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Ep212: Why Slicing Energy Stopped Running For Weight Loss


In this episode, Tina talks concerning the demanding situations of slicing energy, and why it will not be efficient for weight reduction, particularly in our 40s and past. She stocks the significance of discovering the precise mindset for a a hit fats loss section in addition to her insights and pointers for navigating this procedure in perimenopause.

Tina discusses the next:

  • Weight reduction as opposed to frame recomposition
  • How destructive self-talk and tension impacts fats loss 
  • How the thyroid affects metabolism law and weight reduction
  • Discovering the steadiness between fats loss and muscle preservation
  • Why mineral depletion is so commonplace in girls
  • The have an effect on of prolonged aerobic on tension hormones 
  • How under-eating affects hormones


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Connect to Tina Haupert:
Fb: Carrots ‘N’ Cake
Instagram: carrotsncake
YouTube: Tina Haupert
Pinterest: Carrots ‘N’ Cake Hormone Trying out & Diet Training 

About Tina Haupert:

Tina Haupert is the landlord of Carrots ‘N’ Cake in addition to a Qualified Diet Trainer and Useful Diagnostic Diet Practitioner (FDN-P).

Tina and her workforce use purposeful checking out and a customized option to diet to assist girls to find steadiness inside their diets whilst attaining their frame composition targets.


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