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First Glance: Shimano’s New Technium, Technium L, and Twinspark Biking Shades


This time remaining yr, Shimano introduced their upgraded RIDESCAPE lens generation for his or her current S-Phyre and Aerolite shades. Nowadays, they’re introducing 3 biking sunglass fashions with the redesigned Technium and the brand new Technium L and Twinspark, all of which include Shimano’s RIDESCAPE lenses with six “choices which might be tuned for various using stipulations and terrain varieties”. I used to be fortunate to get my arms at the new Technium and Technium L remaining week, and after a number of rides, I’ve were given some first impressions. However first, some information about Shimano’s newest additions to their rising lineup of biking shades.


The six RIDESCAPE lens choices. (pictures/Shimano)

All 3 new fashions are constructed round Shimano’s RIDESCAPE lenses, a selection of six lenses designed in particular for several types of using and light-weight stipulations. Those lenses goal to hide the entire bases from path, gravel, and avenue, to tremendous brilliant, sunlight, and dim lights. All the lenses be offering complete UV400 coverage, had been handled for scratch resistance and water repellency, and are produced from a BPA-free polyamide subject matter.

  • RIDESCAPE ES: Vivid Imaginative and prescient: Additional sunny-tuned lenses decrease gentle transmittance to protect your eyes from excessive sunshine and blinding avenue glare. This reduces eye pressure and makes variations within the floor’s texture more straightforward to peer.
  • RIDESCAPE HC: Sunlight Imaginative and prescient: Sunlight-tuned lenses filter harsh asphalt glare to spice up distinction and sharpen floor main points. Richer colours and better solution provide you with a clearer view of the sector for extra assured and at ease day by day using.
  • RIDESCAPE RD: Highway Imaginative and prescient: All-around road-tuned lenses reinforce sure colours and suppress others to spice up asphalt distinction and visibility. This reduces eye pressure and makes it more straightforward to identify and react to hazards like potholes and rocks from afar.
  • RIDESCAPE GR: Gravel Imaginative and prescient: Gravel-tuned lenses spice up the distinction of a variety of surfaces to spotlight delicate transitions between gravel, filth, and asphalt.
  • RIDESCAPE OR: Path Imaginative and prescient: Off-road-tuned lenses scale back glare from solar leaks when using out and in of the color and sharpen visible consciousness so you’ll be able to react extra temporarily to more than a few path surfaces (rocks, soil, sand) and not unusual stumbling blocks (roots, stumps, gaps).
  • RIDESCAPE CL: Darkish Imaginative and prescient: Cloudy-tuned lenses spice up gentle transmittance for higher visible efficiency in darkish, cloudy, and rainy using eventualities. Anti-reflection coating reduces oncoming headlight glare.


There frame colors of the new Shimano Technium sunglasses
The redesigned Technium shades are a full-frame choice with a rather extra angular glance than the former model. (photograph/Shimano)

The brand new Technium shades function a full-frame design and a big, one-piece lens. They provide abundant protection with cylindrical lenses that I measured at 145mm huge and 55mm tall (together with the body). The lenses have small cut-outs at the higher and decrease corners meant to permit slightly airflow and scale back the possibilities of fogging. The Technium glasses come together with your selection of the RIDESCAPE RD, GR, and OR lenses and include a spare transparent lens and a garage/lens cleansing bag.

Close-up look of the vent cutouts on the Ridescape lens of the Shimano Technium sunglasses
Vents at the corners of the lenses advertise slightly airflow. (photograph/Jeremy Benson)

The body is made with 45% Arkema Rilsan® transparent G850 Rnew, a bio-based polyamide subject matter. The hands are dropped rather which is helping keep away from interference with prolonged temple protection on some trendy helmets, and the ideas have textured rubber grippers to assist them keep safe for your head. Moreover, the textured rubber nose-piece is reversible and permits the consumer to temporarily and simply regulate the nostril bridge have compatibility with thicker and thinner aspects.

