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Preventing Migraines From Changing into a ‘Thief of Pleasure’


For Michele Jordan, one in every of WebMD’s migraine bloggers, a few of her favourite issues – plant life and fragrance – cause her migraines.  She didn’t let that prevent her from taking part in her favourite scents on a contemporary travel to Paris. 

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about how she manages to benefit from the issues she loves with out letting migraines turn into a “thief of pleasure.”


The Candy (or Now not) Scent: Migraines and Perfumes

Video Transcript

MICHELE JORDAN:  Migraines, they are like a thief. It steals the thrill out of existence. It steals the plant life and the perfumes, two issues which can be additionally my favorites. I really like, love, love plant life. Peonies are my favourite.

I really like perfumes. I went to Paris just lately and went to a perfumery. And I simply love, love, love superb scents. Sadly, robust scents can occasionally cause migraines, although they odor nice. And so I have needed to prohibit how regularly I exploit perfumes.

I have needed to to find other ways to scrub my space with family cleaners which can be just a little bit extra herbal and plant-derived. I have made adjustments. I nonetheless experience gorgeous aromas throughout me. However I have needed to make some adjustments.

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