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This Week in Running Justin Mock TWIRIt’s a protracted one, let’s get going instantly!

First, for extra at the UTMB Mont Blanc pageant of races, see iRunFar’s previous reporting that covers the better race dynamics.

TDS – Chamonix, France

A large box of one,649 began the race simply after middle of the night and going into brutal stipulations. Snow compelled a path alternate, however that unquestionably didn’t reduce the problem. The brand new path added 5 kilometers of distance, pushing the overall as much as 150k (93 miles,) and regularly on snowy and muddy trails. The race had a 39% drop fee, unquestionably partly because of the elements.

French runners swept the ladies’s podium, and best the race winner got here in beneath 24 hours. Maryline Nakache completed in 23:37, outpacing countrywomen Fiona Porte and Flavie Bruyneel. Porte and Bruyneel completed in 24:08 and 24:26.

Maryline Nakache - 2023 TDS champion

Maryline Nakache would cross directly to win the 2023 TDS. Picture: UTMB

Skilled cyclist-turned-ultrarunner Christian Meier (Canada) received the boys’s lead close to 90k and driven forward towards a 19:36 profitable time. Simen Wästlund (Sweden) chased to moment in 19:57, and Yannick Noël (France) used to be 1/3 in 20:18.

Complete effects.

Christian Meier - 2023 TDS champion

Christian Meier on his option to profitable the 2023 TDS. Picture: UTMB

OCC – Chamonix, France

Climate used to be higher right here than for the day prior TDS, however a rock slide nonetheless compelled a slight reroute at the kind of 55k mountain observe from Switzerland to France.

5th a 12 months in the past, Toni McCann (South Africa) dominated the ladies’s race with a 5:18 end. She used to be 8 mins higher than everybody else. The 2022 UTMB winner Katie Schide (U.S.) stepped down in distance and held off Miao Yao (China) for runner-up honors. The 2 completed in 5:26 and 5:27, and best 42 seconds aside.

2023 OCC womens podium - Toni McCann - Katie Schide - Miao Yao

The 2023 OCC ladies’s podium (l-to-r): 2. Katie Schide, 1. Toni McCann, and three. Miao Yao. Picture: UTMB

For the boys, already a two-time global champion, Stian Angermund (Norway) once more delivered at the giant level. It used to be shut, however Angermund completed in 4:42. 2d-place Francesco Puppi (Italy) edged out Antonio Martínez (Spain) overdue, and the 2 completed in 4:44 and four:45.

Complete effects.

Stian Angermund - 2023 OCC champion

Stian Angermund along with his son after profitable the 2023 OCC. Picture: UTMB

CCC – Chamonix, France

Over 2,200 runners began the race and went for 101k (63 miles) with 6,100 meters (20,000 ft) of elevation acquire.

Yngvild Kaspersen (Norway) ruled the ladies’s race in 11:51. She used to be remarkably 37 mins higher than the second-place girl. Kaspersen used to be 7th on the Black Canyon 100k within the U.S. previous this 12 months. Emily Hawgood (Zimbabwe) used to be moment in 12:28, and emerging celebrity Helen Mino Faukner (U.S.) used to be 1/3 in 12:38.

Yngvild Kaspersen - 2023 CCC champion

Yngvild Kaspersen on learn how to profitable the 2023 CCC, a part of the UTMB Mont Blanc pageant. Picture: UTMB

The 2022 CCC runner-up Jon Albon (U.Okay., lives in Norway) received the boys’s win in 10:14. That’s two mins quicker than his time from ultimate 12 months. Jia-Sheng Shen (China), doubling again from a fourth-place run on the Western States 100 in June, used to be moment in 10:22, and Dakota Jones (U.S.) used to be 1/3 in 10:41.

Complete effects.

Jonathan Albon - 2023 CCC champion

Jonathan Albon, 2023 CCC champion. Picture: UTMB

UTMB – Chamonix, France


Lovers world wide are nonetheless gasping at Courtney Dauwalter’s fulfillment. Dauwalter finished a once-in-a-lifetime triple. In June 2023, she received the Western States 100 in path report time. In July 2023 she received and broke the Hardrock 100 path report too. And he or she now earned her 1/3 UTMB win in 23:29 to cap a fully unbelievable summer time. The tally displays 3 100 milers, 3 wins, and two path information. Dauwalter’s UTMB path report stands at 22:30 from 2021.

Courtney Dauwalter - 2023 UTMB champion

Courtney Dauwalter, 2023 UTMB champion. Picture: iRunFar/Meghan Hicks

In the back of the winner, it used to be shut for the 2 ultimate podium spots. Katharina Hartmuth (Germany) edged out Blandine L’Hirondel (France) for moment. The pair completed in 24:10 and 24:22, respectively. Hartmuth used to be moment within the Path Global Championships 80k in June.

