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Self-Protection 101: Preserving Your Cool Whilst You Battle


Navigating the U.S. fitness care machine can really feel like a “combat royale.” From difficult unfair clinical expenses to wrestling with insurance coverage firms over pre-authorizations, sufferers need to be in a position to stay up for themselves. 

So, how are you able to keep cool and assured in those fights? On this rebroadcast of “An Arm and a Leg” from 2020, host Dan Weissmann hits up self-defense trainer Lauren Taylor about methods for status up for your self and hears how she implemented her method in her personal struggle for fitness care protection.

Dan Weissmann


Host and manufacturer of “An Arm and a Leg.” Up to now, Dan used to be a team of workers reporter for Market and Chicago’s WBEZ. His paintings additionally seems on All Issues Regarded as, Market, the BBC, 99 % Invisible, and Divulge, from the Middle for Investigative Reporting.


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Transcript: Self-Protection 101: Preserving Your Cool Whilst You Battle

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Dan: Good day there – Sooner than we begin, I simply wish to say THANK YOU for supporting our paintings right here. Due to you, we beat all of our targets for the tip of 2023. 

That implies we amassed each and every buck of matching price range that have been on be offering — and since such a lot of people was donors for the primary time, we earned an advantage from the Institute for Nonprofit Information. 

So we’re beginning this 12 months in just right form, which is superb, as a result of we’ve were given some large initiatives deliberate. 

Thanks such a lot.

Now, in much less pleasant information, I’m preventing somewhat bit with my insurance coverage corporation presently. Or … is it the health facility billing place of work I’m preventing with? Each and every one assists in keeping sending me again to the opposite. It’s … a great time.

There’s a First Support Equipment publication in all this, however for now I’m suffering to seek out the hours for the entire telephone calls, and to stay my composure. 

On that closing notice– preserving my composure —  this turns out like a great time to deliver again what could also be essentially the most helpful episode we’ve ever carried out, from overdue 2020.

You in a position? Right here we pass.

I were given a voicemail from a listener named Amanda Jaffe. She’s been being attentive to our episodes about people who struggle again towards insurance coverage firms and outrageous expenses. And he or she says she’s more or less a bulldog herself in this stuff. BUT she says there’s a snag. Possibly you’ll be able to relate — I indisputably can.

Amanda Jaffe: After I name the insurance coverage firms, I begin to get offended to some extent the place perhaps it’s unproductive. So I would like some steerage on easy methods to stay cool when calling insurance coverage firms. Thank you. I’d truly want the lend a hand.

Dan: YES. I’ve been eager about this for months and months. We’ve been listening to from individuals who struggle and struggle, and now and again win, and a few issues stay getting clearer:  

ONE: You’re almost certainly gonna spend a LOT of time at the telephone, a large number of it on dangle, and a large number of it with individuals who, for one reason why or every other, aren’t gonna appear that useful. 

And TWO, I stay listening to time and again:  You’ve gotta stay your cool. OK, positive.

However I stay questioning time and again: OK, HOW?

And as of late, I feel I’ve were given precisely the individual I’ve been on the lookout for.

Lauren Taylor: My identify is Lauren Taylor. I run Protect Your self in Washington, DC, and we train folks talents for preventing harassment, abuse, and attack.

Dan: So for like a YEAR I’ve been describing this display as being keen on self-defense towards the price of fitness care. And Lauren is a real self-defense instructor. Has been one for thirty-five years.

And it seems self-defense — the way in which Lauren and her colleagues train it —  is NOT simply the hitting and the kicking. It’s protecting your self towards a wide variety of … encroachment. Boulevard harassment. Creepy co-workers. Simply status up for your self. You could’ve spotted, Lauren stated her crew teaches folks talents for preventing harassment, abuse, and attack. 

And abuse …  I’m no longer positive that’s too robust a phrase for the way the health-care commercial advanced treats folks. 

So, Lauren herself is solely wrapping up an EPIC struggle along with her medical insurance.  And he or she has been the use of self-defense talents all alongside the way in which. I’m no longer going into the entire main points. 

