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Overview: Why You Want the Sinewave Beacon 2 Dynamo Mild


Whats up, let’s discuss dynamo energy. I’m bought on it. It’s no longer loose energy, however beautiful with reference to it (after the preliminary funding). There’s one thing neat about producing your individual gentle. I’ve been using with the Sinewave Cycles Beacon 2 entrance dynamo gentle for over a 12 months, and thus far I’ve no longer one criticism concerning the gentle’s efficiency.

It gives a brilliant, and stable beam of sunshine this is flicker-free down to a few mph. And it’s made right here, in the US. Consistent with Sinewave the Beacon 2 is the “simplest commercially to be had dynamo gentle made in the US”.

After you learn this, you’ll see that it’s prime time you get at the dynamo teach.

The Sinewave Cycles Beacon 2 is among the very best dynamo lighting fixtures available on the market, individually. And, I consider I will make that commentary as a result of, over the past 5 years or so, I’ve owned and operated one of the vital top-brand dynamo lighting fixtures available in the market (the Beacon 2 incorporated).

On this overview, I’ll inform you why I feel this lil’ dynamo gentle is sort of easiest.

Should you are dynamo curious, and wish some stellar, in-depth information all about dynamo energy, take a look at Bikepacking.com’s piece on it right here.

However first…

Two Major Dynamo Device Parts

I think like I want to pass over the 2 primary parts of the dynamo sport, the hubs and the lighting fixtures.

Dynamo Hubs

The Sinewave Beacon 2 is very best utilized by wiring it as much as a dynamo hub. For this overview, the Beacon 2 used to be used along side my SON 28-12 Disc dynamo hub on my Masi Incanto Ti gravel motorcycle.

In the most simple phrases, when the dynamo hub spins, it generates output energy. The rate at which the dynamo hub turns dictates the quantity of energy it generates to the sunshine (sooner = extra energy). That, in flip, will dictate how brilliant the sunshine is (sooner = extra energy = brighter gentle). Cool?

The price of a dynamo hub can run from beautiful affordable just like the Shutter Precision PV-8 at $125, to beautiful dear, just like the Schmidt SON28 12 at $378. And while you select and purchase the hub, it’s a must to consider the price of together with the hub within the development of a brand new entrance wheel.

Maximum dynamo lighting fixtures is not going to paintings independently, however the dynamo hub may (in idea) be used with out the lighting fixtures. I’m telling you this should you spend all of the cash you stored at the hub acquire and wheel construct and don’t have anything left for a mild. I don’t need you to worry. Your motorcycle continues to be ridable, dynamo hubs are nonetheless simply hubs. Simply set up the dynamo wheel and proceed to trip your motorcycle.

Dynamo Lighting

Maximum dynamo lighting fixtures include a transfer at the again to show it on or off. They normally come with mounting {hardware}, and maximum indubitably include the twine already connected to the sunshine. Typically, that twine features a pigtail for powering an not obligatory rear gentle the use of the entrance gentle as a powerslave.

With that during thoughts, the Beacon 2 comes with some neat extras, that the others don’t. We’ll contact in this just a little later within the overview.

There are lots of dynamo lighting fixtures to make a choice from available on the market presently. Over time, I’ve used 3 other manufacturers of lighting fixtures with my dynamo hubs. For my first dynamo gentle, I ran the Busch & Muller IQ-X on my previous Masi randonneuring motorcycle. Now, I’m lately the use of the Supernova E3 Professional 2 on each my mountain motorcycle and my all-rounder. The Beacon 2 is getting used on my gravel motorcycle.

K, directly to the overview.

The Sinewave Beacon 2

This lil’ gentle packs an insane quantity of dynamo tech in a actually small bundle. The sunshine itself measures simplest 58mm lengthy, and 42mm vast/tall, it simplest weighs 115gr (together with 36″ of dynamo twine). That’s spectacular.

The Sinewave Beacon 2 is made to reserve with a $50 deposit. The overall value is $350 for black or silver and $390 for different colours. Take a look at right here for the colours to be had for customized orders.

I blended and paired mine with other coloured frame and trim rings… black frame and blue back and front trim rings. Seems to be candy.

It’s designed to be used in any more or less situation. It carries a number of seals and electronics which are potted in epoxy for added coverage in opposition to water. All the connectors are gold-plated, to withstand corrosion and the weather. It additionally comes with a 3-year guaranty.

At 750 lumens (13+ MPH) I in finding it sufficient gentle for any of the kinds of using that I do. As discussed previous, I’ve this gentle on my Masi Incanto, and in finding it really works completely for street/multi-surface day or evening using. And as it makes use of a symmetrical beam development, it’s superior for evening rides on my native MTB trails, together with some speedy middle of the night singletrack.

Some Distinctive Options

One of the distinctive options of the Beacon 2 is the enter and outputs at the again. One is for using an exterior off-the-shelf USB battery pack and the opposite is an built-in USB charger. That signifies that you’ll fee your telephone, GPS, or every other USB software immediately from the Beacon whilst using, with out the want to purchase or convey a charger.

