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Learn how to Make a Pollen Patty


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Learn how to make a pollen patty for a yard beehive to spice up the manufacturing of child bees and fortify the power of the colony within the weeks previous the Spring honey float.

homemade pollen patty in a small pan lined with wax paper

I latterly made a pollen patty for the first actual time to supply further nourishment for my yard beehive.

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Why Make a Pollen Patty?

As a brand new beekeeper, the function of this pollen patty is to nourish the colony within the weeks previous the Spring honey float.

The pollen patty encourages the manufacturing of child bees and enlargement of the hive.

I plan to separate the hive within the Spring. This extra nourishment supplied by way of a pollen patty will facilitate this procedure.

There are lots of other recipes for pollen patties to take a look at if you’re a beginner beekeeper like me.

One faculty of concept is to depart the bees on my own and no longer supply a pollen patty in any respect.

Others counsel pollen patties which might be boosted with very important oils. I’ve no longer used this manner but as I’m nonetheless within the strategy of researching the professionals and cons.

For now, I’m the usage of the fundamental pollen patty recipe supplied by way of my beekeeping mentor.

That is the recipe he makes use of within the control of the part dozen or so hives he maintains at our neighborhood vegetable farm.

homemade pollen patty in a small pan lined with wax paper

Pollen Patty Recipe

Learn how to make a pollen patty to nourish a yard beehive within the manufacturing of child bees and fortify colony power earlier than Spring honey float.


  1. Combine the Bee-Professional, sugar, honey, and not obligatory Apis Biologix powder with the filtered water in a bowl to shape a dough ball.

  2. Line a small pan (I exploit 12×8) with a in a similar way sized sheet of wax paper or uncoated patapar paper (NOT parchment paper).

  3. Pour within the pollen patty dough and unfold to more or less 1/4 inch thickness.

  4. Position the pan within the freezer for no less than 4 hours (this makes elimination the very best).

  5. When in a position, take away pan from the freezer and reduce a small sq. of the frozen patty together with the paper. The sq. will have to be about 1/6 of the entire pan (about 4×4 inches).

  6. Position the patty face down within the beehive you’re feeding, preferably on best of present brood frames. This patty shall be ate up inside about 2-3 days.

    In case your hive has more than one ranges, position the patty face down at the queen excluder between the principle backside field and the field in an instant above it.

  7. In a single week, take away the paper left from the ate up patty and change it with a freshly reduce sq..

    Repeat each week for 6-7 weeks till all the patty is long gone and Spring honey float season starts!

DIY pollen patty for healthy beehive


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