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Panaceia, Hygeia and Self-Therapeutic – Ki Teach


Asclepios, the Greek deity of drugs and therapeutic, had two daughters, Panaceia and Hygeia. Panaceia and Hygeia took contrasting approaches to human well being. Their ideals have endured in human awareness to this present day, albeit in numerous sorts of prevention as opposed to intervention.


Panaceia meant to lend a hand folks by means of finding a mystical treatment for all sicknesses. “People don’t want to know or know about sicknesses,” Panaceia used to imagine. If I’m keen on them and discover a treatment for the entirety, that’s sufficient.”

Panaceia – The Greek Goddess who seems for a treatment for all sicknesses


Hygeia, however, was once extra concerned about the prevention and upkeep of excellent well being. Hygeia was once making an attempt to influence mankind that illness is a consequence in their dangerous way of life alternatives. Other people must be informed from nature and reside in peace with the universe, she steered.

Hygeia – The Greek Goddess who educates folks to apply wholesome existence behavior

Each sisters have been satisfied that they have been proper. Because of this, they each dedicated their lives to their respective reasons: Panacea to discovering a treatment for all sicknesses and Hygeia to educating folks in regards to the beliefs of residing a wholesome existence and well-being.

Western and Japanese Scientific Programs

This can be a huge categorization, as there are programs which might be very similar to the Japanese device of drugs, which is according to herbal remedies and illness prevention. By some means, the daughters of Asclepios at the moment are represented by means of the sector’s clinical programs. Western medication’s medical pragmatic means follows Panaceia’s existence trail, making an attempt to search out remedies for each previous and new illnesses that happen. We will’t fail to remember science’s contribution to trendy medication, and we must be immensely grateful for the potential of therapeutic thru intervention.

The Ki Teach Way, however, is dedicated to Hygeia’s existence objective. We wish to lift consciousness about how a wholesome way of life and on a regular basis practices can give power to our lives.

We must have the ability to reside longer and in higher well being if we’re ready to position in some effort. An bad way of life reasons untimely growing old and useless struggling.

Japanese Medication is a device according to instinct and prevention.

Each and every continent or area has its personal elders, in addition to its personal herbal clinical secrets and techniques. We will find supernatural assets all around the Earth, from China and India to Europe and the Americas (crops, herbs, animal merchandise and even minerals). Navigating in the course of the Hygeia tribe’s blogs and internet sites can lend a hand us transform extra mindful, however not anything beats firsthand revel in with a treatment. How are we able to make sure that a remedy will paintings or now not? This can be a commonplace query we pay attention from people in periods and categories.

As a result of each and every treatment can observe to other cases in numerous techniques, the solution isn’t a easy sure or no. Each and every situation has its personal set of origins and reasons, making the analysis and remedy distinctive to each and every individual. Nevertheless, there are a number of elementary remedies and way of life behaviors that may get advantages us all.

Day-to-day Cultivation

We highlighted the need of on a regular basis cultivation of consciousness in certainly one of our earlier articles, “Lack of awareness isn’t bliss,” as a result of we’re on the whim of data this is spoon fed to us thru many channels (from parenting, schooling device to social media and web).

The one prerequisite is that we take an lively pastime in our personal well being and well-being, which must best have the ability to spark our pastime in finding out one thing new on a daily basis about how one can keep wholesome (mentally, emotionally and bodily).

We propose that everybody take child steps, however we must now not cross an afternoon with out taking even the tiniest one. The Ki Teach Way has a variety of results on one’s well being. Bettering one a part of your existence on a daily basis will best lead to stepped forward well being, extra power, and, in the end, happiness.

The Integration of Kinesiology within the Seek for the Reality

We agree with our instinct, however there’s in a different way to invite questions of your upper self and obtain solutions from it: thru your frame. Muscle trying out is a superb technique to resolve whether or not or now not a treatment is really useful in your frame.

Muscle trying out isn’t misleading as a result of it’s your frame’s response to the subconscious thoughts. We imagine in and feature used muscle trying out procedures to acquire solutions on a large number of events. You’ll be informed extra about muscle trying out by means of clicking right here. On the other hand, the one option to resolve the level of accuracy is to check out it your self. Not anything beats firsthand revel in.


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