Lauren Taylor: There’s been such a lot of issues. I in truth can’t bear in mind all of them. 

Dan: However we talked via them– as a result of she’s were given ’em written down.

Lauren Taylor: This may be a self-defense factor, which is record, proper?

Identical to you may with a stalker or a office harasser or, uh, even uh, An abusive spouse, is record the entirety as a result of, chances are you’ll want it 

Dan: You train this within the magnificence.

Lauren Taylor: Oh yeah.

Dan: I stroll in, assume I’m gonna discover ways to want anyone within the nuts. And also you’re like, “get a pocket book.” I’m like, wow.

Lauren Taylor: Other folks, folks do stroll in pondering they’re going to discover ways to, , knee somebody within the groin, and we do train that. however I will’t let you know how steadily in reviews folks  let us know that they have been totally blown away by means of the entire different stuff that they be informed, which is truly about empowerment.

Dan: Sure. Sure, please. Let’s have a few of that. 

That is An Arm and a Leg — a display about the price of fitness care. I’m Dan Weissmann. I’m a reporter, and I really like a problem. So my process here’s to take some of the enraging, terrifying, miserable problems in American lifestyles– and YES, there’s a number of the ones, however I’m sticking with this one– and convey a display that’s entertaining, empowering, and helpful.

And right here we’re.    

Right here’s Lauren’s deal: It begins the early Nineteen Eighties, 

Lauren Taylor: I had stored up cash and I used to be gonna take a while and shuttle on my own. And a pal of mine instructed me a few self-defense magnificence that she had taken. And I believed, “Oh, that’s a truly just right concept. I will have to almost certainly do this if I’m going to shuttle on my own.”   

Dan: She says it modified her lifestyles. Like, as a young person, she’d handled a LOT of side road harassment. She figured, guy, that’s simply the way it is going.

Lauren Taylor: And I had all the time concept that if any one attempted to rape me, there could be not anything I may do as a result of by means of definition they might be larger and more potent than me. 

And the actual life-changing piece of the self-defense magnificence used to be figuring out that that used to be mistaken. It used to be figuring out that I had energy and that I may harm anyone who used to be seeking to harm me. 

Dan: How did that really feel?   

Lauren Taylor: It’s, it’s completely lifestyles replacing. I imply, even now,  like, simply inform it to you. I nonetheless really feel like a hurry of power via my frame announcing it.

Dan: It’s exciting. It’s like, holy shit! I’m no longer helpless

Lauren Taylor: Yeah. I will offer protection to myself. Yeah. And I’ve energy and, and . A large piece of it is also I’ve permission to try this and I need to be secure.I deserve as a way to shield myself. 

And all of the ones aren’t messages that, you recognize, maximum folks get rising up nonetheless. And by no means when I used to be rising up. So, it’s more or less like, stuck the fever after which sought after to unfold the gospel of self-defense. 

Dan: So, she’s been instructing self-defense since 1985.

I requested her: So, how did it trade your lifestyles– past the truth that you began instructing it? Like, what did you do in a different way?

She says for starters, she did take that go back and forth, and there used to be an evening or two that didn’t pass in line with plan: Her position to crash fell via, she used to be out overdue, misplaced, somewhat scared. And he or she took out a pen, so in case she had to harm anyone, she’d have a pen to harm them with. She did NOT have to make use of it, however having a plan helped her stay cool.

However that wasn’t the massive stuff. The massive stuff used to be status up for herself in alternative ways. Like when her boss in a full-time volunteer gig began sexually harassing her.  

Lauren Taylor: While sooner than I might have appreciated, you recognize, suffered and wrung my fingers and journaled about it and known as 12 pals and, concept perhaps there used to be one thing mistaken with me  and you recognize, all of the ones issues I didn’t do, I used to be identical to, In reality no, don’t do that.

Dan: After which what came about?

Lauren Taylor: Ge just about reduce it out. 

Dan: YEAH. After which there used to be her mother. Who did NOT deal smartly with Lauren being homosexual. It used to be painful. After which there used to be the general straw:  

Lauren Taylor: We had a big circle of relatives reunion and She didn’t invite my spouse and he or she invited my siblings companions.

