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'COVID Unmasked' — How you can Take Again Our Country


Kids’s Well being Protection (CHD) lately launched a four-part documentary referred to as “COVID Unmasked.” Phase 4 is featured above. The trailer and former 3 episodes will also be discovered on CHD.TV.

Portions 1 main points the issue. The scientific gadget is destroying well being; attorneys wreck justice; psychiatrists wreck minds; scientists wreck fact; main media wreck knowledge; religions wreck spirituality; and governments wreck freedom.

Phase 2 unearths how the COVID pandemic — which was once offered to us as a struggle towards a singular and fatal zoonotic virus that had jumped species at a Chinese language rainy marketplace — was once simply the primary a part of an epidemic for-profit industry type, the place mass vaccination is a device to achieve extra regulate, extra energy and, in fact, more cash.

In Phase 3, the large image is printed, appearing how the COVID pandemic was once a handy opening act of a “Nice Reset,” on the finish of which common other folks will “personal not anything and feel free.”

The pursuits at the back of the COVID “plandemic” and the worldwide coup are documented, how lengthy this plan has been within the works and, in Phase 4, above, how we will prevent it, prior to we lose our nation, our liberty, and our humanity.

Figuring out Our Constitutional Rights

The Fourth Modification to the U.S. Charter promises the suitable to privateness, the suitable to be left on my own and to make our personal selections. Like different amendments within the Invoice of Rights, it doesn’t create the suitable to privateness; it secures it, thereby proscribing executive interference with it.

The Invoice of Rights precede the life of the united statesgovernment, and are in keeping with elementary rules inherent in humanity itself, i.e., “Herbal Legislation.” The U.S. Charter is the ideally suited regulation of the land, and can’t be outmoded or nullified by means of every other regulation. As mentioned in Article IV:

“This Charter, and the Rules of the US which will probably be made in Pursuance thereof; and all Treaties made, or which will probably be made, underneath the Authority of the US, will probably be the ideally suited Legislation of the Land; and the Judges in each State will probably be sure thereby, any Factor within the Charter or Rules of any State to the Opposite however.”

Any regulation that violates the Charter is null and void, regardless of who makes it, and an unconstitutional regulation “imposes no tasks, confers no proper, creates no place of job, bestows no energy or authority on somebody, gives no coverage, and justifies no acts carried out underneath it.” That’s a quote from an 1886 Splendid Court docket case (Norton v. Shelby County, 118 U.S. 4251).

Quoting farther from that call, “Nobody is sure to obey an unconstitutional regulation and no courts are sure to put in force it.” But, throughout the COVID pandemic, unconstitutional regulations and mandates weren’t best issued however normally additionally upheld. With no hint of disgrace, executive officers even referred to as for barring the unvaccinated from society at wide.

Charter Can not Be Suspended Below Any Circumstance

Those movements had been justified at the foundation that we had been in “an emergency” that required some elementary rights to be quickly suspended. On the other hand, regardless of how dire the emergency, the Charter is probably not suspended or violated.

In a 2020 reality test,2 Reuters attempted to debunk the declare that constitutional rights can’t be suspended by means of mentioning the 1988 Stafford Act, which grants the president the authority to claim a significant crisis and empowers the Federal Emergency Control Company (FEMA) to coordinate the country’s reaction — utterly lacking the purpose that no regulation can supersede the Charter and is void if in violation with it.

As famous by means of U.S. District Pass judgement on William S. Stickman IV, in a September 2020 ruling on the subject of County of Butler et. al. v. Governor Thomas W. Wolf et. al., “the Charter units sure strains that is probably not crossed, even in an emergency.” As famous within the movie, dozens of courtroom rulings have affirmed this elementary reality.

The Remaining Line of Protection Towards Govt Overreach

Over the last 3 years, we’ve noticed numerous examples of native, state and federal officers granting themselves unconstitutional powers and postponing other folks’s rights underneath the auspice of a “public well being emergency.” It might appear there’s no place of job left to rein in those energy hungry despots. Or is there? Sure, thankfully there’s, and it’s your county sheriff.

