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eThirteen Hits the Path for 2024 on Totally Made over MTB wheels


Gravity Grapplers, path Optimuses, all-mountain Sylvans, even e*spec eMTB wheels… eThirteen says their new 2024 MTB line-up has wheels for all mountain bikers. New rim profiles in carbon and aluminum. Delicate hub designs. Made over wheel construct specifications. eThirteen progressed with reference to each side in their mountain motorbike wheels for the brand new season, leveraging a decade of off-road experience. Plus, you’ll be able to even get rims by myself on your personal customized wheel builds..

2024 eThirteen made over mountain motorbike wheels for all riders

ll-new eThirteen revamped mountain bike wheels, DH-proven

Having confirmed themselves for over 10 years within the DH racing circuit, eThirteen has leveraged their gravity racing & driving revel in to create a brand new wide selection of mountain motorbike wheels for all MTB disciplines. Taking in “comments from execs like Aaron Gwin, Dakota Norton, Brook MacDonald, and lots of others“, eThirteen constructed a name for race-ready efficiency and sturdiness to continue to exist the hardest mountain cycling stipulations.

Race on Sunday, Engineer on Monday

“We at e*13 are delighted to introduce our newest line of MTB wheels for the 2024 season — our crew has put outstanding effort into those wheels, and it presentations within the high quality and element. Those wheels set a brand new same old in efficiency and engineering integration — we’re excited for riders world wide to revel in the adaptation those wheels make, each time they hit the paths.”

-Joel Peters, e*13 CEO

Those new wheels are stated to take that to the following degree with rims which might be mild, however nonetheless in a position to ship on race-ready stiffness & compliance, and continue to exist the abuse they’re going to for sure come across at the mountain.

2024 eThirteen revamped mountain bike wheels, trailside

A extensive spectrum of driving kinds and personal tastes by means of providing 3 distinct MTB Wheel traces – Sylvan with its uneven rims, Optimus Race with symmetrical rims, and Grappler with its confirmed tough design.”

Plus, e*spec ebike-specific variations of the Sylvan & Grappler.

Optimus path wheels

2024 eThirteen revamped mountain bike wheels, trail Optimus rim

eThirteen evolved those wheels for contemporary light-weight path motorcycles, however constructed them to care for in reality competitive path driving. The path wheels are available in Optimus Race Carbon and Race Alloy, every with 28mm inside hookless tubeless widths. With deep inside rim wells and outstanding bead-locking lips to make for simple & protected tubeless setup.

The 22.8mm tall hi-mod carbon 29″ Optimus Race Carbon rims weigh 380g, whilst the 19mm tall welded 6069 aluminum 29″ Optimus Race Alloy rims weigh 477g. The brand new alloy rim is claimed to be “166% upper affect resistance” than eThirteen’s outgoing XCX Alloy rim.

The Optimus rims get hand-built with 28 double-butted Sapim D-Mild spokes and alloy nipples & washers for a lighter, extra responsive journey. The eThirteen Optimus path wheels characteristic Race SL hubs with 4-pawl 3° engagement. The wheels are 29er, Spice up, thru-axle & 6-bolt. Carbon wheels weigh 1632g (756g/876g), after which alloy 1752g (796g/956g).

Sylvan all-mountain wheels

2024 eThirteen revamped mountain bike wheels, all-mountain Sylvan detail

The Sylvan wheels get 30mm inside uneven rims (4mm offset) that stability spoke stress for all-mountain wheel power whilst closing light-weight. eThirteen evolved those wheels for more difficult path shredding with out limits, but additionally for light-weight eMTB ebikes, too.

The 22.9mm tall hi-mod carbon 29″ Sylvan Race Carbon rims weigh 450g, whilst the 20mm tall welded 6069 aluminum 29″ Sylvan Race Alloy rims weigh 567g. The brand new alloy rim options angle-drilled spoke holes, and has “a 366% development in affect power over former TRS Plus rims“.

The Sylvan rims get hand-built with 28 double-butted Sapim D-Mild spokes and alloy nipples & washers. The eThirteen Sylvan all-mountain wheels once more characteristic Race SL hubs with 4-pawl 3° engagement.

At the eMTB Sylvan Race e*spec, wheels get 32 spokes and upgraded to a metal axle, and bolstered freehub frame with 3-bearings together with one outsized bearing. And so they get 3-pawl 6° engagement for upper ebike torque.