The reversible nosepiece on the Shimano Technium sunglasses
Flipping the reversible nosepiece successfully adjustments the thickness to regulate the nostril bridge have compatibility. (photograph/Jeremy Benson)

Technium Specifications:

  • Body Colours: Matte Black, Matte White, Pink, Smoky Army, Darkish Olive, Bronze Gold
  • Body Subject material: 45% Arkema Rilsan transparent G850 Rnew bio-based fabrics
  • Weight: 27.4 grams
  • Lens Choices: RIDESCAPE RD, OR, and GR
  • Spare Lens: Transparent
  • MSRP: $100 USD, €99.95

Technium L

Shimano Technium L stock photo
The half-frame Shimano Technium L shades. (photograph/Shimano)

The Technium L shades are a brand new half-frame fashion this is similar to the full-frame Technium, simply with out the decrease portion of the body. The frames are produced from the similar subject matter and in addition function the reversible nosepiece and textured rubber grippers at the hands. Whilst the one-piece cylindrical lens is kind of the similar measurement, they appear and measure a tad smaller general with out the decrease body. We measured the lens width at 140mm and top at 52mm (together with the higher body).

The Technium L is a tiny bit lighter at 26 grams and is to be had with the RIDESCAPE RD, OR, and GR lenses, in addition to a Photochromic Grey. In addition they include a spare transparent lens and a garage/lens cleansing bag.

Technium L Specifications:

  • Body Colours: Matte Black, Matte White, Pink, Smoky Army, Darkish Olive, Bronze Gold
  • Body Subject material: 45% Arkema Rilsan transparent G850 Rnew bio-based fabrics
  • Weight: 26 grams
  • Lens Choices: RIDESCAPE RD, OR, GR, and Photochromic Grey
  • Spare Lens: Transparent
  • MSRP: $100 USD, €99.95


The brand new Twinspark is Shimano’s value-oriented providing that’s a half-frame design paired with the RIDESCAPE HC Sunlight Imaginative and prescient lens. Shimano didn’t supply a lot data or footage of the Twinspark fashion, however we’re speculating that it’s necessarily only a extra budget-friendly model of the Technium L as they don’t specify the body subject matter, give lens choices, or come with a transparent lens. Regardless, it kind of feels like a cast cost with the RIDESCAPE HC lens and a retail worth of simply $65 USD.

Twinspark Specifications:

  • Body Colours: Black, White, Deep Pink, Smoky Army
  • Weight: 25.3 grams
  • MSRP: $65 USD, €54.95

First Impressions: Using within the Technium and Technium L

Riding in the Shimano Technium sunglasses
Out for a mid-winter experience trying out the brand new Technium shades. (photograph/Heather Benson)

Thank you to a few surprisingly delicate wintry weather stipulations right here within the mountains of northern California, I’ve had the danger to check out each the Technium and the Technium L glasses, and to this point, I’ve been inspired via each their convenience and the standard of the RIDESCAPE lens optics.


Unboxing the Shimano Technium and Technium L sunglasses
Unboxing the Shimano Technium and Technium L shades. (photograph/Jeremy Benson)

Each the Technium and Technium L are available a small cardboard field with a folding magnetic lid. Whilst I no doubt admire a fancier zippered exhausting case, I may see this field being helpful for trip or long-term garage. Within, the glasses are available a microfiber garage/lens cleansing bag that has a devoted sleeve for storing the spare transparent lens.

Have compatibility and Protection

Wearing the Shimano Technium sunglasses
Dressed in the Shimano Technium shades. (photograph/Jeremy Benson)

I’m a large fan of huge protection shades and I admire the dimensions of each the Technium and Technium L. They each supply very good protection with out utterly dominating my face the way in which some better shades can. Shimano turns out to have the candy spot on the subject of curvature, for me anyway, the place the glasses sit down shut sufficient to my face to dam the solar at excessive angles and stay birt or dust from flinging into my eyeballs with out making any touch with my cheeks or forehead. Moreover, the higher a part of the lens extends prime sufficient that I will’t in point of fact see the higher body once I’m down within the drops at the gravel motorbike or using steep terrain on singletrack trails.

