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Wholesome recipe for home made raisin bran that could be a extra nutritious and digestible chilly cereal when compared with business manufacturers.

homemade raisin bran in white bowl with spoon

This scrumptious selection to business Raisin Bran makes use of soaked flour and fruit because the sweetener.

It’s eminently fitter than any logo you’ll be able to purchase from the shop. This comprises organically qualified variations.

You’ll in an instant really feel the adaptation to your abdomen after consuming it.

You’ll really feel complete with only a small bowl and digest extra absolutely, staying satiated for much longer.

The flour is soaked dairy-free, however be at liberty to exchange yogurt for the water portion if you would like upload further fats and protein.

What Concerning the Sugar?

For the ones of you involved that there’s a entire cup of date syrup on this recipe, I’d recommend that it’s not over the top or blood sugar spiking to the purpose the place you get a crash later.

Let’s pass during the math…

One cup is 16 tablespoons.

Since there are 20 servings within the recipe, every serving has 0.8 of a tablespoon of date syrup. This equates to 10g of fruit sugar. The raisins upload every other 4 for a complete of 14g in step with serving.

Via comparability, a medium banana has the same quantity of fruit sugar at 14g and a medium apple has about 19g of fruit sugar.

It’s true that it’s best to stick at 36g of sugar or much less in step with day from all resources together with fruit to keep away from immune gadget suppression.

Thus, consuming a serving of this home made raisin bran for breakfast goes to be fairly greater than one-third of that quantity for the entire day.

Something to remember is that the glycemic index of date syrup is far not up to the GMO white sugar or top fructose corn syrup in business variations.

Key level: The nice quantity of wholesome fats within the recipe which is lacking from business variations lowers this glycemic index even additional!

Thus, from a digestive and general element viewpoint, I’d imagine this home made raisin bran to be a a long way more fit choice than any logo you should purchase, together with natural.

homemade raisin bran in white bowl with spoon

Do-it-yourself Raisin Bran

Recipe for a home made raisin bran this is sugar and dairy unfastened that your circle of relatives will revel in that may nourish and digest a lot better than business variations.

General Time 1 day 50 mins


  1. Mix the flour within the filtered water plus lemon juice. Combine smartly. Soak at the kitchen counter (coated with a fabric and rubber band) for twenty-four hours.

  2. Combine the remainder elements into the soaked batter. Pour batter into (2) 9×13 pans covered with coconut oil. Bake for half-hour at 350 °F/ 177 °C or till a toothpick comes out blank. 

    Do NOT overbake else the cereal will prove too onerous.

  3. Let cool after which fall apart onto baking sheets and dehydrate at 200 °F/ 93 °C for roughly 24 hours. 

  4. Take out dried cereal off the highest each and every few hours in order to not overdry.

  5. Combine in raisins as soon as the cereal is totally dried and cooled.

  6. Retailer cereal in an hermetic container within the refrigerator.

  7. Serve on my own as a snack or in a bowl with milk of selection.

Vitamin Info

Do-it-yourself Raisin Bran

Quantity In line with Serving (0.5 cup)

Energy 232
Energy from Fats 63

% Day-to-day Worth*

Fats 7g11%

Saturated Fats 6g30%

Monounsaturated Fats 0.5g

Carbohydrates 34g11%

Fiber 3g12%

Protein 5g10%

* P.c Day-to-day Values are according to a 2000 calorie vitamin.

healthy raisin bran made at home in white bowl


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