Jesus, ouch. They’d had a large number of conversations. Now Lauren set a difficult boundary. She put it in writing to her mother: 

Lauren Taylor: There are some basic items I would like from you, or I’m no longer going as a way to keep involved with you. Proper. So, if there’s a circle of relatives tournament, My spouse will get invited , that’s self-defense 

Dan: That first self-defense magnificence Lauren took had no longer lined Dealing With Tough Circle of relatives Individuals, however Lauren says she’d gotten the message:

Lauren Taylor: It used to be ok. to require positive types of appreciate from folks.  it used to be ok to be who I used to be, that wasn’t my fault that folks handled me as lower than all of that more or less stuff.

Dan: And by means of the way in which, Lauren says the categories she leads now,  they DO duvet all that more or less stuff.

In different phrases, self-defense covers a LOT of territory. The massive concept: When you’re in a difficult spot, you wish to have some choices. 

Lauren says she offers scholars a five-part framework– 5 types of choices. 

They’re:  Run, yell, hit, inform, and pass alongside. 

They usually’re no longer all literal. Like, RUN is …

Lauren Taylor: Go away stroll away. Don’t display up for the appointment, get a divorce with the individual, anything else that makes you no longer there. 

Dan: And he or she says by means of YELL, she approach: Use your voice.

Lauren Taylor: Assertiveness or deescalation or negotiation, or, you recognize, that’s no longer ok with me or don’t come any nearer or, you recognize, I received’t come to circle of relatives occasions if you happen to don’t invite my spouse. Proper.

Dan: “Yell” covers a large number of territory there.

Lauren Taylor: The whole thing together with your phrases just about. 

Dan: The whole thing with phrases you utilize with the opposite particular person. As a result of there’s additionally TELL. Which she says imply — additionally truly extensively — get lend a hand.

Lauren Taylor: It may be getting lend a hand within the second. uh, this particular person is bothering me. Can I stand with you? After which there’s, longer-term getting lend a hand going to HR, going to a hotline, , chatting with a legal professional, 

Dan: Posting to social media.

Lauren Taylor: Posting it. Proper. precisely. 

Dan: Hit is — smartly, it’s in reality hitting. They observe that too.

After which there’s the closing one: Move alongside. 

Lauren Taylor: We wish folks to grasp that that’s an possibility, proper? We’re no longer announcing. All the time withstand. We’re announcing resistance is a success far more than you’ve been instructed and far more than you consider. 

However there are occasions when, going alongside, is the neatest and most secure factor so that you can do. And for instance, if somebody’s seeking to take your house, proper, if it’s a mugging, And you wish to have to get out of there, unhurt, the neatest and most secure factor to do is to provide them your house. 

Dan: Yeah. I feel you’ll be able to almost certainly see the vast outlines of ways this may follow to wrangling together with your insurance coverage corporation or preventing unfair clinical expenses. I imply, speak about a mugging.  

It indisputably jogs my memory of one thing I stated once we began this self-defense sequence:  We’re no longer gonna win ’em all. We simply don’t need to lose all of them both. 

So, that’s Lauren’s framework.

Subsequent: Let’s be informed some SPECIFIC tactics and the way we will be able to get started making use of them. That’s proper after this.

This episode of An Arm and a Leg is produced in partnership with KFF Well being Information. That’s a non-profit newsroom overlaying fitness care in The us. Their paintings is terrific, wins a wide variety of awards yearly. I’m so proud to paintings with them.

OK. in reality USE self-defense tactics with clinical expenses and insurance coverage BS.

We’ll get started with an instance from Lauren’s epic health-insurance struggle this 12 months. We’re no longer gonna get into the tale– it’s too lengthy, too bizarre, and it’s no longer even truly over. BUT we can zoom in on a second when Lauren’s at the telephone and the opposite particular person opens by means of throwing up a roadblock, announcing, YOU almost certainly did one thing mistaken.   

