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Ratio Makes DIY Upgrades to 12-speed Even Extra Reasonably priced with 2x12SH Package


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Making the soar from outdated SRAM 11-speed to fashionable 12-speed street simply were given inexpensive AND one step more practical, due to this new Ratio 2x12SH Improve Package. Ratio already created the lightest 2×12 groupset from your outdated SRAM Crimson. However now you’ll be able to move 12sp while not having to change to a brand new freehub frame. All due to Ratio and new Shimano 12-speed cassette compatibility…

Ratio 2x12SH Improve Package from SRAM 11sp to 12sp Shimano

Ratio 2x12SH Upgrade Kit, mashup road SRAM 11sp and Shimano 12sp groupsets into SRAmano 12, update your old rim brake road bike to the latest gearing

We’ve cherished what Ratio has been doing since their first time we noticed their 3-d-printed stainless-steel ratchet that transformed 11speed SRAM street shifters to perform an Eagle mountain motorbike derailleur. Their easy introduction gave new lifestyles to numerous outdated tools. Particularly as extra roadies and cyclocross riders headed additional off observe on gravel adventures. Extra not too long ago, Ratio made some other road-focused improve package. That transformed SRAM 11 to SRAM 12 – most probably growing the lightest 2×12 street groupset imaginable, due to the lightness of the unique mechanical Crimson 22 staff. However it required purchasing their improve package, plus a SRAM 12-speed AXS cassette, a flattop chain, flattop-compatible chainrings, AND most significantly switching out of your outdated HG freehub frame to a brand new SRAM XD-R motive force frame. Maximum however now not all wheels might be modified over.

Ratio 2x12SH Upgrade Kit, mashup road SRAM 11sp and Shimano 12sp groupsets into SRAmano 12, on old HG freehub body

So, now you get to stay with your old-school Shimano HG freehub…

What’s new? SRAmano 12sp!

Ratio 2x12SH Upgrade Kit, mashup road SRAM 11sp and Shimano 12sp groupsets into SRAmano 12, Force & Rival group updated

The name of the game of the brand new Ratio 2x12SH Improve Package changing SRAM 11 to twelve improve is in truth Shimano. You spot, the most recent Shimano 12-speed street groupsets nonetheless use their outdated HG freehub usual. So, by way of widespread call for from their shoppers, Ratio went again to the planning stage.

Ratio 2x12SH Upgrade Kit, 3d-printed stainless steel ratchet for SRAM-to-Shimano conversion

Now, they’ve created a brand new inner ratchet that upgrades your SRAM 11sp shifter to compare the precise spacing of a Shimano 12sp cassette.

How-To: What do you want?

Merely open up you outdated SRAM shifter, change within the new ratchet, and you might be excellent to head.

Out again you’ll additionally wish to change within the new derailleur pulleys into your exiting SRAM derailleur. As a result of Ratio says, “the geometry of Shimano 12 velocity street cassettes method it will be significant to make use of a rather offset jockey wheel in an effort to correctly interact the most important sprocket.

Ratio 2x12SH Upgrade Kit, mashup road SRAM 11sp and Shimano 12sp groupsets into SRAmano 12, new derailleur pulleys

The most productive a part of this improve is this is much less wasteful – requiring you to do away with fewer usable portions. And that implies it’s going to be inexpensive in spite of everything, as smartly. The Shimano 12-speed cassette suits to your current Shimano HG 11 freehub frame. And the Shimano 12-speed chain nonetheless works along with your current 2×11 chainrings.


Ratio 2x12SH Improve Package – Pricing, compatibility & availability

Ratio 2x12SH Upgrade Kit contents

So, the following time your 11sp SRAM chain and cassette wish to get replaced, why now not take the plunge to 12sp? The package itself sells for slightly below £100 at once from Ratio now. That incorporates the ratchet & its mounting bolt, plus a brand new pair of rather offset derailleur pulleys optimized for Shimano 12sp chains & cassettes.

Ratio mashup road SRAM 11sp and Shimano 12sp groupsets into SRAmano 12, upgrade old rim brake road bikes

The package will improve any of SRAM’s 2×11 technology mechanical street shifters. Crimson, Drive, Rival, or Apex – and even SRAM 10sp shifters should you upload some other inner improve Ratio gives. You then simply desire a new Shimano 12sp cassette & chain – Dura-Ace, Ultegra, or 105 – which is able to paintings along with your present chainrings and HG-equipped wheel.

Simple, peasy.


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