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Mattress Yoga with Donna Noble – Weblog


Kid’s Pose

Get started in your mattress on arms and knees in a desk most sensible place, carry your large feet to the touch,  then decrease your hips for your heels and prolong your palms ahead. You’ll be able to widen your knees to create space to your abdomen.   In case your forehand does now not contact the mattress fold your forearms in to create a pillow or use a block (or change with a big ebook or pillow). 

For additonal convenience and improve, believe striking a pillow underneath your head and chest, permitting you to leisure your head to 1 aspect. Should you in finding that your knees are experiencing force, you’ll additionally place a pillow beneath your hips.

Keep right here so long as you are feeling relaxed.


Get started by way of transitioning from the Kid’s Pose to a tabletop positon, along with your arms beneath your shoulders and knees underneath your hips.   Get started by way of directing your gaze downwards, keeping up a directly backbone.  Inhale as you arch your again, lifting your chain and chest, and in case your neck permits, glance upwards against the ceiling.  Exhale as you spherical your backbone.  

Repeat this collection as again and again as you favor. 

Seated aspect stretch and twist

Come to a seated pass legged or kneeling place. Position your left hand in your proper knee and prolong your proper arm upwards and over to the left.  You’ll be able to choose the place you want your gaze (the ground, against the entrance or ceiling).   Repeat at the different aspect.

Ahead Fold

Start by way of sitting and prolong your legs out in entrance of you. . As you hinge at your hips, slowly decrease your torso, permitting your palms to drape naturally beside you or extending your palms ahead.  For additonal convenience and house on your belly house, believe isolating the legs, or toughen your rest by way of supporting your chest with a cushy pillow or bolster.

Must you in finding your hips sinking down or tilting backward, alleviate this by way of sliding a pillow or block underneath your hips to inspire a ahead rotation. Should you revel in tightness behind your legs, gently bend your knees or place a pillow beneath them for additonal improve.

Bridge Pose

Lie down for your again and bend your knees striking the toes a relaxed distance from the hips.  Stay knees along with your toes approx. hip distance aside.  Palms will have to be at the mattress parallel to the frame with the fingers urgent down.  Or you’ll bend your elbows (90 degrees0 in order that your palms are pointing to the ceiling. Press down via your toes and arms, and raise your hips away from bed. Extend the again of your neck by way of tucking your chin in somewhat against your chest.   Slowly unencumber decrease your hips, till your tailbone reaches the mattress.  


Lie down in your again.  Taking on as a lot house as you prefer.  Separate your legs – permitting your feet to fall clear of every different.  If this isn’t relaxed – you’ll bend the knees – with the toes hip distance aside.  Deliver your palms somewhat away out of your frame.  With the fingers dealing with against the ceiling, with the palms curled in somewhat.  

Chill out your whole frame – letting your frame really feel heavy 

Keep for no less than 5 mins or longer if you want.


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