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Revealed on: 23 Might 2023

Does Trazodone Cause Weight Gain

Trazodone is an SSRI (selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor) antidepressant medicine that’s used to regard psychological fitness prerequisites like depressive dysfunction and nervousness. It’s extensively utilized off-label to lend a hand other folks with insomnia and sleep problem. 

Like several medicines, there are attainable unwanted effects to believe earlier than you’re taking this drug — however does Trazodone motive weight achieve? Whilst no longer a not unusual aspect impact as with another antidepressant medicines, it’s true that Trazodone weight achieve is a imaginable antagonistic impact. 

Learn on to be told why chances are you’ll achieve weight on Trazodone, how a lot chances are you’ll achieve, and techniques to regulate it so you’ll be able to make an educated resolution when opting for a remedy plan that incorporates Trazodone on-line.

Do You All the time Achieve Weight on Trazodone?

This in the end depends upon a number of components, together with non-public frame chemistry and way of life behavior. Despite the fact that maximum customers don’t enjoy vital weight achieve as an antagonistic impact whilst taking Trazodone, some will. Analysis displays that second-generation antidepressants — which Trazodone is — may well be related to weight achieve. In medical trials, best about 1% of other folks on Trazodone received weight. 

That mentioned, different analysis unearths that there’s the possibility of weight reduction in individuals who use Trazodone. Weight reduction is usually a not unusual aspect impact, particularly if anyone is obese once they start taking this medicine. 

How a lot weight will you achieve from Trazodone?  

It’s essential to remember that no longer everybody will enjoy Trazodone weight achieve — it’s in fact an attractive uncommon aspect impact of Trazodone. Some research counsel that individuals who take Trazodone might achieve a median of one – 2 kilos inside of 6 weeks of beginning remedy. 

“Even if it could no longer look like a large number of weight, taking the drug for a very long time may also build up the possibilities of frame mass build up.”

Talkspace therapist Reshawna Chapple, PhD, LCSW

Effects might fluctuate considerably relying on components equivalent to way of life and different medicines taken earlier than beginning or all through Trazodone remedy.

Psychiatry and Prescriptions On-line

Obtain an analysis and prescription for psychological fitness medicine (if wanted) from a psychiatry-trained scientific supplier.

Why Does Trazodone Motive Weight Achieve?

Weight achieve on Trazodone will also be because of a number of causes. 

Hormonal adjustments

Trazodone can impact the hormones leptin and ghrelin, which control urge for food and metabolism. This will likely lead to higher starvation cravings and diminished power expenditure when taken in upper doses or for extra prolonged classes. 

Exchange in serotonin ranges

As an SSRI (selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor), Trazodone additionally alters serotonin concentrations, probably converting meals intake through influencing feelings and emotions hooked up to nutrition.

Exchange in bodily task ranges

Decreased bodily task stage is every other imaginable reason behind weight achieve on Trazodone. Trazodone induces sleepiness, which would possibly lead to much less motivation or power to interact in bodily task.

Exchange in metabolism

Slowed metabolism may result from decreased task ranges, resulting in weight achieve. Larger starvation

Larger urge for food — possibly because of a transformation in serotonin ranges — can result in upper meals intake. 

Exchange in nutrition

Deficient nutritional possible choices equivalent to high-calorie snacks or processed meals supply little dietary price however temporarily upload up in energy through the years if no longer balanced with more healthy choices like end result or greens, thus contributing additional in opposition to imaginable weight achieve.

Fats garage

Trazodone is also associated with a disruption in homeostatic processes, inflicting an build up in fats garage and resulting in weight achieve. 

Larger social interplay

When antidepressants do their task, you’re feeling higher. When you’re feeling higher, you’ll be extra vulnerable to spend time in social settings the place food and drinks are not unusual. In the end, chances are you’ll enjoy a weight exchange in the event you’re socializing and consuming extra. 

The way to Arrange Weight Achieve on Trazodone

Gaining weight will also be an surprising consequence of the usage of Trazodone for some other folks. For the ones already obese or overweight, weight achieve may well be much more not unusual and may have severe fitness penalties.  

Thankfully, there are tactics that assist you to take care of a wholesome weight whilst taking Trazodone.

  • Observe your weight: Keeping an eye on your weight is step one in managing any attainable adjustments from taking Trazodone. It’s essential to weigh your self incessantly to understand in case your weight has modified considerably since beginning the medicine. 
  • Observe your nutrition: Tracking your nutrition will permit you to determine any nutritional patterns that can be contributing to undesirable kilos.
  • Workout incessantly: Exercising no less than three times per week can lend a hand stay off further kilos and strengthen total bodily and psychological well-being whilst on Trazodone. Cardiovascular actions equivalent to working or swimming burn energy and unencumber endorphins confirmed to cut back tension ranges and carry moods naturally with out depending only on medicines.
  • Consume healthily: Choosing more healthy choices like contemporary vegatables and fruits, lean meats, and extra really helpful fat supplies crucial nutrients and minerals whilst maintaining calorie consumption low. Skipping processed snacks (like chips) and sugary beverages (like soda) may also permit you to keep away from weight achieve.
  • Transfer medicines: Should you’re experiencing intensive weight achieve and imagine it’s associated with Trazodone, communicate on your physician about switching medicines. Simply you should definitely communicate to them first earlier than preventing hastily as this will also be bad and result in Trazodone withdrawal.

“Talk about weight achieve along with your physician. They may counsel switching to another medicine or reducing the dosage. Prohibit portion sizes on meals, workout, consume extra protein-rich meals, seek the advice of a dietitian, keep away from alcohol, get sufficient sleep, drink extra water, and scale back salt consumption.”

Talkspace therapist Reshawna Chapple, PhD, LCSW

In finding Out If Trazodone Is Proper for You

Should you’re bearing in mind taking Trazodone on your nervousness or depressive dysfunction, it’s a very powerful to weigh the dangers and advantages earlier than you decide. Although there are some unwanted effects related to taking this medicine, together with attainable weight achieve, they are able to incessantly be minimized when taken correctly below scientific supervision. 

Through taking Trazodone below a health care provider’s care, the ones affected by psychological fitness problems can get advantages with out compromising their protection. Controlling attainable Trazodone weight achieve is imaginable. Communicate to an on-line psychiatrist these days to be told extra about Trazodone and if it’s best for you. 


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