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Learn how to Do the Hip Thrust Workout to Reboot Your Glutes


Even if this workout is also known as the hip thrust, you’re actually going to understand what it does on your butt.

Actually, hip thrusts can stir up all your posterior chain, in keeping with Holly Perkins, C.S.C.S., Los Angeles-based instructor and writer of Carry to Get Lean. That may lend a hand cut back your chance of low again ache and in addition come up with extra energy for the whole lot from lunges and squats to sprinting and mountain climbing.

“It’s simple to like hip thrusts, as a result of they’re so excellent at providing you with effects,” says Perkins. “They’re superior on your glutes, but in addition make stronger the best way your hamstrings and decrease again serve as.”

Hip Thrust: Step-by-Step Directions

  • Take a seat at the ground along with your again in opposition to the lengthy fringe of a fitness center bench and your ft flat at the ground (if the usage of weights position a barbell throughout your waist). The bench’s pad must be situated just below your shoulder blades.
  • Interact your core and push thru your heels to boost your hips towards the ceiling, retaining your chin tucked to stop your again from arching excessively.
  • On the best of the motion, squeeze your glutes, after which slowly decrease your butt again to inside a couple of inches of the ground sooner than repeating.

Must I Use Weights When Doing a Hip Thrust?

Simply as with all workout wherein you’re transitioning from body weight to loose weights or resistance bands, it’s necessary to get the method and shape down first, advises Perkins.

Whenever you do, the normal manner so as to add weight is through hanging a barbell throughout your hips. That is generally accompanied through some form of cushioning on your hip bones, corresponding to a towel or a barbell pad. As for a way a lot weight to make use of, Perkins suggests beginning gentle — possibly simply the bar itself — and lengthening weight through best 5 to ten kilos every week.

“The temptation with hip thrusts is to head heavy, as a result of you’ll elevate rather a little bit in your hips,” she says. “Withstand that impulse. It’s significantly better to growth slowly through the years. To help you stay your shape and save you damage.”

What Muscle tissues Does the Hip Thrust Goal?

In case you’re in search of a big glute builder, you’ve discovered it. However there are different muscle tissues operating as neatly.


glute muscle anatomy | dumbbell deadlift

The muscle tissues of your butt are your hips’ number one extensors (straighteners) and are the focal point of the thrust.


hamstrings muscles anatomy

Those muscle tissues at the backs of your thighs assist hip extension (straightening). As you elevate your hips off the bottom, your hamstrings will suppose one of the load.


quad muscle anatomy | do squats make your butt look bigger

The massive muscle tissues at the fronts of your thighs are accountable for knee extension. They’ll turn on that will help you elevate and decrease.


Diagram of Abdominal Muscles | Squat Jacks

The hip thrust isn’t a conventional core workout, however your decrease again and belly muscle tissues will wish to paintings to stay you targeted and strong.

Workouts Very similar to the Hip Thrust

In case you don’t have a padded fitness center bench or appropriate change (couches and chairs have a tendency to be too comfortable, and might power you to arch your again) at hand, then check out those to focus on the similar muscle tissues.

Glute bridge

Bring to mind this as a hip thrust along with your shoulders at the ground. Carry out the similar motion, the highest of which must lead to a instantly line out of your shoulders on your knees.


This side-lying transfer will lend a hand paintings your medial glutes, which lend a hand with hip stabilization, thigh abduction (motion out to the facet), and exterior leg rotation (turning your knees out).

Donkey kick

A face-down model of the motion, the donkey kick, or quadruped hip extension, isolates every leg and will also be made tougher through including ankle weights and resistance bands.


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