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Human-Powered Car Amusing Day – BionicOldGuy


Sunday was once hpv amusing day at Hellyer Velodrome in San Jose. That is organized by way of an area couple Carol and George Leone who do it as a hard work of affection. They price a rate for taking part however it slightly covers their prices. We had a ravishing overdue spring day for the instance. The velodrome is set 15 miles from my area, so I rode my recumbent there, partially at the Coyote Creek path, and partially on roads with excellent motorbike lanes. We had to go into by way of the again gate for the reason that trail from the principle front to Hellyer Park to the velodrome was once nonetheless flooded.

I had somewhat of a tailwind so I were given there in 53 mins. Then we have been ready to heat up at the velodrome observe for approximately part an hour. It’s fun how intimidating that is at first- the banking turns out truly excessive for the ones folks who enjoy using on it handiest yearly. However after a few laps, your self assurance comes again and it turns into truly amusing zooming at the observe.

The primary match was once a 200-meter time trial. We got a complete lap to stand up to hurry then did the timed phase. Shall we additionally profit from the banking by way of staying up excessive at the start then swooping all the way down to the black line on the backside of the banking for the timed run. I loved this an ideal deal. I crashed doing this match a couple of years in the past on a folding motorbike, partially as it had small wheels and partially for the reason that place within the aero-bar handlebar extensions on an upright isn’t probably the most solid. This time I used to be on my recumbent, and the “aero” place is with the arms with their customary grip at the handlebars. So I felt a lot more protected.

There have been a couple of extra staff races after that. Because of my inexperience using in a bunch on a observe, those felt much less secure to me, and I’d promised my spouse I’d watch out, so I skipped maximum of them, having my lunch whilst I loved looking at and filming them. My favourite was once the “pass over and out” race: On the finish of each and every lap, the remaining position rider is pulled from the race. This continues till there is just one rider left, who’s the winner. I uploaded a video of the tip of this race right here:

I may just no longer withstand doing the “Medicare” race, alternatively, open to contributors over 65, through which there have been 4 entrants. Two of the others have been fully-faired “velomobiles” and the opposite was once a higher-performance recumbent than mine, a lot more reclined and aerodynamic. So I used to be no longer shocked to put useless remaining. Nevertheless it was once nice amusing. It’s attention-grabbing that unfaired motorcycles, being lighter, get started out a lot more briefly than fully-faired ones, however their aero benefit briefly takes over in order that they catch up briefly. Being handed by way of one is thrilling as a result of they make an overly distinct noise bobbing up at the back of you after which a whooshing sound as they fly proper by way of.

After that race, I took off for house, which took about 70 mins this time because it was once towards a slight headwind. A most delightful trip. Thank you, Carol and George!

Quite a lot of motorcycles and riders and a shaded leisure house. My recumbent is within the foreground. Word how a lot more upright the seating place is than the high-performance recumbent under. The tradeoff is convenience, I wouldn’t wish to move on a three-hour trip at the one under
A high-performance unfaired recumbent. The extraordinary recline of the seat makes for extraordinarily low frontal house which reduces drag. The disk wheels additionally assist. Realize the rider wishes a headrest, as a result of it will in a different way be uncomfortable conserving your head up in that place. This was once most probably the most powerful rider that participated. He got here in 2d within the miss-and-out race, which means that he was once by no means stuck by way of one of the crucial velomobiles within the race, and the opposite one handiest handed him within the remaining lap close to the end.
The banking is hishest within the corners, and was once intimidating at the start.
View From the highest
A velomobile passes the end line. They are able to be made much more aerodynamic by way of masking the cockpit however that makes it stuffy inside of


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