I’m like, Argh, I’m already offended. What do you do now? And Lauren’s like, “I stayed on my time table.” 

STAYING ON YOUR AGENDA. It is a entire self-defense factor. Lauren walks me via it: 

Lauren Taylor: Right here’s the method. K. One thing’s taking place. You recognize, like anyone is harassing you in the street or no matter …

Dan: Otherwise you’re calling your insurance coverage, and the opposite particular person is being REALLY unhelpful.

She says you ask your self 3 questions, on this order: First, how am I feeling? It’s almost certainly no longer delightful. 

Lauren Taylor: I’m terrified. I’m offended, I’m disenchanted. I wish to cry. I think humiliated. 

Dan: Excellent instances. That’s the primary query: How am I feeling?   

2nd: What do I would like? Which is extra big-picture: Want to get a protected distance, want appreciate.  

3rd, what do I WANT? That is extra explicit– what do you wish to have from the opposite particular person:  

Lauren Taylor: I need you to take your fingers off me. I need you to take 3 steps again. I need you to knock sooner than you are available my place of work. I need you to prevent making racist jokes. no matter it’s, you flip it into what I need you to condemn, and that’s your time table. What you wish to have to occur is your time table.

So. Then once they do no matter people who find themselves misusing energy do, which is steadily. Guilt go back and forth you or seeking to manipulate you or blame you favor, smartly, why   have been you there? Why have been you dressed in that? Why did you get inebriated? Um, it’s only a shaggy dog story. Um, why wouldn’t have stated it, if you happen to hadn’t blah, blah, blah, or why you being one of these whinge?

Um, you recognize, all of the ones issues are to get you into their internet of dialog and stale of your time table and also you keep to your time table. So if I say to you,  don’t inquire from me about my private lifestyles whilst we’re at paintings. And also you’re like, Oh Lauren, you’re so delicate. 

Dan: Yeah, I’m replacing the topic. All at once, we’re no longer speaking about what you wish to have. We’re speaking about my belief of you. And you could have a sexy robust impulse to handle that– Like, “Oh, geez, am I?” Or, “I AM NOT”  

Lauren Taylor: However as a substitute I’m simply going to mention once more, “Concentrate, Dan, I requested you. I best wish to speak about paintings at paintings. And I truly don’t like answering private questions at paintings. So please prevent asking me.” That’s staying to your time table.

Dan: And so how did that occur in those telephone calls?

Lauren Taylor: I simply saved announcing what I wanted or. I might stay announcing  so what’s your next step? What are we able to do from right here? 

So as an example, Lauren performed out an extended, lengthy set of calls along with her medical insurance corporation AND the state place of work that administers the Obamacare change in Maryland, the place she lives. 

Every time they hit an deadlock, she requested, “What’s your next step?” Sooner or later, your next step used to be: document an   enchantment in the course of the state legal professional normal’s place of work. Lauren known as, and the primary particular person to select up the telephone didn’t have a super-encouraging opening line. 

Lauren Taylor: She used to be like, smartly, I’m positive you overlooked a cut-off date. And, um, as a substitute of claiming, I didn’t leave out any time limits as a result of then we’re into her dialog.

I stated, so please inform me extra about easy methods to enchantment. Proper? As a result of  you recognize, she almost certainly talks to 100 folks an afternoon and, you recognize, folks make a wide variety of errors and you recognize, it’s a large headache to her, I’m positive. 

Dan: So Lauren didn’t take the bait. She stayed on her time table… AND AFTER A WHILE, ONCE THE APPEAL WAS REALLY IN MOTION, Lauren spotted the similar girl– who used to be now calling LAUREN with updates, now and again greater than as soon as an afternoon–  used to be making a song a unique track. Neatly, indisputably some new phrases.

Lauren Taylor: She used to be the use of we language.

Dan: That’s what we adore. Yeah, 

Lauren Taylor: proper.  So I used to be like, Oh, that is going rather well. she used to be like, “we simply wish to determine this factor out after which we’ll allow them to know.”

“WE” language. 

OK, that is nice. 

