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Glute Ham Lift Workout: How To, Advantages, Programming


Many workouts make stronger your glutes, hamstrings, and decrease again as a unit, however one workout continuously will get overpassed: the glute-hamtring carry.

The wonderful thing about the glute hamstring carry, aka glute ham carry or GHR,  lies in isometric glute contraction and the managed eccentric muscle contraction. That’s lots of muscle-building posterior stress for a body-weight workout.

Glute ham carry is certainly one of a couple of workouts that plays more than one purposes:

Builds muscle: Test.

Improves efficiency: Test.

Reduces hamstring damage possibility: Test.

The glute ham carry tests many packing containers, and if in case you have get entry to to this apparatus at your native health club, it’s indisputably one workout you must insert into your regimen. Right here, we’ll dive into the whole lot glute ham raises in your posterior features.

What’s the Glute-Ham Lift

In the beginning look, the GHR device seems like a medieval torture software, particularly in your glutes and hamstrings. It has a pad and plate the place you protected your toes and a semi-circular pad the place you protected your thighs. You stay your knee flexed and glutes locked in as you slowly decrease your higher physique, that specialize in the eccentric energy of your glutes and hamstrings. Then, you pull your self up the usage of the similar muscle groups.

It could glance simple, however wait till you do it.

The right way to Do the Glute Ham Lift

  1. Alter the device so your toes are protected and you’ll press again in opposition to the backboard when required.
  2. Be certain your thighs are protected at the heart of the pad and the knees are rather underneath it.
  3. Your knees wish to be at a 90-degree perspective, interact your glutes, and get your chest up, shoulders down, and hands folded throughout your physique.
  4. Push your ft and toes into the backboard whilst slowly extending the knees.
  5. Decrease your higher physique till you’re horizontal to the bottom.
  6. Pull again to the upright torso by way of contracting your glutes and hamstrings.
  7. Reset and repeat for desired reps.

Muscular tissues Educated Via the Glute Ham Lift Workout

It’s given away within the workout name, however a couple of extra muscle teams are concerned than meets the attention. Listed here are the muscle groups educated by way of the glute-ham carry.

  • Decrease Again: The 3 decrease again muscle groups stay the backbone impartial so the bigger muscle groups can do their process.
  • Hamstrings: The GHR differs from many hamstring workouts as it trains the 2 number one hamstring purposes: knee flexion and hip extension.
  • Glutes: The GHR covers the entire glute bases. The glutes are educated isometrically to stay your backbone impartial. Eccentrically, at the side of the hammies, they decrease your torso. Concentrically, the glutes paintings to increase your hips to drag again you to the upright place.
  • Calves: This calf muscle crosses each the ankle and knee joint to help with knee flexion, and plantar flexes the foot to verify the glutes and hamstrings are engaged appropriately.

4 Glute Hamstring Lift Advantages

The GHR supplies, when carried out smartly, improbable muscle stress for the glutes and hamstrings that will provide you with that baby-got-back glance. However it additionally has efficiency and well being advantages, which can be indexed underneath.

  1. Higher Posture: Your higher again muscle groups get the entire love relating to posture however don’t overlook in regards to the decrease physique. The duration and energy of your decrease again, glutes, and hamstrings are necessary in supporting the torso place.
  2. Decrease-Again Pleasant: Barbell workouts like squats, deadlifts, and just right mornings are improbable for the glutes and hamstrings. As nice as they’re for the decrease again, they put a compressive load at the backbone. And in case your decrease again is hurting, you wish to have to steer clear of striking over the top load at the backbone. Many nice workouts for the glutes and hamstring contain the barbell. However when you’re decrease again is flipping you the hen, you’ll hit the glutes and hammies exhausting with the GHR workout with out rigidity in your decrease again.
  3. Reduces Hamstring Lines: Hamstrings don’t pressure concentrically whilst you flex the knee however eccentrically whilst you prolong the knee. The GHR specializes in eccentric contraction, expanding eccentric hamstring energy, which has been proven to decrease the chance of hamstring traces.
  4. Posterior Of Metal: The GHR places the glutes, hamstrings, and decrease muscle groups thru a extra in depth ROM and gives a stretch right through the eccentric contraction ahead of the concentric contraction. Workouts with a big ROM, just like the GHR, are nice for constructing muscle.

Best 3 Not unusual Glute Hamstring Lift Errors

Glute-Ham Raise
Consistent with Bernal

Let’s no longer get too nitpicky in relation to correct shape, however you want to steer clear of the massive rocks to get the most productive out of this workout.

Steer clear of Breaking At The Hips

On the finish of the eccentric contraction, whilst you’re parallel to the ground, the hip has a tendency to transport first or backward ahead of anything strikes. Save you this by way of locking to your glutes ahead of the concentric contraction so your hamstrings can paintings to flex the knee and prolong the hips.

Pay Consideration To Your Set-Up

Like you can not simply bend down and rip a barbell from the bottom, the GHR calls for just a little preparation to accomplish smartly. First, ensure that the quads are secured in opposition to the pad, and your knees are simply off the pad. Your knees at the pad will reduce the ROM and irritate achy knees. Two, ensure that your toes are adequately secured in opposition to the backboard and pad since you will have to push by contrast right through the concentric contraction.

Keeping off Low Again Hyperextension

Preserving your backbone impartial from head to butt is had to get the most productive out of the GHR. Should you end with a decrease again hyperextension as a substitute of a glute contraction, then some muscle-building advantages move bye-bye. Should you’re no longer feeling your glutes at lockout, one thing is amiss.

Glute Ham Lift Programming Tips

There are workouts higher designed for absolute energy, just like the barbell deadlift and squat, and different workouts designed so as to add muscle and sore up susceptible spots. Bet the place the GHR falls? As a result of no person cares about your GHR one-rep max.

Development Muscle Advice

As all the time, the important thing to constructing muscle is to concentrate on muscle contraction and make sure good enough time underneath stress to gradually overload your posterior. Carry out 3 to 5 units of six to twelve repetitions, resting 2 mins or extra between units. If you’ll carry out 10-12 reps smartly with out load, upload resistance to additional your glute features.

Muscle Staying power Advice

Coaching for muscular staying power manner fewer units and leisure and extra reps. When it’s your function to truly really feel the burn, two to a few units of 15 to twenty reps, resting round 60 to 90 seconds between units, is a smart get started.


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