suvarna served in Mumbai along with her son Nayaswami Sagar for almost 3 years. She has labored on translations (English into Marathi) of Autobiography of a Yogi, Essence of the Bhagavad Gita, The Essence of Self-Realization, Dialog with Yogananda, and The Artwork & Science of Raja-Yoga. Marathi is the 3rd maximum spoken language in India after Hindi and Bengali.

Along with her seva on the Pune and Pimpri facilities, she additionally is helping with the Ananda Kriya Yoga House Learn about Route and the Kriya Sangha (Hindi). Suvarna additionally loves taking part in the harmonium and making a song Grasp and Swamiji’s track.


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