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Perfect Baked Rooster Thighs – Crispy, Juicy, Scorching


Baked Rooster Thighs are extremely simple and circle of relatives pleasant. Take a look at my #1 secret for baking the most efficient, juiciest hen thighs of your lifestyles!

pan of baked chicken thighs

The number 1 factor you wish to have to learn about bone-in, skin-on Baked Rooster Thighs is that my circle of relatives SMASHES them anytime I serve them for dinner.

Plates are licked blank, lawsuits are non-existent, plus they require 5 mins of prep time and bake hands-off within the oven which I after all love.

This simple baked hen recipe is the unicorn of hen dinners!

Watch The best way to Make Them

Elements Wanted

I really like this meal as a result of it’s SO SIMPLE. Excluding the hen thighs, all you wish to have are a handful of on a regular basis, pantry staples.

  • Bone-in, skin-on hen thighs: are a cost-effective and flavorful lower of hen that’s very laborious to overcook (extra on that beneath).
  • Seasoning combine: a easy mix of dried herbs and spices takes seconds to combine in combination and provides a ton of taste. You’ll want salt, pepper, each onion and garlic powders, paprika, and Italian seasoning. Upload a splash of cayenne pepper for a bit warmth.
  • Additional virgin olive oil: is helping the seasoning combine adhere to the hen thighs, and will get the outside golden brown and crispy.

crispy baked chicken thigh on a plate

Why You’ll Love Simple Baked Rooster Thighs

  1. Circle of relatives pleasant. My children (5, 7, 10), husband, and I all love this dish. It’s certainly one of a handful of recipes that every one 5 folks can luckily devour with 0 adjustments.
  2. Economical. Ultimate week a pound of hen breasts was once promoting for $8.99 on the grocery retailer. Yikes! At this time, skin-on, bone-in hen thighs are promoting for $1.75/lb. Such a lot financial savings.
  3. Scrumptious. In case you’ve already approved bone-in, skin-on hen thighs into your lifestyles you then how extremely scrumptious and juicy they’re. Few issues beat the combination of crispy, scorching pores and skin and juicy, comfortable meat.
  4. Arms off. When you ship the hen thighs off to the oven to bake, that’s it! There’s no wish to turn the thighs or rotate the baking pan whilst they roast.
  5. Idiot evidence. Whilst hen breasts can develop into overcooked temporarily and simply, it’s very tough to overcook hen thighs. Which brings me to…

My #1 Secret for Juicy and Comfortable Rooster Thighs

Overcook them.

Sure! Darkish meat turns into extra comfortable the longer it chefs as it has extra connective tissue than chicken. The connective tissues ruin down the warmer the inner temperature turns into which renders the hen thighs juicy, wet, and comfortable.


pressing down on a baked chicken thigh to show juices

Baking Temperature and Timing

Whilst hen thighs simplest wish to be cooked to an inner temperature of 165 levels as learn by way of a meat thermometer, I like to recommend you bake them till they achieve 180 – 190 levels. This takes 30-40 mins at 400 levels. We swear by way of this Thermapen for taking correct inner temperature readings.

Truthfully I’ve pulled the hen thighs out of the oven at 200+ levels once in a while and so they’re nonetheless so scrumptious and comfortable.

In case you’re the kind of person who will get anxious about undercooking hen, then hen thigh recipes are surely for you.

close up of acrispy baked chicken thigh

What to Serve with Baked Rooster Thighs

Baked Rooster Thighs lend themselves extraordinarily smartly to the Midwestern “meat + veggie + starch” dinner trifecta. For the reason that oven is already on at 400 levels, I normally serve the hen thighs with a roasted vegetable or contemporary salad plus some form of potato.

Listed below are some extra facet dish concepts to lend a hand spherical out the meal:

Alright, let’s get this straightforward hen dinner recipe at the desk!

baked chicken thigh cut into with a knife

The best way to Make Baked Rooster Thighs

Step 1: Pat the hen thighs dry.

Get started by way of trimming the hen thighs of any extra pores and skin then pat them very dry on all sides with paper towels.

bone in skin on chicken thighs on a cutting board

Step 2: Position hen thighs in a baking dish.

Switch the hen thighs right into a 9×13″ or similar-sized baking dish. They are able to be touching however now not overlapping.

bone in skin on chicken thighs in a roasting ban

Step 3: Mix the seasoning combine.

