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Jujube (枣) fruit Vitamin details and Well being advantages


Medicinal makes use of of Jujube

Dry jujube fruit and its powder are utilized in conventional Chinese language medication (TCM) to remedy anxiety, stave off infections, and reinforce digestive energy.

Variety and garage

dried jujube
Dried jujube

Contemporary jujube berries start arriving within the markets from July and lasts till November in mainland China. Forms of recent or dried date-like berries can also be readily to be had within the markets.

After harvesting, jujube culmination will have to be graded in line with the level of ripening and fruit dimension. Drying can also be accomplished as in raisins, dehydrating underneath the solar for roughly 3 weeks, or in a drier system at industrial processing devices. Dried fruit can also be ate up as such or additional processed into juice, wine, powder, and so forth.

Search for recent, light-green, complete, company berries if you want to purchase apple-crunchy textured berries. Dry berries can also be to be had in packs.

Uncooked, recent berries ultimate for 3-4 days at room temperatures, and for a few weeks within the fridge. Dried berries, alternatively, can retailer neatly for a number of months.

Preparation and serving manner

Wash them in blank water, and dry mop the usage of a paper towel. Contemporary in addition to dried berries can also be eaten out of hand with none seasonings and upload on.

dried jujube soup
Jujube fruit, wolfberry, rooster soup. (Picture-Singzy)

Listed below are some serving pointers:

  • Contemporary berries can also be eaten out of hand as in apples.

  • Dry culmination can be utilized in a far equivalent manner like dried dates, in muffins, tart, bread, truffles, and so forth.

  • Jujube fruit tea is a welcome drink in Korean tradition.

  • In Korean peninsula, dried pink jujube and ginseng tea (insam-daechu cha) is a well-liked drink.

  • Jujube rice cake (Daechu tteok) is any other favourite recipe of Koreans.

  • Dried jujube hired to organize jams, paste, puree in China. Jujube paste, candy pastry, mooncake, ready throughout the mid-autumn
    pageant in China.

Protection profile

Jujube culmination recent or dry can also be ate up safely in youngsters and pregnant moms. (Clinical disclaimer).

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