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How To Repair A Dropper Publish? Commonplace Issues And Answers!


Using rugged trails whilst easily moving between hills hasn’t ever been extra relaxed, all due to dropper seat posts. They’re a game-changing revolution that has made cycling a lot more adaptable. On the other hand, this has additionally resulted in the beginning of positive problems which may also be irritating. Similar to a sinking dropper put up or one that may simply now not transfer. 

Even though it’s an frightening state of affairs however isn’t one with out a answer. Possibly you simply wish to Tighten The Clamp or examine your Air Force.

Commonplace Dropper Publish Issues and Answers 

Nevertheless, let’s in finding out what drawback you’ve got and what you’ll do to mend it. I’ve additionally incorporated some DIY hacks that I follow myself which in point of fact are game-changers. 

Dropper Publish Helps to keep Sinking Down 

The most typical form of dropper put up drawback that every one people biking fans face is that our dropper put up helps to keep sinking down. The principle indicator of this drawback is that if you end up driving, your saddle steadily helps to keep sinking underneath your weight. When this occurs, it impacts your driving in addition to your motorbike dealing with features. 

Typically, there are 3 components which might be the offender at the back of this drawback:

1. Air Leakage 

There are put up’s inside seals by which you’ll face an air leakage. That is most commonly as a result of both you might be improperly dealing with your motorbike or you might be motorbike lifting when your seat put up is down. 

2. Cable Stress 

Too prime or too low cable rigidity too can save you the lever of your dropper put up from absolutely disengaging after it’s driven. 

3. Air Force 

Dropper posts even have a required air force. Having low air force will also be the cause of your put up to sink underneath your weight. 


In case you are dealing with an air leakage, it’s a must to hunt down skilled lend a hand in order that they may be able to bleed the air out and repair the capability of the dropper put up. If this isn’t your drawback, you may have to mend the cable rigidity. Modify the cable rigidity. It must neither be too prime nor too low.

This may increasingly permit the dropper put up lever to interact and disengage. When you have an air force drawback, pump within the air in periods the usage of a surprise pump till you succeed in the really useful air force degree (250-300 psi). I’d recommend making an investment in a self-adjusting hydraulic cartridge. Those self-adjusting hydraulic cartridges robotically regulate the air force. 

Hack: In case you are dealing with the air force factor so much, you’ll lift a small surprise pump with you when you journey. This fashion you’ll make the desired changes at the cross. 

Close Up Of A Bicycle Seat

 A Caught Dropper Publish 

A caught dropper put up can in point of fact make you’re feeling trapped. It refuses to head down or slide up and simply doesn’t budge. This will make you’re feeling trapped for your driving place since you gained’t have the ability to adapt as your path adjustments. I really like to name it a journey ruiner! 

You’ll face a journey ruiner as a result of: 

1. Cable Slack 

You could have an over the top cable slack which doesn’t permit the cable to transport the put up successfully. 

2. Tight Seatpost Clamp 

Your seatpost clamp is overly tight. This compresses the put up and hinders the post-movement. 

3. A Broken Cable 

A broken cable additionally impacts the facility of the dropper put up to transport easily. 


Trim the entire extra cable however from the lever facet. This may increasingly be sure that there’s no extra cable to obstruct the motion of the dropper put up. Loosen your seat put up clamp. There will probably be a producer’s advice for torque. Apply those suggestions to steer clear of any compressing of the put up. Read about your cable to peer whether it is broken or if there may be any put on and tear. If sure, exchange the cable once imaginable. 

I’ve a dropper put up with a specialised anti-stiction coating. This coating lets in the put up to transport with out getting caught so there may be much less chance of dealing with a caught dropper put up. 

Hack: You’ll additionally use a zipper tie and make it right into a makeshift cable tensioner. This fashion you’ll cut back slack and be sure that the cable has the desired rigidity. 

Dropper Publish Now not Going All The Manner Up

A dropper put up now not going the entire manner up or failing to succeed in its absolutely prolonged place can in point of fact restrict your probability of taking part in the advantages of a dropper put up. Because of this, your saddle won’t succeed in your required top which impacts your talent to pedal and maneuver your motorbike successfully. 

That is principally brought about on account of: 

1. A Broken Cable 

A broken cable prevents the put up from being absolutely prolonged. 

2. A Tight Seatpost Clamp 

Too tight a seatpost clamp won’t permit your seatpost to be absolutely prolonged. So you’re going to now not have the ability to succeed in your required saddle top in case you have an excessively tight clamp. 


As I discussed previous, you’re going to have some producer’s really useful torque specs. Modify the seatpost clamp in keeping with those specs. Additionally, exchange your cable whether it is kinked or broken. I’ve put in a torque indicator on my seatpost clamp. This permits me to tighten my clamp in keeping with the right kind specification with out overly tightening it. 

