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Fish Pose (Matsyasana): How one can Do, Advantages, Precautions and Permutations


fish pose
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Fish Pose, recognized in Sanskrit as Matsyasana, is a vintage yoga asana that embodies grace and stability. This pose is thought of as heart-opening and acts as a catalyst for the activation and stability of the center chakra, referred to as the “anahata” in yoga philosophy. By way of opening the center chakra, Matsyasana invitations a deep sense of compassion, love and acceptance, each for oneself and for others.

Fish Pose is very efficient for strengthening the decrease and center again, firming the core (abs), loosening the hips, soothing the neck, and rejuvenating the shoulders. Its observe supplies each power and aid, lightening the day-to-day burdens of lifestyles.

Starting place and Philosophy

Matsyasana used to be first described within the historic Yoga textual content, GherandaSamhita, within the seventeenth century that states its medieval presence.

As well as, well known yoga masters comparable to Swami Satyanand Saraswati and BKS Iyengar have integrated Matsyasana into their sequences. In Hatha Yoga, Matsyasana occupies the celebrated position of the 5th of the twelve elementary postures.

The title “Fish pose” or “Matasyasana” derives from the concept that when doing this asana in water, one could have the feeling of floating like a fish. This reference to water provides a novel size to the title of the posture.

BKS Iyengar additionally stocks the religious side of Matsyasana, dedicating it to the fish incarnation of Lord Vishnu. Consistent with mythology, this incarnation performed a the most important function in saving Manu and the seven nice sages (Saptrishi) in conjunction with all of the Vedas from an approaching common flood, thereby conserving the arena’s knowledge. Matsyasana symbolizes this exceptional act of rescue and knowledge preservation

How one can Do Fish Pose(Matsyasana)

fish pose instructions
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  • Start by means of mendacity flat to your again together with your hands along your frame and your fingers going through down.
  • Move your legs in a at ease place, which may well be Padmasana (Lotus Pose) or a variation that fits you.
  • Take a deep breath to middle your self.
  • Whilst exhaling, decrease your legs in opposition to the ground and concurrently arch your again. Carry your chest and neck off the ground.
  • Flip your head backward and leisure the crown of your head at the ground.
  • Hang onto your ft and take a look at to carry your elbows to the ground, expanding the arch for your again.
  • Handle this place for 30-60 seconds, all whilst taking deep breaths. You’ll both shut your eyes or gaze instantly forward.
  • Make certain your backbone is stretched, the crown of your head is at the ground, your chest is lifted, and your neck is stretched.
  • Unencumber the Pose: Inhale, liberate the arch, and gently leisure the again of your head at the ground.
  • Inhale once more, liberate your legs, and calm down.


In case you are having hassle in preserving your legs in Padmasana (Lotus Pose), you’ll take a look at it with instantly legs. Right here it’s a must to stay your legs stretched & instantly and position your forearms at the ground. Remainder of the placement of the frame stay similar as above.

Fish Pose Modification

Novice’s Pointers

  • To start with, it’s possible you’ll in finding the above pose a bit of difficult to reach. Subsequently, you’ll get started by means of mendacity flat to your again and stretching your hands over your head.
  • In case you are having issue touching the crown of your head to the ground, you’ll position a yoga block below your head. Then again, if you are feeling at ease together with your head putting, you’ll go away it in that place.
  • Hanging a rolled blanket below your again is a great possibility because it supplies improve in your again.
  • Be at liberty to invite a chum or yoga trainer for assist in attaining this pose accurately.

Precautions and Contraindications

  • Don’t put too a lot weight at the crown of your head; leisure it gently at the ground.
  • Don’t overstretch your frame; stretch your frame simplest so far as it permits.
  • Carry out Fish Pose simplest on an empty abdomen or no less than 4 hours after having a meal.
  • Don’t pressure your neck; stay it throughout the arch shaped by means of the backbone.
  • Steer clear of this asana if in case you have Spondylitis (irritation of the vertebra), as this asana places drive to your neck and backbone, which may also be damaging in this kind of situation.
  • When you have blood drive issues, migraines, or coronary heart problems, seek the advice of your physician ahead of acting Matsyasana. It’s higher to steer clear of this asana in such prerequisites.
  • Strictly steer clear of this asana if in case you have a deep or fresh damage to the neck, elbows, core, or backbone.
  • As this asana places drive at the stomach space, it’s now not advisable for pregnant girls.

