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Cow Face Pose (Gomukhasana): The best way to Do & Advantages


cow face pose
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The Cow Face Pose, referred to as Gomukhasana in Sanskrit, is an intermediate-level seated pose that deeply stretches the muscle groups of the hands, legs, and again whilst additionally lowering stiffness within the shoulders and hips.

The placement will get its title from the illusion it generates with the frame: a cow’s face. The cow’s snout and mouth are represented through the crossed legs, whilst the cow’s ears are represented through the hands. The nostril of the cow is shaped through the torso.

The 4th-century Darshana Upanishad mentions this yoga stance, which isn’t just a very efficient workout but in addition used right through Yoga Nidra, Pranayama, and Meditation attributed to its therapeutic qualities. It aids within the secretion of hormones reminiscent of endorphins, which produce a sense of peace and leisure.

It stretches the hands, shoulders, chest, armpits, and hips whilst bearing in mind a complete vary of shoulder movement. It will increase flexibility and stimulates the Chakras in our frame, together with the Sacral and Center Chakras.

Gomukhasana develops stability and coordination with its posture. It’s an unbelievable pose for someone who sits for lengthy sessions of time at paintings because it opens your hips and chest, which is helping to offset the stoop that many of us can increase after sitting.

Within the approaching sections, we can see the stairs for acting this pose at the side of its diversifications, guidelines to bear in mind for acting it completely as properly its advantages.

Apply Information for Cow Face Pose

Preparatory Pose

Steps to Carry out Cow Face Pose(Gomukhasana)

cow face pose instructions
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  • Get started in Dandasana (team of workers pose) in your yoga mat.
  • Bend your appropriate knee and pass the proper decrease leg over the left thigh, putting it out of doors the left hip.
  • In a similar fashion, bend your left knee, bringing the left foot out of doors the proper hip and below the proper thigh.
  • Use your fingers to align your toes and knees, making sure they’re just about stacked on most sensible of one another.
  • Deal with a immediately again through grounding your sitting bones.
  • Prolong your hands out to the edges in a immediately line.
  • Internally rotate your shoulders and convey the proper arm towards the again.
  • Position the proper hand between the shoulder blades with arms going through outward.
  • Prolong the left arm overhead and bend the elbow to convey the forearm down, putting your fingers close to the again of the neck with arms going through inwards.
  • Interlock your palms if imaginable; in a different way, handle this hand place or intention to the touch your fingertips.
  • Save you your head from tilting sideways or ahead through urgent the again of your head into the left hand.
  • Make sure that each elbows are aligned towards the middle.
  • Open your chest through drawing your shoulder blades again.
  • Hang for 3-5 breaths.
  • Gently free up your legs and arms, then repeat with the other limbs.

Tricks to Consider

  • Make sure that right kind warm-up prior to making an attempt Cow Face Pose to organize your shoulders and hips for the desired flexibility.
  • Keep away from forcing your frame into a great alignment; development step by step as your flexibility improves through the years.
  • Should you fight to convey your legs into place from Dandasana, get started from the tabletop pose after which gently sit down down.
  • Use a folded blanket, cushion, or yoga block below your sitting bone to handle a immediately backbone and right kind hip alignment.
  • When you’ve got stiff shoulders, believe the usage of a yoga strap, belt, or a small towel to bridge the distance between your fingers, step by step lowering the space till you’ll hook your palms.
  • To reach stability for your seated posture, position the highest foot as with regards to the hip as imaginable whilst protecting the ground foot clear of the frame.
  • Start through conserving the pose for 30 seconds and step by step build up the period as you change into extra at ease.

Precautions and Contraindications

  • The cow face pose is a posh pose regarding the positioning of the legs and arms. Thus, you will have to first be told this pose below the steerage of a professional yoga instructor prior to making an attempt it on your own.
  • Other people with accidents to the knee, hips, thighs, shoulder, neck, and again will have to steer clear of this pose.
  • Don’t apply the leg place when you’ve got sciatica as it’s going to aggravate the situation.
  • Pregnant girls will have to no longer carry out this pose as it’s going to put force at the stomach.
  • In case you are experiencing ache in any key portions of the frame, you need to that you don’t apply the pose until the ache has decreased or utterly long gone.
  • In case of ligament or comfortable tissue harm or muscle tear within the thighs, steer clear of the pose until you may have absolutely recovered.
  • Pop out of the pose instantly if you’re feeling any form of discomfort.