The wheels are all 29er, Spice up or Tremendous Spice up, thru-axle & 6-bolt. Carbon wheels weigh 1680g (760g/920g), after which alloy 1928g (896g/1032g). Or for ebike e*spec carbon wheels at 1794g (772g/1022g), and alloy 2039g (916g/1123g).

Grappler gravity wheels

2024 eThirteen revamped mountain bike wheels, gravity Grappler rim

The Grapplers are the hardest eThirteen wheels, delicate thru Global Cup DH, EWS, and now EDR racing. eThirteen constructed them for gravity racing and bikepark shredding, for riders in search of bulletproof wheels. The Grappler is available in 3 permutations – enduro, e-enduro & DH – and in 27.5″ or 29″.

The 23mm deep Grappler Race hi-mod carbon rims get both a 30mm inside 515g enduro or 31mm inside 575g DH/eMTB layup, all the time subsidized by means of a life-time guaranty. In keeping with eThirteen, the brand new “Grappler Race Carbon DH and e*spec Enduro rims soak up 322% extra power than the former model LG1 Race DH rims in affect trying out.

The 18.7mm deep welded 6069 aluminum, angle-drilled rims are 30mm inside, at 576g for enduro & 626g for DH/eMTB. “Race Alloy e*spec and Downhill rims display as much as 450% affect power in comparison to previous LG1 Plus DH fashions. Race Alloy Enduro rims display an affect power development of 228% over earlier LG1 Plus EN rims.”

Grappler rims are all hand-built into self-discipline particular hubs. DH wheels will get 32 spokes and a 7-speed freehub, together with the 9-24T cassette whilst you purchase a wheelset. Plus, they’re convertible to 150 or 157mm spacing on metal axles. Enduro wheels get 28 spokes, 3-pawl 6°, alloy axles, and Spice up or Tremendous Spice up spacing. E*spec e-enduro wheels get 32 spokes in an outsized rear hub, the third outsized bearing, and Spice up best.

Carbon Grappler DH wheels together with the cassette weigh 2388g (1032g/1356g), after which alloy 2436g (1040g/1396g). For Grappler Enduro carbon wheels at 1944g (912g/1032g), and alloy 2192g (1036g/1156g). Or ebike Grappler e*spec carbon wheels at 2272g (996g/1276g), and alloy 2392g (1056g/1336g).

2024 eThirteen MTB wheels – Pricing, choices & availability

2024 eThirteen revamped mountain bike wheels, riding all-mountain Sylvan

The brand new season of made over eThirteen MTB wheels are to be had as entire wheelsets or person rims.

Optimus Race Carbon wheels promote for $1580 / 1580€ ($710€ entrance, $870€ rear). After which Optimus Race Alloy for $700€ ($290€ entrance, $410€ rear).

Sylvan Race Carbon wheels promote for $1560€ ($700€, $860€), and Sylvan Race Alloy for $710€ ($300€, $410€). After which, the similar value for Sylvan e*spec ebike wheels.

Grappler Race Carbon DH wheels promote for $1790€ ($790€, $1000€), and Grappler Race Alloy DH for $830€ ($320€, $510€). The Grappler Race Carbon Enduro wheels promote for $1480€ ($680€, $800€), and Grappler Race Alloy Enduro for $720€ ($320€, $400€). Grappler Race Carbon e*spec Enduro wheels promote for $1590€ ($720€, $870€). Then, Grappler Race Alloy e*spec Enduro for $756€ ($310€, $446€) ebike wheels.

All entire eThirteen wheels come with their proprietary “Fast Fill” tubeless valves, tubeless tape, or even sealant. So, it’s a easy procedure to arrange your new wheels how they must be ridden.

2024 eThirteen revamped mountain bike wheels, rims also available

Lots of the new eThirteen Carbon MTB rims promote for $510 a/piece. Whilst the eMTB e*spec enduro & DH downhill carbon rims are a bit of extra at $560 every. At the different facet of the spectrum, maximum new alloy MTB rims promote for $115 every. And best the Sylvan Race alloy all-mountain is a bit of less expensive at $110. All eThirteen carbon rims additionally include a Lifetime Carbon Rim Guaranty, to ease your thoughts about smashing MTB trails with out a care on the planet.

The entire entire wheelsets, and lots of the person rims are to be had now, direct from e*13.


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