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Over Simple Eggs (step by step!) – Are compatible Foodie Reveals


In case you’re on the lookout for a superbly runny yolk and fluffy egg whites then you want to apply this recipe for over clean eggs!

To prepare dinner eggs over clean, warmth your pan over medium/low warmth after which crack for your eggs. Prepare dinner for two mins after which turn and prepare dinner for 30 extra seconds.

Over easy eggs on a plate with a fork.

There are lots of tactics you’ll be able to whip up eggs within the morning, however over-easy eggs are considered one of our favorites! They have got an impossible to resist oozy yolk best for reinforcing many alternative foods (+ now not simply breakfast!).

In case you’ve by no means made an over-easy egg, don’t be anxious. We examined this recipe with various other fat and pans to be sure you have over clean good fortune each time.

The winners? –> butter and a nonstick pan.

What You Want for Over Simple Eggs

  • Huge eggs: any measurement will do, however take into account that smaller eggs will prepare dinner sooner than huge ones!
  • Unsalted butter: we choose unsalted butter since we’re serving those over clean eggs with salt. In case you’re the usage of salted butter, take into account that you would be able to now not want to upload salt when serving.
  • Nonstick pan: we’re giving a complete rundown of the pans we examined underneath, however a nonstick was once without equal winner for the reason that eggs don’t stick.
  • Nonstick spatula: we discovered {that a} nonstick spatula similar to a rubber spatula was once more straightforward to make use of than a wood or tin one.

Be at liberty to sprinkle in your favourite seasonings as smartly! Our favourite approach to season eggs is with salt, pepper, paprika, and garlic powder.

Why we choose butter

The usage of butter will depart you with a nutty-flavored egg and minimum browning — that’s what we utilized in those footage. On the other hand, oil similar to olive, avocado, or vegetable will paintings, too. However, do notice that it’ll trade the style and look of the over-easy eggs. 

As an example, in the event you use avocado oil or olive oil, you’ll be left with a bubbly egg white with the ones burned, crispy edges that some other people adore in a fried egg.

Eggs in a bowl.

Perfect Pans for Over Simple Eggs

Whilst the non-stick pan gave us the most efficient effects, you’ll be able to use various other pans to prepare dinner your egg over clean. In case you plan to make use of a forged iron or stainless-steel, listed below are some guidelines:

Non-stick: a non-stick pan is your absolute best wager for frying an egg. We adore that it makes a very easy recipe even more straightforward.

Forged iron: a forged iron skillet will paintings as it will get sizzling rapid and keeps warmth. On the other hand, make sure you have sufficient butter and take a look at the sides of your egg often to ensure they aren’t sticking to the pan.

Chrome steel: in the event you simplest have a stainless-steel pan you’ll be able to nonetheless use it. Simply be very diligent when frying the eggs as a result of stainless-steel can warmth erratically and feature some highly regarded spots.

Well being Advantages of Over Simple Eggs

Over clean eggs are simplest 77 energy each and every and wealthy in vitamins. Listed below are essentially the most notable:

  • 5g of fats
  • 6g of protein
  • 113mg of choline (crucial nutrient for the mind)
  • 9 very important amino acids
  • Iron
  • Phosphorus
  • Selenium
  • Nutrients A, D, E, Ok, B12, B2, and B5
Eggs cooking in a skillet.

Most sensible Pointers for the Best Eggs

Use contemporary eggs: The brisker the eggs, the easier. Remember to take a look at the date in your eggs earlier than frying them.

Upload extra butter: Upload extra butter in the event you realize that your eggs are starting to keep on with the pan. Then carry the sides of the egg white to make sure the white unsticks.

Be affected person: It’s clean to need to rush the method of frying your over-easy egg, however the extra affected person you’re, the easier your egg will end up!

Don’t omit to season: All the time sprinkle some salt and pepper in your over-easy eggs. It elevates the entire flavors for your dish.

Eggs cooking in a skillet.

How to Fry an Egg

take a look at it!

Fried Eggs — Each and every Manner!

Discover ways to fry an egg completely each time! We’re instructing you the way to make over clean eggs, over demanding eggs and the entirety in between.

get recipe


What’s the distinction between a sunny facet up egg and an over clean egg?

The primary distinction between the 2 is {that a} sunny-side-up egg chefs at the pan with out getting flipped, making cooked egg whites and a runny, relatively set yolk. 

Then again, an over-easy egg will get flipped, encasing a extra runny yolk within the cooked egg white.

Are over clean eggs more fit than different eggs?

The healthiest approach to devour an egg is poached or boiled, as no cooking fats is concerned. On the other hand, over-easy eggs are nonetheless extra nutritious than scrambled, sunny-side-up, over-medium, and over-hard eggs. 

How lengthy are you able to depart an over clean egg out?

Over-easy eggs may also be overlooked for as much as 2 hours, relying at the room’s temperature. On the other hand, it’s very important to be sure you don’t depart your eggs out too lengthy to steer clear of meals born sickness, as micro organism can develop briefly between 40°F and 140°F.

Over easy eggs on a plate.


Those over-easy eggs are absolute best loved right away, however will have to you may have leftovers, you’ll be able to retailer them within the refrigerator in an hermetic container for three days. They’re nice as leftovers for making an egg salad!

To reheat: Reheat eggs on low within the microwave to make sure you don’t overcook them.

Over easy eggs served over toast.

Methods to Serve Over Simple Eggs

It doesn’t get a lot better than a work of toast with an over clean egg and a facet of bacon or breakfast sausage. Listed below are some extra serving tips:


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