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Marathon Training Week #2! – The Hungry Runner Girl


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After three days at the beach with four kids, I just couldn’t get myself up out of bed to do a long run on Saturday.

We were all toast so I did my long run on Sunday instead which was nice because  I was sitting most of Saturday (in the car) and got to skip the humidity.

Plus, it was good practice for a hot and dry race day in St. George.


I think this was probably my first long run/workout completely alone in over a year… not going to lie, it was much harder mentally without people in pain with me.

The other test of this workout was keeping track of it in my head (I should have programmed it in my watch ahead of time)…

I started with a 4.5 mile warm-up and ended with a 2.5 mile cool-down.  This workout made the miles fly by, try it!

Fartlek Ladder (in minutes)–> on,(easy) – 1,(1),2,(2),3,(3),4,(4),5,(5),4,(4),3,(3),2,(2),1,(1),2,(2),3,(3),2,(2),1(1).

You know you are a marathoner when the longer intervals are your favorite ones of the workout.


I had a bathroom break, bottle refill stop and a few stoplights:

She wanted to go out again.  I need to sign her up for the kid’s races they do in the fall in our area… she did a mile of run/walking yesterday.


These two missed some soccer practices while they were gone so they got out and ran a mile too.  I told them I’d pay them a dollar a mile this week so let’s see how this goes.

The best part of Saturday was spending time with Andrew’s grandparents, his aunts and uncle and cousins.  Andrew’s grandpa turns 89 next week and is going to go play a round of golf to go celebrate.  

They took us to their favorite Mexican restaurant, Los Cabos in Orange.  My shrimp fajitas were all I could have ever wanted and the kids were in heaven ordering drinks because we usually say no🤣

Other weekend highlights included Beck taking a much needed nap on Sunday (he went five days without a nap and he still neeeeeeeeeds naps), swimming and lizard catching (attempts… they are too fast for us).

Marathon training week #2 (aka week #2 of formal training but I had a solid base of miles with some shorter speed workouts leading up to it):

Monday: 9.18 miles with 1,286 ft of climbing on trails @ 9:11 average.

Tuesday:  13.08 miles @ 7:36 average.  4 x 3’, 2’, 1’ (minutes) with equal recoveries to the upcoming interval.  IE after the 3 minute interval we took a 2 minute recovery jog before starting the 2 minute speed interval.

Wednesday:  11.3 miles  @ 8:19 pace

Thursday:  6.4 miles @ 8:24 pace

Friday: 4 miles @ 8:29 pace

Saturday: off!

Sunday: Fartlek Ladder, on,(easy) – 1,(1),2,(2),3,(3),4,(4),5,(5),4,(4), 3,(3),2,(2),1,(1),2,(2),3,(3),2,(2), 1 (1). 16 miles total at 7:27 average.

60 miles for the week!


Give me some highlights from your weekend!

What is your goto order at a Mexican restaurant?

Do you prefer doing speed solo or with people?

Are you good at procrastinating your runs or getting right to them?

-When I am running alone and don’t have set in stone plans… I’m excellent at the procrastination.


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