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Preventing retail robbery & fraud


Shrink in retail, and extra particularly, robbery & fraud parts, have lengthy been authorised as a price of doing trade. In the previous couple of years, we’ve observed each client and affiliate robbery & fraud explode. To the purpose the place big-name outlets have closed upper chance retail outlets which were deemed unsustainable, because of the degrees of loss. 

Some outlets, decided to stick in a selected marketplace have taken the way of striking just about all merchandise at the back of plexiglass, which leads to a in reality terrible buying groceries revel in for shoppers, which can not lend a hand flagging earnings and calls for further group of workers to open and re-secure presentations. In a time the place exertions is likely one of the biggest problems within the business, running in an atmosphere like that can not lend a hand to draw or retain friends.  

Talking at a retail business tournament not too long ago, I quipped that I want to forestall regarding Loss Prevention, as it in reality doesn’t save you anything else. As an alternative, we must confer with the normal way as Loss Recording, which evoked chuckles within the room.  

Lately, Loss groups would possibly make investments tens of hours reviewing video in an try to ascertain a suspicion that one thing nefarious can have took place – it’s expensive and time eating, and it has little or no impact at the drawback. Lower than 1% of all video recordings are even reviewed, so outlets are paying to retailer all that content material too. Loss groups don’t seem to be resistant to the exertions demanding situations both – loss is monitoring exponential enlargement and the group of workers to research is lowering, developing an ever-widening hole. 

Energetic loss & fraud detection

So how will we transfer from passive loss & fraud recording to energetic loss & fraud detection? Whilst we will be able to by no means get rid of loss, we will be able to take a chunk out of positive kinds of loss – Integrating SmartCameras operating video analytics with the Level of Sale lets in us to make use of AI to study upper chance transactions, similar to returns, voids, refunds, and reward card activations, among others, and “search for” suspicious behaviors on the time and site of the transaction. As an example, flagging those transactions if there is not any buyer found in entrance of the counter. May there be instances the place there is probably not a buyer proper there on the time? In fact. On the other hand, if the machine can establish the precise second the suspicious transaction happened and flag that for human overview, this permits the loss groups to be more practical and centered with the restricted exertions to be had. This way can be used to search for different movements, similar to under-scan, by means of reconciling the choice of pieces positioned at the counter or belt with the choice of at the POS T-log to search for discrepancies. 

Whilst maximum outlets is not going to intervene when the robbery is being perpetrated by means of a shopper, for glaring protection causes, the intelligence it supplies would possibly permit the store to take mitigating movements, similar to restricting self-check use right through classes of the day or week, that have proven to have a better loss fee, forcing shoppers to make use of a staffed lane.  

Whilst this is not going to save you all robbery and fraud, we will be able to begin to reduce the have an effect on in some key spaces and make sure group of workers is being successfully leveraged – any measurable relief in what’s a $100Bn drawback, may considerably transfer the needle in this drawback. 


Take a look at our use case on Portfolio Explorer for more info. 



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