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No Scientific Tool Exemptions to Texas Statute of Repose


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It’s a brief week, so we’re going to do a brief publish a couple of brief choice on a product that lasted a very long time. 

An inferior vena cava (“IVC”) clear out was once implanted in plaintiff in 2004.  Some years later she skilled a complication, now not known within the choice, which led her to report a merchandise legal responsibility go well with in opposition to the producer in June 2022 – over 18 years later.  In re Prepare dinner Scientific, Inc., 2023 U.S. Dist. LEXIS 205990, at *1 (S.D. Ind. Sep. 27, 2023).  Plaintiff is a resident of Texas and had her 2004 surgical operation in Texas, so the courtroom implemented Texas legislation which has a 15-year statue of repose. 

A statute of repose units a definitive date past which an motion can’t be filed.  It does now not subject that plaintiff’s reason behind motion has now not but accumulated.  A statute of repose is brought on through an match just like the sale of the product and establishes a vibrant line cutoff that extinguishes legal responsibility.  Because of this, statutes of repose are regarded as protection pleasant.  However they usually require a vital time frame to move.  The usual is round 10-15 years from sale or producer. (Word Montana’s is best 3 years). 

And whilst they’re most often onerous and rapid laws, some statutes of repose, like Texas’s, have exceptions.  Texas legislation supplies that the 15-year statute of repose does now not follow if the product is accompanied through an specific guaranty “that the product has an invaluable secure lifetime of longer than 15 years.”  Identity. at *2.  On this case, plaintiff attempted to depend on language within the IVC clear out’s Affected person Information that mentioned the product was once secure efficient as a brief or everlasting tool.  Identity. at *3.  On the other hand, the Affected person Information additionally lists conceivable opposed results equivalent to migration of the tool or perforation of the vena cava.  Learn in combination, the Affected person Information did “now not ensure the [filter] would comply with a selected usual throughout [plaintiff’s] existence.”  Identity. at *4.  Any “guaranty” that the product may just stay completely implanted was once certified through the id of conceivable opposed occasions.  For the reason that producer didn’t warrant the IVC clear out had a “helpful secure existence” of greater than 15 years, this exception didn’t follow.  Whilst this may increasingly appear case-specific, it’s onerous to consider any producer of an implantable clinical tool warranting the existence span of its product given the entire variables of the human frame, an individual’s therapeutic capability, an individual’s compliance with clinical recommendation, and so forth. 

Plaintiff subsequent argued she certified for the “latent illness” exception.  This exception supplies that if a plaintiff is uncovered to a product earlier than the top of 15 years, that publicity brought about plaintiff’s illness, however the signs of the illness didn’t manifest in a moderately noticeable method till after 15 years had handed, the statute of repose does now not follow.  Realize the phrase “illness.”  Plaintiff attempted to argue that “illness” must be extensively interpreted to incorporate “clinical tool disasters.”  Identity. at *5.  No longer best did plaintiff don’t have any case legislation to reinforce her interpretation, however the statute additionally setting up the exception does now not point out clinical units or the varieties of accidents that stand up from them.  The apparent language of the statue applies to “sicknesses because of publicity to a product.”  Identity.  Suppose asbestos, lead, Agent Orange.  No longer a clinical tool that works as meant for greater than 15 years. 

Defendants’ movement for judgment at the pleadings was once granted in its entirety.


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