Cow Face Pose Diversifications

Half Cow Face Pose
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On this variation, you’re going to be bending just one leg whilst protecting the opposite leg stretched in entrance of you. Get started with bending the proper leg and putting the decrease appropriate on most sensible of the left thigh. The fitting foot shall be with regards to the left hip. In case you are a newbie, get started through practising this pose to step by step build up mobility and versatility.

Shoelace Pose: Cow Pose Variation
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This pose calls for you to simply apply the leg a part of the cow face pose. Your fingers shall be positioned at the toes to stay your higher frame immediately. This can be a nice pose to apply when you do not need to have interaction your hands because of any reason why but wish to toughen your hips and legs.

From the above pose, twist all your higher frame within the course of the leg that has been saved on most sensible. As an example, in case your appropriate leg has been saved on most sensible, you’re going to twist against the proper. Carry your left arm against the proper and position the hand out of doors the proper knee. The fitting arm shall be saved against the again with arms at the floor. The twisting will toughen your backbone and again muscle groups and provides extra stretch to the thighs and hips.

Cow Face with Eagle Arms
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As an alternative of conserving your hands on the again, stay them in entrance of your chest. Put the proper arm below the left arm to make a pass. Bend the elbows and sign up for the arms. If no longer, cling the right-hand wrist along with your left hand. The location of the hands on this manner will toughen your shoulders and stretch the higher again muscle groups.

Cow Face Forward Bend
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That is a particularly tricky and complex pose the place after keeping up the cow face pose for a couple of breaths you’ll slowly bend ahead. This may occasionally mean you can revel in a deeper stretch within the hips, decrease again, and triceps. It will have to simplest be carried out in case you have attained enough power within the backbone and again muscle groups. The ahead bend will also be finished within the shoelace and part cow face pose.

Observe-up Pose

Advantages of Cow Face Pose(Gomukhasana)

Whilst the pose would possibly glance intense, the advantages you acquire from practising it don’t seem to be that complicated to know. It no longer simplest is helping in relieving rigidity and stiffness from the quite a lot of joints but in addition aids in keeping up and correcting your posture. The cow face pose may even beef up your digestive device and blood flow.

Under are some advantages of practising the cow face pose.

  • The backward positioning of the hands broadens the chest thus expanding the gap for the lungs to extend freely and making improvements to its capability.
  • Cow face place stretches the muscle groups within the ankles, knees, chest, and shoulders, strengthening them in addition to making improvements to basic frame posture.
  • Nearly all frame joints are getting used all over the asana, which reinforces blood float and promises the frame receives extra blood and vitamin.
  • Common apply of the pose reduces harm to the ankles, chest, again, and shoulder in the end.
  • Training this mudra stimulates the kidneys which additional is helping in flushing out toxins throughout the progressed frequency of urination.
  • Bettering kidney serve as additionally is helping save you kidney sicknesses reminiscent of kind 2 diabetes, kidney stones, and so on.
  • This is a advisable pose for athletes as it’ll stretch and toughen the hamstrings, quads, calves, ankles, knees, and hips through making improvements to blood flow to the muscle groups of those frame spaces.
  • It helps to keep the decrease section organs wholesome and remedies sexual illnesses.
  • It will probably save you sciatica through stretching and extending the backbone, particularly the decrease backbone.
  • Deep belly stretching additionally burns extra fats within the abdominal space whilst firming all of the frame.
  • Diaphragmic respiring will increase blood flow within the chest and helps to keep hypersensitive reactions and illnesses at bay.
  • By way of lengthening the backbone, this pose permits for a wholesome float of prana and blood to the mind. This additional promotes a relaxed and comfortable thoughts through lowering concern, rigidity, and anxiousness.


The Cow Face Pose is an very important pose for hip opening. Your frame will conquer the unintended effects of rigidity, concern, and anxiousness in the event you sit down on this pose for a number of mins whilst that specialize in your breath and liberating those deep muscle groups. 

On account of the sturdy emphasis on backbone carry, it’ll additionally reinforce your posture. It effectively nourishes your frame, can spice up your bodily and emotional well-being and will beef up your temper, and convey in additional optimism.


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