You do obtain a USB-to-DC cable for powering the Beacon with a USB battery pack. As an choice, there may be an to be had 20cm lengthy, right-angle USB extension for the days when it’s tight at the back of the Beacon and you wish to have blank cable control.

There may be a three-way toggle transfer at the again to both flip the sunshine totally off, run at complete brightness, or transfer to a decrease brightness environment. The decrease brightness environment may even make it simple for energy sharing when charging an adjunct.


The Beacon 2 optimizes its dynamo energy for slower speeds. The place different lighting fixtures would possibly flicker or pulsate at slower speeds, like a steep climb, the Beacon 2 stays very strong, with constant, even if dimmer gentle. I climb at gradual speeds, so this used to be a plus for me.

The Beacon’s energy output works like this: the sunshine reaches 100 lumens at 5mph, 375 lumens at 8mph, 600 lumens at 10mph, and the overall 750 lumens at 13mph.

It additionally gives a standlight. A standlight is solely what it appears like. Whilst using, the Beacon 2’s supercapacitor will get charged up, so while you prevent transferring, the sunshine will “stand” on for roughly 5 mins. That is nice for being noticed whilst ready at stoplights or looking forward to a chum on a dismal path. The standlight can also be became off with the toggle transfer.

Beacon 2 Set up

There is not any mounting {hardware} while you obtain the Beacon 2, however the 10mm mounting tab is suitable with mounting {hardware} from Busch & Muller, Supernova, Schmidt, and so forth. I used the Supernova mount to mount mine.

What does include the Beacon 2 is the sunshine, the 36″ of connected twine that is going to the hub, and the USB-to-DC cable. The Beacon 2 does no longer include connectors for the hub.

The reason being, that the sunshine can be utilized with any 3w/6v dynamo hub. Whilst you acquire your dynamo hub, the connectors and fittings that connect the wires from the sunshine to the hubs, will include that exact hub.

I soldered and used shrink wrap at the connectors for the SON 28 hub. Should you don’t understand how to solder or don’t really feel comfy doing it, your native motorcycle store must be capable of get it performed for you.

How’d it Carry out

As I’ve discussed ahead of, dynamo lights is now an very important bit of drugs that I desire to make use of on each and every one among my bicycles. I can almost certainly proceed to make use of dynamo tech for many if no longer all of my long run builds.

Since putting in the Beacon 2, I’ve paired it with a Supernova E3 TL2 tail gentle for extra visibility whilst using at the roads. There’s a hidden and silent receive advantages to the use of a dynamo gentle. It’s the luxurious of by no means having to fret a couple of gentle’s battery or a battery’s run time.

The truth that I will plan a last-minute evening trip on my MTB, or run to the shop at evening and no longer concern about ensuring I at all times have a mild charged and able to head… is superior.

Vivid Mild

With the Beacon 2, it’s simply automated. I get started rolling and feature brilliant and strong gentle able when I’m. Right through daylight using, it’s great to understand that I’m being noticed by way of motorists… having it makes me really feel more secure. And, the night-riding advantages are evident. I discovered the Beacon 2’s beam to be a “cool” white, roundish, vast development that makes it greater than enough for quick off-road using.

Whilst evening using on a few of my favourite trails, the sunshine output, as anticipated, were given somewhat dim at the steeper climbs. However, I used to be mountain climbing/rolling actually gradual, and that’s how dynamo lighting fixtures paintings. However with the Beacon 2 the sunshine output by no means flickered, and that’s one of the vital Beacon 2’s highlights. The sunshine equipped by way of my Beacon 2 at all times remained stable.

The 3 other LED lighting fixtures which are within the Beacon 2 remove darkness from one by one. One gentle at a time as your pace (and the facility from the dynamo hub) will increase. That is performed with none indication that it’s going down from the cockpit.


I didn’t actually in finding myself wanting to fee a large number of equipment whilst I’ve had the Beacon 2. I did fee my Wahoo Roam somewhat and it perceived to do a just right activity. The facility to fee is one thing great to have round, despite the fact that you would possibly not use it at all times.

I take advantage of my telephone to snap a large number of photos whilst using. On longer rides, I discovered it an actual piece of thoughts that I may fee my telephone if I had to, And, it’s a stat-saver should you’ve grabbed a virtually depleted motorcycle laptop for a trip, and want to stay it going.

Except you’re on a self-supported, multiple-day bikepacking tour or a protracted staying power race, the on a regular basis person almost certainly received’t want the facility to fee.

In Conclusion

The Beacon 2 is an out of this world dynamo gentle. It packs a host of energy and extras in a tiny bundle. In case you are commuting by way of motorcycle, or at the street with motorists at any time, for any period in any respect, I consider using with a mild very much minimizes your possibilities of no longer being noticed. And having a mild machine that you’ll actually put out of your mind about is happy.

You don’t should be backpacking thru Baja, Mexico, traversing the Continental Divide, or doing the Race Throughout The usa, to make the most of what the Sinewave Beacon 2 dynamo gentle has to supply.

It’s made right here in the US, its building is of the very best quality, and it provides you with the reassurance of getting a mild and charging supply with you all the time whilst using your bicycle.



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