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Repeatability: How Many Suits to Burn?


TOOLBOX: A not unusual slang with motorbike racing is speaking about burning suits, with each and every arduous effort burning a fit till you in the end run out of them and are cooked and dropped. Whilst this analogy is in style, what’s the precise science in the back of repeatability of efforts?


There’s No ERG Mode in Actual Existence

Biking is never a gradual state workout. Even in a time trial on a velodrome, the facility output varies from upper within the banking to decrease within the straightaways. The similar is right for a time trial at the highway, until the street is actually pan-flat and immediately. Which means, even supposing your wattage is averaging close to your threshold, there may be going to be a bit of of variability during.

For a staff time trial, small breakaway, or staff pursuit at the monitor, the stable rotation of efforts signifies that the lead rider goes very arduous, smartly above their threshold, after which recuperating after swinging off and getting again into the draft. With cyclocross, there are intense efforts of 5-10 s popping out of each and every of the 50+ turns or stumbling blocks according to lap, with no matter restoration you’ll be able to get whilst navigating the terrain.

Then there are crits, the place the fast circuit with a couple of corners signifies that there can also be 4-8 arduous sprints for each and every lap of 2-3 mins. Particularly if you’re poorly positioned and no longer on the entrance, the depth of those sprints can also be serious because of the accordion impact as riders drift during the corners. In such circumstances, your moderate wattage for the race could be less than for a time trial, however the variability goes to be very top.

In lots of knowledge monitoring device, you’ll be able to see a model of variability index to evaluate whether or not an effort or race may be very stable or extremely variable. For efforts with top variability, the important thing to luck will not be by means of having the absolute best wattage, however in repeating arduous efforts over and over with out fatiguing, or no less than till your competition crack.

Which means repeatability – the power to again up efforts a couple of instances – is also as necessary a determinant of racing luck as cardio capability, anaerobic capability, or sturdiness.  As with sturdiness, repeatability is best just lately beginning to obtain medical learn about. These days, its aggressive receive advantages are combined within the literature.

Grand Excursion Repeatability

In 2022, a Spanish team when put next the facility information of 8 riders from a International Excursion as opposed to 7 riders from a second-division Professional Excursion staff racing in L. a. Vuelta 2020 (Muriel et al. 2022) (NB. On this COVID yr, L. a. Vuelta ran later within the yr and was once additionally shorter at 18 levels). They discovered that there was once a better stage of sturdiness in International Excursion riders, in that that they had upper imply maximal energy values within the latter stages of particular person levels, and in addition even early on in levels within the 2nd and threerd weeks.

The authors additionally when put next repeatability, defining it because the choice of efforts finished at >95% of imply maximal energy for each and every length starting from 5 s to 30 min. By contrast to sturdiness, they discovered no distinction in repeatability both inside each and every of the 3 weeks, or over all the 3 weeks.

optimal position in team pursuit - 2017 UEC Elite Track European Championships - Berlin - day 1 - 18/10/2017 - Team Pursuit - Germany GER - photo LB/RB/Cor Vos © 2017

Crew Pursuit Repeatability

Contrasting effects have been discovered with a New Zealand learn about evaluating regional, nationwide, and international-calibre staff pursuit squads, with perfect 4 km instances of four:05.4, 3:56.7, and three:49.9 min:s, respectively (Pugh et al. 2022). To calculate Crucial Energy (CP) and tolerance to workout above CP (W’), velodrome time trials of 1-, 4-, and 10-minute periods have been finished.

Recall that W’ (measured in kJ) is theoretically being expended each moment that you’re running above CP. Additionally, on every occasion you might be using under CP, W’ is theoretically being restored. The velocity of this W’ recovery is particular person and a quicker recovery charge will have to lead to better restoration and thus repeatability. To calculate W’ recovery, each and every rider carried out 4 trials. Each and every trial featured 2×30 s at that rider’s energy output when main their staff pursuit, with 60-s restoration at CP or at 25, 50, or 100 W under CP. Right away after the second one restoration bout, members rode to exhaustion at their staff pursuit main energy.

First off, staff interests are arduous, with imply energy outputs that have been above imply CP for each and every team (463/376W Regional, 471/381W Nationwide, 501/407W Global). No longer unusually, there was once a gradually upper CP with talent. Then again, W’ itself didn’t vary around the 3 talent teams (28.8, 29.3, 27.2 kJ). What DID vary was once the W’ recovery charge, with gradually quicker time constants when recuperating at 25 and 50 W under CP and quicker for the overseas staff contributors at 100 W under CP. What this learn about suggests is {that a} main determinant of talent was once no longer simply upper essential energy, however quicker restoration from those intense efforts all over the transient respite sitting at the wheels.

Coaching Repeatability

Can you carry out arduous efforts again and again with out important fatigue or cracking? Listed below are some conceivable techniques to give a boost to this capability.

  • We generally tend to seek ever upper numbers, appearing our durations with the purpose of doing the similar choice of durations however at gradually upper energy outputs. Assuming the ones energy numbers are enough for what you want (e.g., to stay in that breakaway or to climb that hill with the principle team), as an alternative paintings against conserving the similar energy output however extending the choice of efforts. As an example, if you’re doing Trainer Connor’s favourite 5×5 min period exercise, paintings against 6×5 mins on the identical energy.
  • Tabata sort durations are nice for development repeatability, with their aggregate of a couple of mini-intervals at energy outputs above CP that drain your W’, at the side of quick restoration bouts that educate you to give a boost to W’ restoration. On efforts at 15-30 s normally paintings smartly, with the objective of conserving the similar energy output during each and every effort inside a collection and in addition between units.
  • Development can also be performed by means of manipulating restoration depth or length. For depth, get started with really easy wattages smartly under your threshold energy. As you move, build up the restoration wattages nearer against your threshold.
  • Repeatability may also be stepped forward by means of manipulating restoration. In case your repeatability is deficient, you’ll be able to get started off with longer restoration sessions of 40 s, however as you move you’ll be able to transfer against shorter restoration sessions right down to 15-20 s.



Muriel X, Mateo-March M, Valenzuela PL, et al (2022) Sturdiness and repeatability {of professional} cyclists all over a Grand Excursion. Eur J Recreation Sci 22:1797–1804.

Pugh CF, Beaven CM, Ferguson RA, et al (2022) Crucial Energy, Paintings Capability, and Restoration Traits of Crew-Pursuit Cyclists. Int J Sports activities Physiol Carry out 17:1606–1613.



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