Fish Pose(Matsyasana) Permutations

Fish Pose, or Matsyasana, provides a number of permutations that cater to practitioners with other ranges of revel in and versatility. Those permutations permit folks to evolve the pose to their wishes and progressively development of their observe. Listed here are some notable Fish Pose permutations:

  • Ardha Matsyendrasana (Part Lord Fishes Pose): This modification is acceptable for inexperienced persons or the ones with restricted flexibility. As a substitute of lifting the chest completely off the ground, just one aspect of the chest is lifted whilst the other shoulder stays grounded. This reduces the depth of the backbend and is a wonderful method to construct flexibility progressively.
ardha matsyendrasana practice guide
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  • Supported Fish Pose: To observe this modification, you might position a yoga block or a cushion below your higher again as you carry out Fish Pose. This offers further improve and permits for a extra comfortable and restorative revel in.
Supported Fish Pose Variations
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Advantages of Fish Pose(Matsyasana)

  1. Enhanced Higher Frame Flexibility

Common observe of Fish pose complements the versatility of the higher frame, selling a variety of movement. This pose successfully stretches the muscular tissues of the chest, neck, and shoulders, offering aid from stiffness and pressure. It’s in particular advisable for many who revel in tightness within the higher frame because of sedentary life or deficient posture.

2. Reinforced Hips and Backbone

Fish pose aids within the strengthening and advanced mobility of the hips and backbone. By way of arching the again and lifting the chest, it engages the muscular tissues round those spaces, improving balance and versatility. That is particularly treasured for the ones in the hunt for to relieve discomfort or ache within the decrease again and hip area.

3. Progressed Blood Drift to the Head

The asana encourages a correct glide of blood to the top and mind, which nourishes the pituitary and pineal glands. This now not simplest complements mind serve as but additionally is helping cut back pressure, nervousness, and melancholy. The greater blood flow to the top supplies a way of psychological readability and rest.

4. Neck and Shoulder Firming

Fish pose successfully tones the muscular tissues and bones of the neck and shoulders. It opens up those muscle teams and complements their alignment. Moreover, it’s advisable for people with rounded shoulders, helping in correcting posture and decreasing the danger of comparable problems.

5. Chest Opener and Progressed Lung Capability

Fish Pose is an improbable chest opener workout. It expands the chest and will increase lung capability, facilitating correct respiring and prana (lifestyles power) glide. This promotes respiration well being, making it a very good selection for people taking a look to support their lung serve as.

6. Law of Metabolism and Calcium Ranges

The mild neck stretch and therapeutic massage of the thyroid and parathyroid glands that happens all over Matsyasana have sure results on metabolism and calcium law. This asana is helping handle the frame’s metabolic processes and calcium stability, contributing to total well being.

7. Soothing Digestive Device

The asana’s mild stretch within the stomach area massages quite a lot of stomach organs, together with the liver, kidneys, and intestines. This aids in soothing the digestive machine, offering aid from problems like constipation, indigestion, and comparable digestive discomfort.

8. Aid from Menstrual Ache

Matsyasana provides a steady stretch to the hip flexors, pelvis, and decrease and center again. But even so selling a wholesome and versatile backbone, it’s in particular helpful for ladies as it will probably alleviate menstrual ache and discomfort.

9. Stimulation of Middle and Throat Chakras

Matsyasana stimulates the Middle Chakra (Anahata) and Throat Chakra (Visuddha). This stimulation complements self-expression, self-belief, and emotional expansion. It is a wonderful selection for the ones taking a look to paintings on their coronary heart and throat power facilities for emotional and religious construction.

Fish Pose/Matsyasana FAQs

How lengthy will have to I grasp Fish Pose(Matsyasana)?

Hang Fish Pose for 30 to 60 seconds whilst taking deep breaths. Progressively building up the length as your flexibility improves.

Is Fish Pose(Matsyasana) appropriate for inexperienced persons?

Sure, Fish Pose may also be practiced by means of inexperienced persons. It’s necessary to begin slowly, use props if wanted, and paintings inside of your flexibility limits.

Can Fish Pose assist give a boost to posture?

Sure, Fish Pose can assist give a boost to posture by means of stretching the chest and shoulders. It counteracts the rounding of the shoulders related to deficient posture.

What precautions will have to I take with Fish Pose?

Steer clear of straining your neck, striking an excessive amount of weight to your head, or training it with explicit scientific prerequisites, comparable to spondylitis, hypertension, or fresh neck or backbone accidents.

Is it important to pass the legs in Fish Pose?

Crossing the legs in a lotus place is not obligatory. You’ll stay your legs instantly in the event you in finding it extra at ease.

Can Fish Pose relieve menstrual ache?

The mild stretch supplied by means of Fish Pose can alleviate menstrual ache by means of running at the hip flexors, pelvis, and decrease again.

What’s the function of the pineal gland in Fish Pose?

Fish Pose encourages blood glide to the top and mind, nourishing the pineal gland and adorning mind purposes.

What are the differences of Fish Pose?

There are a number of permutations of Fish Pose, together with Ardha Matsyasana (Part Fish Pose) and Supported Fish Pose.


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