Subsequent, in a small bowl stir in combination salt, black pepper, onion powder, garlic powder, paprika, and Italian seasoning. Be happy to make use of your favourite seasoning combine, or just salt and pepper which may be very scrumptious.

bowl of seasoning mix for baked chicken thighs

Step 4: Drizzle the thighs with additional virgin olive oil.

Now drizzle additional virgin olive oil over the tops of the hen thighs. Rooster pores and skin may be very fatty, so that you simply want a bit bit to lend a hand the seasoning adhere to the outside.

extra virgin olive oil drizzled over chicken thighs in a baking dish

Step 5: Sprinkle at the seasoning combine.

Sprinkle the seasoning combine excessive then use your palms to flippantly coat the fronts, backs, and facets of the hen thighs with oil and seasonings.

seasoned chicken thighs in a baking dish

Step 6: Bake.

Pop the baking dish right into a preheated, 400 stage oven then bake for 30-40 mins or till the thickest a part of the hen thigh reaches an inner temperature of 180-190 levels.

Once more, the hen is technically cooked via and fit to be eaten at 165 levels, however we’re tacking on additional baking time to render the thighs extraordinarily comfortable and juicy.

There’s no wish to rotate the pan or turn the hen thighs at any level throughout the baking procedure.

roasted chicken thighs in a baking pan

Let the hen thighs leisure within the baking pan for a minimum of 10 mins then serve ’em on up! Wasn’t that simple?

hands around a plate of bake chicken thighs

Baked Rooster Thighs FAQ

Is it higher to bake hen thighs at 350 or 400 levels? 

  • I like to recommend baking the hen thighs at 400 levels for much less time to make sure the hen thighs keep great and juicy, vs baking for longer at 350 levels and working the danger of drying them out.

What’s the baking time for hen thighs? 

  • Bake bone-in, skin-on hen thighs for 30-40 mins. Boneless skinless hen thighs will want about 10 much less mins to bake.

What temperature does a hen thigh wish to be cooked to? 

  • Technically hen thighs simplest wish to be cooked to an inner temperature of 165 levels, although I like to recommend you bake them to 180-190 for terribly comfortable hen thighs.

Can I freeze baked hen thighs?

  • I like to recommend disposing of the beef from the bones then freezing the beef flat in a Ziplock freezer bag, vs freezing all of the baked thigh with the outside and meat nonetheless at the bone.

I am hoping you’ll give those juicy, perfect ever oven-baked hen thighs a check out for dinner this night then let me know what you assume! Experience!

baked chicken thigh on a plate with sides

Extra Impossible to resist Rooster Recipes

Perfect Baked Rooster Thighs


Baked Rooster Thighs are extremely simple and circle of relatives pleasant. Take a look at my #1 secret for baking the most efficient, juiciest hen thighs of your lifestyles!


  • 3 — 4lbs bone-in, skin-on hen thighs (7-8 thighs)
  • 1 Tablespoon additional virgin olive oil
  • For the seasoning combine:
    • 1 teaspoon salt
    • 1 teaspoon garlic powder
    • 1 teaspoon onion powder
    • 1/2 teaspoon black pepper
    • 1/2 teaspoon paprika
    • 1/2 teaspoon Italian Seasoning


  1. Preheat the oven to 400 levels then get out a 9×13″ baking pan and put aside.
  2. Take away the hen thighs from their packaging then trim off extra pores and skin if essential. Pat very dry with paper towels then position the thighs throughout the baking pan.
  3. To a small bowl upload the components for the seasoning combine then stir to mix. Drizzle the tops of the hen thighs with the additional virgin olive oil then sprinkle at the seasoning combine. Use your palms to rub the oil and seasonings all over the place the fronts and backs of the thighs.
  4. Bake for 30-40 mins or till the thickest a part of the hen thighs achieve an inner temperature of 180-190 levels. Word: hen thighs simplest wish to achieve an inner temperature of 165 levels, however they are a lot more comfortable when they are cooked to a better inner temperature. In brief boil if wanted to additional crisp up the outside then let the hen thighs leisure for 10 mins sooner than serving.


  • Be happy to make use of your favourite seasoning combine, or just salt and pepper, which may be scrumptious!

This recipe is courtesy of Iowa Woman Eats,

photo collage of baked chicken thighs

Footage by way of Ashley McLaughlin


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