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In a pinch? Check out frozen Teriyaki Sesame Salmon


As a self-proclaimed salmon gourmet, I take numerous satisfaction in getting ready and playing salmon dishes. I’ve develop into so explicit in regards to the high quality of salmon I exploit that I will be able to power half-hour out of my technique to discuss with a fish marketplace to get precisely what I need.

But if I’m in a pinch, I purchase wild frozen salmon and my go-to logo in recent years has been Sea Delicacies.

However first, there are numerous misconceptions about the usage of frozen salmon, so let’s transparent that up as I inform you why I’m digging Sea Delicacies (Teriyaki Sesame) Salmon frozen fillets nowadays.

It’s going to wonder you because it did me to begin with, however frozen choices be offering advantages we would possibly not believe that in truth make our lives extra environment friendly. Right here’s why frozen salmon merits a spot on your kitchen and Sea Delicacies merits a place to your plate!

Frozen salmon is to be had year-round.

In contrast to contemporary salmon and different meals that experience height seasons, frozen wild salmon is to be had all yr! This guarantees you by no means fail to notice the delightfulness this is salmon (are you able to inform it’s my favourite protein, but? Lol).

Frozen salmon can scale back meals waste.

Most certainly some of the vital benefits of frozen salmon is its prolonged shelf existence. Consider it – when you don’t get to it straight away, it gained’t break like contemporary meals! I will be able to’t inform you how repeatedly I’ve let meals cross to waste as a result of this.

Having frozen wild salmon to be had way fewer journeys to the grocer as a result of your freezer acts like pantry, having nutritious meals in a position to include into your foods or meal prep. And with Sea Delicacies it’s even more straightforward because you cross at once from freezer
to skillet (or oven) so not more atmosphere out frozen salmon to thaw.

Frozen salmon is nutritious.

Opposite to standard ideals, frozen salmon doesn’t lose its dietary price as soon as frozen. If anything else, the flash-freezing procedure can successfully lock in crucial vitamins, making sure you get your omega-3 fatty acids, proteins, nutrients, and minerals that give a contribution to keeping up a wholesome frame. And that is a good greater plus with Sea Delicacies for the reason that salmon is wild and responsibly sourced.

Frozen salmon makes meal making plans more straightforward.

With frozen salmon, you’ll plan foods “at the fly” so you’ll simply upload this protein each time you need a transfer up. Necessarily – frozen salmon gives unrivaled comfort. Since Sea Delicacies has plenty of seasoned salmon fillets created through actual cooks, including salmon to a meal cuts down to your time having to season and marinate the fish.

This highlights every other advantage of Sea Delicacies seasoned salmon in that the macronutrient knowledge and energy are integrated so it makes calculating the dietary breakdown on your meal a lot more straightforward!

One of the most primary causes I like Sea Delicacies wild salmon fillets is it chefs simply as rapid as seasoned contemporary salmon.

I positioned the frozen salmon fillets in a nonstick skillet, and so they have been in a position in about 10 mins, with all sides of the salmon having a pleasant sear and seasoned crust.

With conventional frozen salmon, it’s important to thaw it first, pat it dry after which upload seasoning. All of this provides to the time it takes to organize a meal. With Sea Delicacies, the salmon is cooked from a frozen state so you’ll multitask and get ready the perimeters whilst the salmon is thawing and cooking on the identical time.

Right here comes the flavour!

Sea Delicacies salmon fillets have plenty of flavors to counterpoint other cuisines – Latin, Mediterranean, Asian, and so on so there’s one thing there for everybody.

Optimistically you’re now not as skeptical as earlier than about the usage of frozen salmon! And your selection to make use of frozen salmon may rely on quite a lot of components – time, non-public desire, and even loss of concepts. For those who’re in a pinch and want a time saver, I’d suggest Sea Delicacies salmon fillets – a minimum of the pre-seasoned fillets might mean you can decide which facets would perfect supplement the salmon.

So yeah – with Sea Delicacies you get all of the advantages of untamed frozen salmon however with far more taste!

The Sea Delicacies Teriyaki Sesame Salmon pairs completely with a teriyaki-flavored pineapple cucumber salad. (hyperlink to the teriyaki salad recipe) Give it a cross!


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By means of experimenting within the kitchen and sharing my foods on Tumblr, I realized wholesome consuming isn’t uninteresting! By means of making a couple of changes to my favourite meals, I may just design a nutrition that would lend a hand me reach my wellness objectives whilst pleasant my want for BANGIN meals! 😅 Now I attempt to lend a hand other folks all over the world notice that very same degree of freedom in consuming irrespective of funds. Welcome, let’s #DemocratizeWellness in combination!


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