Thursday, February 22, 2024

It’s respectable + St. Georging + Why do I do that?


(Sneakers, my favourite Amazon best, shorts, bra)

Our faces have been each completely frozen through the tip of this longer term however we have been so glad to test mark this large marathon exercise.  Kaydi is operating Mesa, which is per week previous than my marathon, so I texted her right away once I came upon we have been going to St. George.  She had 7 x 2 miles at 6:20-6:30 and my trainer informed me to do 5-6 x 2 miles together with her.  

It was once just one level hotter in St. George than at house within the morning, it was once freezing however to have transparent roads and trails to run on for 20 miles felt like a miracle.

We even got here throughout a hot-air balloon competition whilst we have been out.

My frame felt extra alive with each and every one that I used to be thankful for since the first one felt terrible.  We took a gel each and every 4 miles and we did a large loop across the town.  My present emotions–> Loops > out and backs > lengthy runs at the treadmill.. 

2 extra weeks prior to the taper starts!

Why do I do that? I’ve performed this on and off for years…  unfortunately, I used to be extra involved in regards to the blood on my shoe than my ankle🤣

It’s respectable!  I’m signed up for the marathon:

Screen Shot 2024 01 11 at 6 55 08 PM

Having such a lot circle of relatives in St. George is the most productive.

We went instantly for breakfast at Black Undergo Diner.

After which to a competition. Spending the afternoon outdoor felt like the most important deal with.

We went for a stroll on Sunday (I’ve NEVER in my existence observed this a lot snow right here).

Skye used her bun to carry the leash.

We completed up the weekend with all the soccer observing:


Inform me a spotlight out of your weekend or what you’re as much as nowadays!


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