Hack: Take a small quantity of warmth shrink tubing and use it on the broken cable. It’ll quickly repair your drawback and mean you can absolutely prolong your put up till you’ll exchange your cable.

Repaired Saddle Closeup

A Wiggling Dropper Publish 

Whilst it’s customary for a dropper put up to have relatively lateral play, it isn’t customary for it to excessively wiggle. A wiggling dropper put up could make your rides risky. Your saddle may shift so much and that has effects on the keep watch over you’ve got for your motorbike. The principle motive for a dropper put up to wiggle is dust buildup. Despite the fact that you might be often cleansing your put up, dust, and particles goes to search out their technique to someway keep on with your put up. 


In case your dropper put up is wiggling excessively, the one answer is to get your put up rebuilt or changed by way of a qualified.  

Hack: Take a piece of the internal tube and wrap it across the seatpost on the level the place it enters the body. This acts as a cushion to scale back the motion thus making your journey relaxed. 

Sluggish Efficiency

Sluggish-operating dropper posts may also be in point of fact irritating as a result of you’ll make any changes at the cross. It’ll take a large number of time to get the saddle to the desired place. The principle reason why is both dust or that your inside parts are wiped out. 


A not unusual answer is often cleansing or keeping up your dropper put up in order that there’s no dust buildup. To steer clear of this drawback, I determined to get a dropper put up with user-serviceable internals. This fashion, it’s more straightforward for me to scrub and handle the put up. 

Hack: Take a small brush and a compressed air nozzle. Now connect it for your hydration pack. This may increasingly create a DIY dropper post-cleaning equipment. You’ll now simply blank your put up even at the cross and handle the responsiveness. 

Creaking Dropper Publish

Consider driving peacefully down your favourite path simply to be interrupted by way of the surprising creaking and clicking sound coming out of your dropper put up. Extra usually, you’re going to pay attention this sound if you end up looking to regulate your put up. 

The most typical reason why for a creaking or noisy dropper put up is the loss of lubrication. It’s both that or you’ve got some unfastened parts. Nevertheless, those sounds will probably be extra transparent when you’re making an interplay together with your dropper put up. 


Make sure you often blank your dropper put up. You’ll additionally get it serviced in order that there’s no dust buildup. Attempt to follow a suitable lubricant at common periods. Particularly use it on touch issues. I take advantage of noise-dampening grip tape, the only you employ for handlebars, and follow it at the touch issues of the dropper put up. This is helping get rid of any sounds till I will be able to correctly cope with the problem. 

Hack: I recommend the usage of a beeswax-based chain lube and making use of it to the purpose the place the seat meets the seat put up. This may increasingly get rid of any friction. 

Problems With The Far off Lever 

There will also be keep watch over issues together with your faraway lever. The lever won’t keep closed or it’ll really feel broken. This impacts your talent to regulate your dropper put up. The most typical reason why at the back of dealing with problems together with your lever is cable rigidity. One more reason is also that the lever is broken. 


In case your lever is broken, get it changed once imaginable. If there’s no visual injury for your lever put up, you’ll attempt to regulate the cable rigidity and spot if the issue is going away. 

Hack: When happening lengthy rides, I attempt to lift a small Allen wrench with me. This is helping me fine-tune the cable rigidity ensuring that the lever operation remains easy. 

Problems With Hydraulic Dropper Posts

Hydraulic dropper posts have their very own set of issues. When you have a hydraulic dropper and it feels spongy whilst you journey on it, that implies that there are air bubbles within the hydraulic strains. There will probably be a drop in responsiveness and the journey will really feel softer than customary whilst you use the put up. 

You’ll inform if there’s a hydraulic factor together with your put up by way of looking at the texture and behaviour of the put up when you are driving. 


Bleeding the hydraulic machine to take away the air bubbles will resolve your factor. 

Hack: I created my very own DIY hydraulic bleed equipment by way of the usage of syringes and tubing. It lets in me to unlock air from the machine. You’ll observe this video and create a mini equipment of your individual. This one is created to bleed a brake however you’ll make a an identical one to your dropper put up. 

Exterior Injury 

It is rather most likely that your dropper put up suffers from exterior injury reminiscent of scratches or dents. Particularly whilst you do a large number of off-road driving. It indisputably damages the glance of your motorbike however it additionally has an have an effect on for your driving efficiency. 


You’ll follow a excellent high quality vinyl sticker to give protection to your put up from scratches. Have in mind when you are out driving and don’t partake in any task the place you already know your motorbike can undergo injury. 

Hack: To mend some minor dents, I take advantage of a warmth gun to reshape the realm affected. I sand the realm after which follow paint as a touch-up. 

