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Flank Steak Marinade – Have compatibility Foodie Unearths


This flank steak marinade is simple to make and filled with 7 flavorful elements. Use it to marinate any flank steak. Experience!

Sliced flank steak on a plate.

Move-To Flank Steak Marinade

Let’s make our go-to flank steak marinade! It comes in combination merely with 7 easy-to-find elements, and marinates this reasonably priced lower of pork to comfortable and flavorful perfection. Use this marinade for the whole lot from grilled flank steak to flank steak tacos.

Why marinate your steak?

Tenderize: marinating your steaks in citrus and/or a vinegar-based product will lend a hand tenderize the beef. Best possible for flank steak!

Upload taste: this marinade will infuse your pork with heaps of juicy flavors, complementing the steak’s herbal taste.

Flexible: use this steak marinade for a vintage grilled flank steak, or cause them to into our wonderful steak burritos!

Marinade ingredients whisked together.

Flank Steak Marinade Elements

  • Worcestershire sauce: many steak marinades have Worcestershire in them and this flank steak marinade does, too. As a result of this is a vinegar-based sauce that has elements like anchovies, garlic and tamarind it makes for a salty sauce that pairs completely with steak.
  • Balsamic vinegar: balsamic vinegar no longer simplest supplies a slightly of sweetness with out including sugars, however the acid within the vinegar additionally is helping to damage down the beef to advertise tenderness.
  • Minced garlic: including recent garlic to any marinade provides such a lot taste. We don’t suggest substituting for garlic powder.
  • Olive oil: the olive oil binds the entire steak marinade elements in combination.
  • Contemporary lemon juice: a bit of of lemon juice lightens up this marinade and aids in tenderizing the steak ahead of you prepare dinner it.
  • Cracked pepper corns: we extremely suggest the use of freshly cracked pepper corns on this marinade to infuse the flank steak with wonderful peppery taste.
  • Kosher salt: salt is essential to lend a hand tenderize the beef because it marinates.
Raw flank steak on a cutting board.

Methods to Make Flank Steak Marinade

  1. Mix: merely mix the entire elements in a bowl or jar and blend to mix.
  2. Marinate: Position your steak right into a dish or massive gallon-size bag and pour the marinade over it. Be sure that either side are great and covered.
  3. Let take a seat: Let flank steak marinate for no less than half-hour or so long as in a single day. Refrigerate the steak if marinating for greater than half-hour.

How lengthy must steaks marinate?

We propose marinating steak for no less than 2 hours or so long as in a single day. The longer you marinate steak the extra comfortable your steak might be. Not like salmon, you’ll marinate steak for a bit of longer with out lemon juice cooking the steak.

Is flank steak a excellent lower of meat?

I’m positive you’ve heard that flank steak is a tricky lower of meat, and in some circumstances it may be. It may be tricky and chewy as a result of this is a very lean lower of pork, but if correctly tenderized and flavored, flank steak is tremendous flavorful and comfortable.

Marinade being poured over flank steak.

Best Pointers

Don’t skip the beef tenderizer: No longer simplest is it essential to pound flank steak in order that it’s all of the identical thickness and chefs calmly, but additionally is helping to tenderize the steak so it’s no longer as tricky.

Use the textured aspect of the meat tenderizer to pound the flank steak till it’s all of the identical thickness. Don’t be afraid to position some elbow grease into it 😀

Permit for sufficient time to marinate: at a minimal, permit your flank steak to marinate for least half-hour. However please know that the longer flank steak marinates, the extra comfortable it’ll be. Be at liberty to meal prep your flank steak and make allowance it to marinate within the refrigerator in a single day.

Double or triple to serve a crowd: as a result of this marinade is made with a brief checklist of straightforward elements, it could simply be doubled or tripled in case you’re serving steak for a crowd.

Meat tenderizer pounding flank steak.

Steak Interior Temp

Everyone seems to be other relating to how they prefer their steak. We’re large fanatics of a medium-rare steak, however test the inner temperature of your steak when it’s nearly executed.

Uncommon: 130ºF

Medium Uncommon: 140ºF

Medium: 155ºF

Neatly Achieved: 165ºF

Be mindful, as your steak rests after it’s executed cooking, the inner temperature will proceed to lift round 5ºF.

Flank steak on a plate with a fork.


  • Mix the entire elements for the steak marinade in combination in a small bowl or Pyrex and whisk to mix.

  • Then, pour the marinade on best of the steaks, take away as a lot air as conceivable and seal the bag. Squish the marinade round ensuring it coats the steaks.

  • Position steaks within the refrigerator and let marinate for no less than half-hour or as much as 2 hours.

  • While you’re in a position to prepare dinner your steaks, observe our Methods to Grill Steak submit or use any means you want.

Pointers & Notes

Diet data does no longer come with steak.


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