Wearing the Shimano Technium L sunglasses
The Technium and Technium L are a excellent measurement that works effectively on each my better face and my spouse’s relatively smaller face. (photograph/Jeremy Benson)

I admire the dropped arm design as I’ve skilled some helmet and sunglass mixtures that haven’t been preferrred because of them making touch whilst using. The diminished hands keep away from that state of affairs fully. The hands also are a well-considered duration that doesn’t lengthen too a ways again in the back of the ears, and I had no problems with them conflicting with both the helmet shell or the retention device at the 3 other helmets I attempted them with. The have compatibility changes are restricted to the reversible nosepiece, however it’s fast and simple to turn round and it makes a noticeable alternate to the have compatibility at the bridge of your nostril. I discovered the textured rubber of the nosepiece to be fairly at ease, and in conjunction with the rubber at the hands, it stored the glasses very strong on my face all the time.

Lens Efficiency

I had the chance to take a look at two other lenses because the Technium and Technium L got here with the RIDESCAPE OR (Path) and RIDESCAPE GR (Gravel) lenses, respectively. Fortuitously, I used to be in a position to move on each gravel and path rides previously week to peer how they carried out within the stipulations for which they have been designed.

Looking down the trail through the Ridescape OR lens
Having a look down the path during the RIDESCAPE OR lens. (photograph/Jeremy Benson)

The overall-frame Technium glasses got here with the RIDESCAPE OR lens that’s meant for off-road/path use. Shimano doesn’t specify a VLT (visual gentle transmission) share for any of the lenses, but it surely’s certainly at the lighter/brighter finish of the spectrum. If I needed to bet, I’d say it’s most certainly proper within the ballpark of 35 – 40% VLT. They have got a rosy tint and are very delightful to seem via with tremendous sharp and distortion-free optics. They appear to spice up distinction fairly effectively and carry out nice in combined lights stipulations, like the ones skilled on forested trails whilst mountain cycling. I have a tendency to gravitate towards lenses that aren’t too darkish, and I’ve all the time been keen on a rose tint for using out and in of shadows, so I in point of fact loved the OR lens.

Riding in the Shimano Technium L sunglasses with the Ridescape GR lenses on a gravel bike.
Out for a gravel experience within the Shimano Technium L shades with the RIDESCAPE GR lenses. (photograph/Jeremy Benson)

The Technium L glasses I examined got here with Shimano’s RIDESCAPE GR lens that’s been tuned for gravel using. The GR lens is fairly somewhat darker than the OR lens (very best bet round 20 – 25% VLT), and it has a greenish/gray tint that has extra of a cooling impact. I took them out for a combined floor gravel/avenue experience and located them to paintings rather well for that software. Once more, the lenses have been tremendous sharp and distortion-free whilst doing a very good process of lowering glare and muting the harshness of the low-angle January solar. They generally tend to mute colours somewhat as effectively, however the distinction was once very good and I may see each little bit of floor texture on each paved and gravel roads.

Mountain biking in the Shimano Technium sunglasses with the Ridescape OR lenses
Out for a experience within the Technium glasses with the RIDESCAPE OR (path) lenses. (photograph/Heather Benson)

Parting Ideas

I’ve simplest spent slightly time using within the new Shimano Technium and Technium L shades to this point, however my preliminary influence is that they’re in point of fact excellent. They have compatibility me effectively, supply abundant protection for my delicate eyes, are strong in use, and feature high quality optics that rival the most efficient within the industry. And, whilst $100 isn’t precisely “affordable”, it’s tremendous aggressive and relatively fairly inexpensive within the context of top rate biking shades, lots of which value greater than double that worth. I’ll be spending considerably extra time using in each fashions this wintry weather and spring to peer how they stack up in opposition to the very best biking shades in the marketplace in the longer term.

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