AND it’s like:  Wait, how do I in reality do that?  Like, within the second?  Like, right here’s Amanda’s query once more:

Amanda Jaffe:  I begin to get offended to some extent the place perhaps it’s unproductive. So I would like some steerage easy methods to stay cool when calling insurance coverage firms. 

Dan: YEAH. Me too! Me too. 

And Lauren reframed it. She used to be like: OK, getting offended, that’s no longer an issue, no longer a mistake. It’s a sense that you simply’re having. And it’s a truly affordable feeling to have.

And he or she says Amanda’s nailing it in announcing:  the ones emotions almost certainly aren’t gonna be super-helpful IN this dialog. 

So, you wish to have a technique. An time table. A plan. 

Lauren Taylor: If you’ll be able to floor your self in the truth that you’re technique is to stay calm and assured whilst nonetheless being very assertive and chronic.  that could be a technique, it doesn’t imply that you must really feel nice about what’s taking place. or that you simply aren’t disenchanted the way in which that persons are treating you.  it simply implies that as a technique, you’re opting for to make use of this character, this commonplace, assured, assertive, chronic character to check out and get what you want.

Dan: So, yeah: You’re gonna be mad. That’s gonna occur. You simply don’t wanna act out the ones emotions within the dialog. So right here’s the real ADVICE section: You are taking the ones emotions and… 

Lauren Taylor: Do them in different places. You, you recognize, opt for a stroll and pound the pavement. You vent to a pal. Um, you probably have a automotive, you roll up the home windows and force on a freeway and scream. Um, you to find, you recognize, you discover a position that’s almost certainly no longer alcohol or ice cream too.

Um, To procedure the ones emotions since you don’t need them simply striking out in you both. That’s no longer just right for you both. 

Dan: Which is to mention: It can be sensible to have a plan GOING INTO the dialog about the way you’re care for the ones emotions afterwards. Possibly even make a plan with anyone else.  You recognize… 

Lauren Taylor: Name a pal or a circle of relatives member who’s in your home and say, I’m going to get at the telephone with the medical insurance corporation, and we’re going to name you afterwards and vent. Proper. After which, you recognize, I’ve a spot for those emotions. It’s no longer that I’m squashing

Dan: Proper.

Lauren Taylor: There’s a time for that  too. 

Dan: I like that.  However in the meantime, right here I’m IN the dialog, and issues are getting bushy, and I’m HAVING A LOT OF FEELINGS ABOUT IT. 

Now not so calm, no longer so assured, NOT SO CALM. 

Lauren’s like: Proper. Were given you lined. You wish to have to discover a method that is helping you briefly get calm and level-headed within the second. She says taking note of her respiring is her go-to, however 

Lauren Taylor: My manner of doing it won’t be just right for you or her or anyone else. Other folks have to seek out what works for them to stick calm and level-headed. So only some concepts. It may be, um, respiring. It may be feeling your ft at the ground. The ones are my best two, however it additionally can also be, you recognize, some folks announcing a handy guide a rough prayer is helping them.

Dan: She’s were given extra: 

Lauren Taylor: It may be, orienting your self to the room. Like, what are 5 issues I will see or can I to find 3 blue issues? After which what’s something I will pay attention. What’s the only factor I will really feel, the ones orienting issues that stay you very a lot within the provide second and in addition permit you to know, like, this can be extremely provoking, however presently I’m in reality ok. At this time on this second, I’m in reality ok. You recognize, I’m perhaps scared about shedding my medical insurance. I could also be scared about the place the cash’s going to return from.  But when you’ll be able to say to your self, like, Oh presently, I’m sitting in a room in my rental and, um, you recognize, My family members are round me or my pets are round me, or I’ve a plan for dinner or I’m going to name a pal presently I’m ok. So there’s loads of techniques to get provide. and I feel that obtaining provide is what can lend a hand this girl and everyone else.

