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It’s something to be haunted throughout Halloween, however now not throughout your control of prime possibility caries! We imagine dental pros will have to intention to, identify into their follow, a caries protocol that removes all fears! 

At Oral Science, we will let you get optimum and extra predictable medical effects for sufferers the use of an at domestic care package containing 3 evidence-based answers; the Zerø Hollow space Equipment!

Whilst those merchandise are superb for the oral well being of everybody, they’ve been in particular advanced to successfully deal with and organize sufferers presenting an increased possibility of creating cavities. It isn’t important to widely assess the extent of possibility of the sufferers to make a choice which resolution to offer to them. If a consumer falls into one of the most eventualities under, this at domestic care package turns into a perfect selection. Those eventualities are: 

• An acidic and prime sugar nutrition

• A compromised clinical historical past

• Deep pit fissures

• Faulty restorations

• Genetic possibility

• Loss of fluoride publicity

• Orthodontics

• Deficient oral self-care

• Contemporary decay

• Recession

• Xerostomia

• White spot lesions

Let’s now glance nearer at those answers and the way very best to counsel those answers!

Resolution #1: X-PUR CariØ Toothpaste, at Least 2 Instances a Day for a Minimal of three Months

For adults and kids extremely inflamed by way of cariogenic micro organism (100,000 Streptococcus mutans / mL of saliva), which represents a prime percentage of your sufferers, fluoride toothpaste will remineralize, however would possibly now not be offering optimum elimination of cariogenic micro organism.

X-PUR CariØ, with its scientifically confirmed 25% xylitol system, works throughout the colonization and adhesion of the caries procedure to scale back the cariogenic micro organism load. For a few years, research have proven that teeth decay-causing micro organism don’t seem to be ready to metabolize xylitol, which leads to a lack of lactic acid and polysaccharide manufacturing.

For this reason X-PUR CariØ is valuable to stop the caries procedure, scale back non-cavitated and cavitated lesions and remineralize. 

As you might know, it’s been advanced by way of a Canadian cariologist, Dr. Jacques Véronneau. We invite you to examine the result of his research on this Oral Well being article!


Resolution #2: Curaprox 5460 Toothbrush, the Softest within the International!

An unbelievable toothpaste additionally wishes an improbable toothbrush! The Curaprox 5460 gives as much as 10x extra ultra-soft and dense bristles than an ordinary toothbrush! The optimum approach to get rid of biofilm!


Resolution #3: X-PUR Opti-Rinse Plus 0.2% (a Distinctive Formula of NaF + Citrox + Cetylpyridinium Chloride + Xylitol) On a regular basis Right through 1 Month

A up to date learn about has proven that its distinctive system is simpler than Chlorhexidine rinses to scale back Streptococcus mutans and Streptococcus sobrinus (rampant caries).

For optimum effects, we advise to make use of the 0.2% focus each day throughout one month (or till of entirety of the 473 ml bottle) as a surprise remedy to grow to be the cariogenic plant life right into a non-cariogenic plant life. The sufferers can then go back to the use of the 0.05% focus each day to pursue the remineralizing procedure.

X-PUR Opti-Rinse Plus


A Top class Equipment


The Zerø Hollow space Equipment is obtainable in a very good top rate PVC commute bag and features a plasticized directions card to permit your sufferers to really feel solely supported by way of your suggestions!

We are hoping this may occasionally let you organize the home-care remedy of your prime possibility caries sufferers!

For an entire presentation on our prime  possibility caries remedy protocol, we invite you to agenda an in-office presentation with our crew of Oral Well being Educators and RDH’s!


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