Dropper Publish Repairs Tick list 

Like any different motorbike parts, dropper post-maintenance is a should to extend the lifetime of the put up and to be sure that it plays optimally. So I evolved this tick list for you which ones divides upkeep into 3 portions: Earlier than each journey, per 30 days, and each 3 months. It is a basic tenet however you’ll discuss with the producer’s pointers relating to your particular dropper put up. 

Repairs Process Frequency What to search for
Visible Inspection Earlier than Each Experience Test for injury to exterior parts.
Far off Lever Operation Earlier than Each Experience Check your faraway lever’s capability for easy operation.
Cable Stress Earlier than Each Experience Make sure that the cable rigidity falls throughout the really useful vary.
Blank and Lubricate Per thirty days Wipe down the dropper put up and follow lubricant to the stanchion.
Test Far off Lever Per thirty days Investigate cross-check your faraway lever and cable for put on or injury.
Seatpost Clamp Inspection Each 3 Months Read about your seatpost clamp for right kind torque as in line with producer.
Cable Substitute Each 3 Months Change if there are indicators of wear and tear and tear.
Air Force Test Each 6 Months Test your air force and regulate it. (250-300 psi).
Cable Housing Inspection Each 6 Months Investigate cross-check cable housing for any damages. Change as required.
Complete Carrier Once a year Search skilled carrier, together with seals and parts.
Stiction Removing As Required Take away dust and blank stanchion for smoother operation.
Hydraulic Bleeding As Required Bleed the hydraulic machine for hydraulic dropper posts.

Protection Guidelines For Dealing with A Dropper Publish 

Protection at all times comes first particularly if you end up running with motorcycles. Whether or not you might be driving it or appearing common upkeep, following protection pointers at all times makes issues more straightforward. Earlier than you get started dealing with your dropper put up, here’s what you want to do to be protected:

Put on Suitable Protection Equipment

Put on a helmet, and a few gloves, and don’t put out of your mind your protection glasses. The security equipment will will let you give protection to your self from any flying particles or injuries. 

Protected Your Motorcycle

Your motorbike needs to be in a strong place prior to you get started running for your dropper put up. I take advantage of a motorcycle stand for this as it is helping stay the motorbike secure and stops it from transferring. Simply watch out that the motorbike doesn’t go back and forth over. 

Blank The Space

The realm the place you might be making plans to paintings for your motorbike must be blank and well-lit. Just remember to can simply get admission to all of your equipment when you paintings. 

Cross Thru The Handbook 

There will probably be a dropper put up handbook during which there will probably be pointers and pointers from the producer comparable for your particular dropper put up. Learn it in moderation as a result of other manufacturers have particular pointers for his or her fashions. 

Get The Proper Equipment 

Having the suitable instrument for the process makes issues a lot more practical. In the event you use the unsuitable equipment, you’re going to now not best have injuries but additionally most likely injury your motorbike parts. When I’m running on my dropper put up, I be sure to stay a torque wrench in hand. It is helping me reach right kind tightening. 

Unencumber The Air Force 

In case you are the usage of an air-sprung or a pneumatic dropper put up, unlock the air force. It’s a must to do that prior to you disassemble any of the portions. That is necessary in order that there’s no sudden motion whilst keeping up. 

Cautious Dealing with 

There are sharp edges on some parts. Be very cautious in order that you don’t lower your hand. If you end up running with the cable, don’t pinch them.  If there may be any injury for your cable, you’re going to now not have the ability to keep watch over your dropper put up. In case your dropper put up is hydraulic, watch out in order that no fluids are available in touch together with your pores and skin. 

If you are bleeding the hydraulic machine can range the fluids. They may be able to be very bad if inhaled or ingested. It’s higher to make use of protecting apparatus to steer clear of any injuries. Have a primary help equipment close by so you’ll attend to any minor accidents but additionally know of the closest scientific amenities simply in case. 


As soon as you might be achieved, double-check the whole thing. Have a look at the cable routing, the bolts as nicely, and the fluid ranges in case you have hydraulic methods. That is to just remember to don’t skip the rest and your dropper put up is in an absolutely functioning place. 


What Is The Force On A Dropper Publish?

The really useful force on a dropper put up must be 250-300 psi. That is the force for an absolutely prolonged put up.

Do Dropper Posts Cross Up And Down?

Sure, dropper posts cross up and down. This capability lets in the rider to regulate the peak whilst driving.


Those are the most typical problems that you are going to face with a dropper put up and maximum of them may also be solved very simply. You’ll steer clear of having such problems with common upkeep. Addressing those problems prior to they turn into an issue assist you to revel in a smoother and more secure journey. 

Take into account, on the subject of your motorbike upkeep, it’s higher to be proactive than to be reactive. 

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