The County sheriff is without doubt one of the maximum vital elected officers all of us find a way to vote for, so ensuring they perceive their function in protective your Constitutional rights is the most important.

In the end, your native sheriff is accountable for in fact implementing no matter regulations and laws are laid down by means of state lawmakers, your metropolis or county councils, and government orders from metropolis mayors or governors.

Opposite to what some other folks suppose, mayors and governors don’t make regulations — the state legislatures do this — however they may be able to affect metropolis and state regulation in addition to invoke government orders underneath sure instances.3

Every now and then sheriffs and native and state police is also requested by means of their mayor or governor to put in force an government order. On the other hand, sheriffs can refuse in the event that they consider the chief order is unconstitutional.

As an example, throughout the pandemic, county sheriffs in Michigan,4 Texas,5 Ohio,6 even California,7 knowledgeable their governors they wouldn’t put in force obligatory masks orders since they weren’t precise regulations. The sheriffs of Pinal County, Arizona,8 Douglas County, Illinois,9 Snohomish County and Klickitat County, Washington,10 and plenty of others additionally refused to put in force their states’ stay-at-home orders.

Lincoln County, New Mexico, Sheriff Michael Picket even issued a cease-and-desist order to Gov. Michelle Grisham when she attempted to reserve shops to near in January 2021, and one rural Oregon sheriff single-handedly ended the industry closures just by mentioning the closures unconstitutional.

Those are movements that each sheriff, in each county around the country may, and must, have taken, as a result of masks mandates aren’t regulations (and can be unconstitutional in the event that they had been made into regulation) and executive does no longer have the constitutional proper to make a decision who can paintings and make a residing, and who can not.

Those sheriffs understood that forcing other folks to put on mask and live at house is one thing executive does no longer have the facility to do underneath the Charter, and so they safe their voters from what was once evident overreach and abuse of energy. And, importantly, no executive agent or company within the land had the authority to overrule their selections.

No One Can Inform the Sheriff What to Do

We owe this to Richard Mack, a retired sheriff and present president of Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officials (CSPOA),11 who sued12,13 the U.S. executive over the Brady Invoice, sometimes called the Brady Handgun Violence Prevention Act,14 signed into regulation by means of President Clinton in November 1993.

For the primary time in U.S. historical past, the Brady Invoice conscripted county sheriffs to put in force federal regulation, in transparent violation of the Charter. Mack sued to give protection to state sovereignty, and had it no longer been for Mack successful this lawsuit, sheriffs should not have had the criminal talent to face towards tyranny and offer protection to Constitutional rights lately. They’d by means of simply any other arm of the government.

In successful this Splendid Court docket case, Mack driven the government again and reaffirmed the rights of states and the folks. Justice Antonin Scalia wrote the verdict, and a number of other quotes from that call are featured in “COVID Unmasked.”

Scalia famous that the Charter “protects us from our personal highest intentions” and “prevents the temptation to pay attention energy in a single location as an expedient approach to the disaster of the day.” And the COVID-19 pandemic was once simply that. The disaster of the day.

Now, the WHO is attempting to snatch the authority to make selections about all long term crises, and we will be sure that there gained’t be an finish to crises when the facility to rule is tied to there being one.

Does Your Sheriff Perceive and Workout His Energy?

Sadly, many sheriffs are as clueless concerning the Charter — and their distinctive function in upholding it — as the typical individual is. However as famous within the movie, “the county sheriff is the closing defensive line towards a central authority long gone rogue.” The sheriff has “a duty to give protection to the Constitutional rights of the voters,” together with “the suitable to loose speech, the suitable to collect, and the suitable to endure hands.”

In the summertime of 2022, I interviewed Mack (video above) concerning the the most important function of sheriffs in terms of safeguarding your Constitutional rights and protective your civil liberties towards illegal executive overreach. As defined by means of Mack:

“It is a the most important time in American historical past, and we in fact have a calm and efficient approach to it. The one factor that should occur is your native officers, particularly your sheriff, stay [their] oath of place of job … The sheriff is right here to give protection to your civil liberties, your God given rights.

Because the founding fathers put it within the Declaration of Independence, ‘The regulations of nature are nature’s God.’ Both means, you do not need to consider in God to realize this or to be part of it. You do not, as a result of those are the rights you had been born with.”