Dan: What I pay attention you speaking about … Like whilst you say: “get into the prevailing,” it’s like, I’m shifting my consideration. I’m shifting my consideration from this sense that I’m having that wishes to absorb my whole box of consideration. And I’m more or less like reminding myself that there are different issues to provide my consideration to. And now that I do know that I will give my consideration to my technique

I feel something that truly moves me about what you’re announcing  is … it’s more or less reframing   the query. I begin to get offended to some extent the place perhaps it’s unproductive and I feel the way in which that’s framed, is how do I no longer have the sensation? That’s how I’m studying the questions. The issue is I am getting offended. And what I’m listening to you are saying is like, no longer an issue.

Lauren Taylor: Now not an issue

Dan: You’re getting offended.

Lauren Taylor: There are truly just right causes to be offended

Dan: YES! Needless to say. So what you wish to have isn’t to keep away from getting offended– it’s simply to keep away from getting out of keep watch over. You most likely ARE going to get mad. So you wish to have to devise for it.

And to study, Lauren’s best two guidelines are:

One: Have a plan for what you’re gonna do with that anger AFTER the decision. How will you care for it? 

And two: Have a few favourite hacks for briefly re-focusing your consideration. In your breath, another sensation, no matter clicks for you.  

You’re almost certainly gonna wish to WRITE down the ones tips, observe them, sooner than you get at the telephone. 

I truly love this. And chatting with Lauren, I spotted:  Being at the telephone with the insurance coverage corporation– or the medical-billing place of work or whoever else within the medical-industrial advanced you’re speaking with– we’ve were given benefits we don’t have in another self-defense eventualities:  

One: You’re no longer in the similar bodily house with that different particular person. They are able to’t see you scrunch up your face, or gently rub your center, or puppy the cat, or silently rely to 10 whilst they’re speaking.  

Which isn’t the same as being face-to-face with anyone who may harm you– bodily or emotionally.

And two: You don’t have an ongoing courting with this actual particular person. It’s no longer like telling your mother that you want her to ask your spouse to circle of relatives gatherings. Or telling your colleague to prevent making racist jokes. The ones are relationships which are going to stay affecting you. And almost certainly stay affecting different relationships. 

Right here, you’re like, WHATEVER, nameless insurance-company particular person. Which doesn’t imply you’ll be able to act like a jerk to them– that’s no longer going that can assist you. However you do have an break out hatch. When you truly can’t take it any longer with out shedding your cool… you’ll be able to grasp up and speak to again later, whilst you’re in a position, and inform the following particular person, GEE, I were given disconnected sooner than. 

I inform Lauren this, and he or she’s like

Lauren Taylor: Yeah, I used to be indisputably pondering, you recognize, you’ll be able to, you probably have, if you happen to’re too stuffed up with feeling to be doing one thing that feels helpful, you’ll be able to completely say, you recognize, I will speak about this anymore. I’ll name, name again all over again.

Dan: Oh yeah. Proper. You don’t have to love pretend, losing the decision. You’ll simply say like, wow. I feel I wish to, I would like a while to digest this. , I’d like to name

Lauren Taylor: I’ll name again later.

Dan: YES. I’ll name again later. That’s the place we left issues with Lauren Taylor within the fall of 2020, and it’s all nonetheless super-relevant — as I will attest presently, with my back-and-forth calls to the health facility and the insurance coverage corporation.

One replace: Since we talked, Lauren Taylor has revealed a ebook! 

Get Empowered: A Sensible Information to Thrive, Heal, and Include Your Self assurance in a Sexist Global used to be revealed in October 2023, and — despite the fact that the name means that the ebook objectives people with one X chromosome greater than I occur to have — I’m taking a look ahead to studying it.  

We condensed a few of Lauren’s recommendation right into a First Support Equipment publication closing 12 months — along side similar guidelines from different superstars.  We’ll put a hyperlink within the display notes — you will have to be capable of to find it anyplace you’re listening, and you’ll be able to join any of our newsletters at arm and a leg display dot com, slash, publication.

We can be again in 3 weeks.  

Until then, handle your self.

This episode of An Arm and a Leg used to be produced by means of me, Dan Weissmann, edited in 2020 by means of Marian Wang, and for this re-release by means of Ellen Weiss. 

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