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A selfmade frame lotion this is simple to make, sumptuous, and non-greasy but deeply moisturizing with a touch of vanilla odor from herbal very important oil.

homemade vanilla body lotion in amber jar on granite counter

Frame lotion is, certainly, some of the toughest private care merchandise to seek out in a non-toxic method.

Unfortunately, just about all natural manufacturers I’ve tested are a no-go from a security factor. The most typical offending factor is artificial perfume, a chance for hormone disruption.

Believe your self warned.

“Natural” is VERY lax with regards to private care merchandise!

Pores and skin Absorbs Two-Thirds of Contaminants

You don’t want to be slathering anything else with hormone-disrupting chemical compounds in your frame.

It’s assured that a significant portion of it is going to completely finally end up within the bloodstream.

A learn about printed within the American Magazine of Public Well being appeared into the surface’s absorption charges of chemical compounds. It demonstrated that the surface absorbs a mean of 64% of overall contaminants. (1)

Now not strangely, the “income over protection” private care business has replied by way of “fact-checking” this learn about as a fable. 🤡

Then again, taking into consideration that many drugs are in accordance with pores and skin patches, the most important organ of the frame … the surface … as a porous car for toxins to get into the blood is an absolutely correct portrayal.

In point of fact Protected Business Lotion Is Pricey

As soon as you already know the hazards of pores and skin creams with even a unmarried chemical factor, switching over to the few unhazardous lotions and creams available on the market poses every other problem.

They’re, for probably the most section, extremely dear!

The answer, in my opinion, is to make it your self.

And, it’s slightly simple to do, because it seems!

Secrets and techniques of the Perfect Do-it-yourself Lotion

The name of the game to my favourite approach for a DIY deeply moisturizing but non-greasy selfmade frame lotion is the usage of mango butter and jojoba oil.

The fat you select to make your selfmade creams and lotions make a large distinction to the way it feels in your pores and skin.

As well as, the mix I exploit underneath comprises chamomile natural tea. This improves pores and skin absorption fee and offers additional pores and skin emollient advantages.

Via comparability, substituting the mango butter with shea makes for a a long way greasier lotion.

Substituting the jojoba oil (my favourite) with coconut oil or olive oil produces a identical slickness to the surface.

Do-it-yourself creams that don’t come with water or natural tea within the elements also are slightly greasy. The thick texture is extra harking back to a moisturizing salve than a lotion!

The place I reside in humid Florida, fast absorbability and non-greasy really feel at the pores and skin is a will have to.

I am hoping you experience this method for selfmade frame lotion.

I attempted a lot of other diversifications prior to settling in this one as my favourite for the most productive aggregate of moisturizing impact, non-greasiness, stress-free odor, top absorbability, and total really feel at the pores and skin.

If you happen to completely have no real interest in making your personal, this vanilla frame cream is the nearest factor to it that you’ll purchase.

Trace: This makes a considerate and trendy selfmade present!

homemade vanilla body lotion in amber jar on granite counter

Do-it-yourself Vanilla Frame Lotion

A selfmade frame lotion this is as simple to make as it’s sumptuous and deeply moisturizing with a touch of vanilla odor from herbal very important oil.


  1. Mix the beeswax, jojoba oil, and mango butter in a double boiler or medium sized chrome steel bowl set within a big pot with scorching water.

  2. Soften the beeswax and mango butter within the oil till simply melted. Take away from the warmth and put aside.

  3. Whilst the oils are moderately cooling, steep 1 chamomile teabag in 2/3 cup of scorching filtered water for five mins.

  4. Take away the tea bag and pour the chamomile tea water right into a one pint, vast mouth mason jar.

  5. Pour the nice and cozy oils into the mason jar with the tea water. Upload the vanilla very important oil.

  6. The usage of a hand held blender, emulsify the oils and water in combination. That is highest accomplished by way of striking the immersion blender at the backside of the jar and mixing repeatedly for 30 seconds. Then, slowly carry the blender during the aggregate whilst it’s nonetheless mixing (you’ll want to grasp the jar with the opposite hand!).

  7. Whilst you succeed in the highest of the mix, flip it off. Repeat each 5 mins till the mix is cooled and turns white. I typically do that 3-4 occasions overall. Trace: It’s kind of like making selfmade mayo!

  8. Spoon the lotion into amber coloured lotion bins. I exploit those (glass is highest, however for protection in the toilet with ceramic tile, I exploit plastic).

  9. This lotion is shelf-stable at room temperature and lasts for months.

nontoxic vanilla body cream in amber jar


(1) Your Pores and skin: It Absorbs!


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