Wednesday, October 4, 2023

My Adventure of Losing Perimenopause Weight


In this episode, Tina speaks about her private adventure with dropping perimenopause weight in a accountable and sustainable means. No crash diets or over the top aerobic wanted! She additionally stocks the particular demanding situations that ended in her to gaining greater than 15 kilos and precisely what she did to lose it.

Tina discusses:

  • The significance of blood sugar control
  • Why heaps of high-intensity aerobic isn’t the most suitable option for weight reduction
  • Why restful sleep is a non-negotiable in perimenopause
  • How mindset shifts are important for sustainable fats loss
  • Why thyroid well being is necessary
  • And extra…

Hook up with Tina Haupert:  
Fb: Carrots ‘N’ Cake 
Instagram: carrotsncake  
YouTube: Tina Haupert 
Pinterest: Carrots ‘N’ Cake Hormone Checking out & Diet Training  


About Tina Haupert:

Tina Haupert is the landlord of Carrots ‘N’ Cake in addition to a Qualified Diet Trainer and Practical Diagnostic Diet Practitioner (FDN-P). Tina and her staff use practical checking out and a personalised technique to vitamin to lend a hand girls in finding stability inside of their diets whilst reaching their frame composition targets.


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