The Finish of Govt Tyranny Begins With You

There are greater than 3,100 counties within the U.S., and every of those counties has a sheriff, who’s elected by means of the area people. 3 states — Alaska, Hawaii and Connecticut — should not have sheriffs, so their regulations are enforced by means of different officials comparable to marshals or deputy sheriffs.15

Some wide towns even have their very own sheriffs, together with Denver, St. Louis, Richmond and Baltimore. Many large-city sheriffs additionally normally have a number of hundred to a few thousand full-time group of workers.

As defined by means of Mack and detailed in “COVID Unmasked,” county sheriffs are the most productive approach to the issue posed by means of tyrannical despots. Right here’s what you’ll do to assist put an finish to executive overreach, which is rising by means of the day. This listing is a compilation of the suggestions of each assets.

1. Glance up who your native sheriff is. States will normally have a “State Sheriff’s Listing” web page checklist the sheriffs of every county in that state.

2. In finding out the place your sheriff stands in relation to Constitutional rights and the desire to give protection to them, as evidenced by means of precise report, no longer simply communicate.

3. In case your native sheriff proves to be a puppet for many who would enslave us, begin an instantaneous recall petition, and persist till she or he is changed by means of any individual who’s prepared and ready to meet their sworn accountability to give protection to the Constitutional rights of citizens.

4. Ahead a duplicate of “COVID Unmasked, Phase 4,” on your sheriff, so she or he can totally admire the scope in their powers and obligations.

5. In case your sheriff isn’t already a member of the CSPOA — the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officials Affiliation — ask them to enroll in and develop into a identified Constitutional Sheriff. The CSPOA educates sheriffs about their constitutional powers and obligations, and it’s the one group available in the market that does that.

The learning CSPOA gives is the most important, as the normal coaching sheriffs obtain is rather insufficient with recognize to the figuring out and appreciation in their oath, which is to give protection to and uphold constitutional rights. Many get distracted or puzzled by means of the conclusion or concept that they should put in force issues that actually don’t seem to be inside of their scope of accountability.

6. Sign up for the SCPOA your self. Investment for the CSPOA’s tutorial systems comes from personal donations and member dues. Becoming a member of the CSPOA is actually one of the vital extremely leveraged investments it’s essential to make to protected your individual liberties. All finances cross at once towards the schooling of sheriffs. The group doesn’t also have paid staff.

7. Improve your constitutionally-minded sheriff any means you’ll.

8. Get buddies, circle of relatives and neighbors to take those steps as neatly.

If you wish to get much more concerned, inquire whether or not your sheriff permits citizens to be deputized, and if the solution is sure (and also you satisfy no matter necessities there may well be), you’ll develop into a deputy sheriff.

Taking Again The us, County by means of County

Your next step is for Constitutional sheriffs all over the place to make it recognized that, from this level ahead, they’re going to prosecute those that use drones, helicopters and different surveillance way to undercover agent on law-abiding citizens, those that assemble and perform unlawful checkpoints and detention camps, those that set up 5G towers towards the desire of the native citizens, and each different violation of the U.S. Charter and the Invoice of Rights.

Lack of information of the regulation — and on this case, that’s the Charter, the ideally suited regulation of the land — does no longer excuse you from prosecution or criminal legal responsibility.

That comes with law enforcement officials, safety guards, army group of workers, alphabet-soup company brokers, docs, nurses, health facility directors, faculty principals, faculty board contributors, executive officers of each stripe, and everybody else you’ll bring to mind who violate other folks’s Constitutional rights by means of following unconstitutional (null and void) orders. The sheriff can prosecute all of them.

If sufficient other folks get entangled and have interaction their sheriffs on this struggle, we will create constitutional counties and take again The us, county by means of county, one sheriff at a time. In the end, the entire police forces shall be at the similar web page as neatly, and can now not put in force illegal, unconstitutional orders, no matter they may well be.

As famous in “COVID Unmasked,” “with out the army or the police to do their bidding, the tyrants are powerless towards us.” That’s how we take again The us with out elevating such a lot as a fist.


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