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Message in a Rainbow — Ananda


Divine Mom shared a message with me this morning via Her play of daylight and mist. It’s captured right here within the following video.

The Divine Romance

The gardening workforce at Crystal Hermitage had simply completed putting in place sprayers for an extended mattress of irises that decorated a welcoming walkway. The solar used to be at prime midday making my newfound buddy, the miniature rainbow, obviously visual to me alongside the spray line.

What used to be Divine Mom’s message for me? She sought after to take me back to the fact of the way to search God and the way to perceive each the impersonal and private dance that makes up the Divine Romance.

Rainbows are gorgeous and hang a religious importance. God blessed Noah with a rainbow after the Nice Flood as a divine covenant. Swami Kriyananda had an affinity for them. On particular events, massive rainbows span all the sky within the Yuba River valley on the Crystal Hermitage. In fact, rainbows are merely sublime, emanating good looks, mild, and divine intelligence.

This rainbow captured my consideration despite the fact that it used to be a small one. I used to be struck via the considered how a rainbow is shaped. Mild is refracted via water. The potential of a rainbow exists actually any place mild and water meet but it surely takes a witness status in the proper spot to understand it. The luminous attainable has to rouse subjectively within the eye of the fortunate beholder.

God’s Everlasting Mild

God is omnipresent in all advent. His mild shines endlessly during the Christ Awareness in each and every sub-particle of the cosmos simply because the Solar unceasingly casts its mild on planet Earth. That is His impersonal fact. Because the Heavenly Father, He’s impersonally huge, however the Divine Mom is utmost and private in getting to the wishes, ideas, and emotions of each and every person soul.

It’s each and every soul’s future to merge again into Cosmic Awareness, however till we reach that preferrred state we need to revel in lifestyles during the little cup of our ego. Each and every every now and then we get a glimmer of God’s presence during the veil of advent. Within the interim, how can we increase the cup of our awareness to obtain the Divine?

Yogananda gave the next analogy. Believe an individual who’s trapped in a gloomy room for a long time. Although his eyesight could also be completely nice, he suffers from a conditional blindness. His method out isn’t to overcome on the darkness with a stick, however to open the door and let within the mild.

Non secular lack of understanding is an affliction to the soul. We undergo after we really feel the absence of God’s mild and pleasure in our lives. The answer is at all times an inward one. Open the center with devotion, and direct one’s power and awareness upward against the non secular eye. A bit instinct will even broaden alongside the way in which.

There’s an artwork and science to yoga and the non secular trail. The devotee looking for internal achievement learns to stability feeling and reason why and to stay each the center and thoughts open and impressed. I obtain an abundance of this twofold inspiration from Yogananda’s Whispers from Eternity and his chants, in addition to from Swami Kriyananda’s song.


Listed here are some poetry and song picks that relate to my come upon at Crystal Hermitage.

Whispers from Eternity

Prayer Call for for the Opening of the Non secular Eye to To find God in The whole lot (103)

My eyes are enthralled, O Father, with the wonderful thing about earthly vegetation, with lifestyles’s passing scenes, and with the crusing, silent clouds. All over the place, all I see hints at Thy hidden presence. Open that eye in me which sees most effective Thee. With that gaze might I behold Thee above, underneath, throughout, inside of, and outdoor me. Educate me in all issues to look most effective Thee. Open in me that eye which beholds all over Thy hidden however ever subtly reigning marvel.

This call for will have to be repeated mentally with deep focus till the prayer‐idea turns into fastened on your superconscious via the conviction born of deep religion.

Bless Me, that I Would possibly Understand Thee In the course of the Home windows of All Actions (134)

Bless me, that I might understand Thee during the home windows of all joyous actions. Glance upon me, and cheer me at all times as I interact in my day-to-day tasks. Let my each and every motion—whether or not waking, drowsing, or dreaming—be sprayed via the fountain of Thy presence.

Cosmic Chant

O God Gorgeous!

O God gorgeous, O God gorgeous,
At Thy ft, O I do bow!
O God gorgeous, O God gorgeous,
Within the woodland Thou artwork inexperienced;
Within the mountain Thou artwork prime;
Within the river Thou artwork stressed;
Within the ocean Thou artwork grave.

O God gorgeous, O God gorgeous,
At Thy ft, O I do bow!
O God gorgeous, O God gorgeous,
To the serviceful Thou artwork provider;
To the sweetheart Thou artwork love;
To the sad Thou artwork sympathy;
To the yogi Thou artwork bliss.

Swami Kriyananda Tune

Thank You, God, for the Solar

Thanks, God, for the sunshine of the solar,
Thanks, God, for the rainbow,
Thanks, God, for at the moment begun,
Thanks, God, for the solar.

Thanks, God, for the intense summer time vegetation,
Thanks, God, for the golf green fields,
Thanks, God, for those awake hours,
Thanks, God, for the vegetation.

Thanks, God, for the smile of Your love,
Thanks, God, for our gladness,
Thanks, God, for the celebrities above,
Thanks, God, to your love.


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