As with prior years, we adore to spherical up everybody from the pre-race preview articles and percentage how they did. The entire workforce then is as follows:

1 – Courtney Dauwalter (U.S.) – 23:29
2 – Katharina Hartmuth (Germany) – 24:10
3 – Blandine L’Hirondel (France) – 24:22
4 – Fu-Zhao Xiang (China) – 24:50
5 – Maite Maiora (Spain) – 25:02
6 – Katarzyna Solińska (Poland) – 25:20
7 – Ailsa MacDonald (Canada) – 25:48
8 – Leah Yingling (U.S.) – 26:21
9 – Sabrina Stanley (U.S.) – 26:58
10 – Lucy Bartholomew (Australia) – 27:39
12 – Martina Klancnik Potrč (Slovenia) – 28:21
13 – Emily Vaudan (Switzerland) – 28:34
15 – Kimino Miyazaki (Japan) – 28:53
16 – Claire Bannwarth (France) – 29:12
19 – Amanda Basham (U.S.) – 29:29
22 – Elisabeth Borgersen (Norway) – 30:48
23 – Elisabeth Rios (Bolivia) – 31:32
40 – Veronica Ramirez (Argentina) – 33:56

Drops integrated Luzia Buehler (Switzerland),  Manon Bohard Callier (France), Eszter Csillag (Hungary), Elise Delannoy (France), Melanie Delasoie (Switzerland), Emily Gilmour-Walsh (Australia), Ida-Sophie Hegemann (Germany), Sarah Ludowici (Australia), Anna McKenna (Australia), Jo Meek (U.Okay.), Mariya Nikolova (Bulgaria), Taylor Nowlin (U.S.), Emma Pooley (Switzerland), Aroa Sio (Spain), Claudia Tremps (Spain), Martina Valmassoi (Italy), and Ildikó Wermescher (Hungary).

Cat Bradley (U.S.), Anna Carlsson (Sweden), Ruth Croft (New Zealand), Basilia Förster (Italy), Clare Gallagher (U.S.), and Kerry-Ann Marshall (South Africa) didn’t get started.

The most important overachiever — this is, the primary finisher now not named within the preview, used to be Eleventh-place Claire Heslop (Canada) in 28:05.

Women's podium - 2023 UTMB - Hartmuth, Dauwalter, L'Hirondel

The ladies’s podium (l-to-r): 2. Katharina Hartmuth, 1. Courtney Dauwalter, and three. Blandine L’Hirondel. Picture: iRunFar/Meghan Hicks


The wait is over. Jim Walmsley (U.S.) turned into the primary American guy to win UTMB, and he did it with a 19:37 path report end. Zach Miller (U.S.) stepped forward on his earlier UTMB very best too whilst pushing Walmsley overdue. Miller completed moment in 19:58, and Germain Grangier (France) used to be 1/3 in 20:10.

Jim Walmsley - 2023 UTMB champion

Jim Walmsley, 2023 UTMB champion. Picture: iRunFar/Meghan Hicks

As with the ladies’s race, the total workforce from the pre-race preview article is as follows:

1 – Jim Walmsley (U.S.) – 19:37
2 – Zach Miller (U.S.) – 19:58
3 – Germain Grangier (France) – 20:10
4 – Mathieu Blanchard (France) – 20:54
5 – Ludovic Pommeret (France) – 21:00
6 – Thibaut Garrivier (France) – 21:10
7 – Tyler Inexperienced (U.S.) – 21:19
8 – Hannes Namberger (Germany) – 21:20
9 – Arthur Joyeux-Bouillon (France) – 21:31
10 – Baptiste Chassagne (France) – 21:38
11 – Joaquin Lopez (Ecuador) – 21:47
12 – Daniel Jones (New Zealand) – 21:55
14 – Ji Duo (China) – 22:07
15 – Scotty Hawker (New Zealand) – 22:13
16 – Thomas Joly (U.Okay.) – 22:25
17 – Rod Farvard (U.S.) – 22:32
18 – Raul Octaviu Butaci (Romania) – 22:38
19 – Yan-Qiao Yun (China) – 22:41
20 – Sergio Pereyra (Argentina) – 23:01
24 – Diego Pazos (Switzerland) – 23:17
25 – Gediminas Grinius (Lithuania) – 23:31
33 – Adrian Macdonald (U.S.) – 24:53
37 – Ryan Sandes (South Africa) – 25:17
53 – Jeff Colt (U.S.) – 26:15
61 – Tim Tollefson (U.S.) – 26:49
132 – Matt Daniels (U.S.) – 29:29

Drops integrated Gautier Airiau (France), Philipp Ausserhofer (Italy), Pau Capell (Spain), Abel Carretero (Spain), Francesco Cucco (Italy), Hugo Deck (France), Guo-Min Deng (China), Ben Dhiman (U.S.), Tom Evans (U.Okay.), Petter Engdahl (Sweden, lives in Norway), Tobias Dahl Fenre (Norway), José Fernández (Spain), Jordi Gamito (Spain), Robert Hajnal (Romania), David Hedges (U.S.), Miguel Heras (Spain), Didrik Hermansen (Norway), Moisés Jimenez (Venezuela), Anders Kjaerevik (Norway), Sebastian Krogvig (Norway), Beñat Marmissolle (France), Ionel Cristian Manole (Romania), Jeff Mogavero (U.S.), Tom Owens (U.Okay.), Jonas Russi (Switzerland), Jean-Philippe Tschumi (Switzerland), Josh Wade (U.Okay.), and Jia-Ju Zhao (China.)

Arlen Glick (U.S.), Cody Lind (U.S.), Min Qi (China), and Jason Schlarb (U.S.) didn’t get started the race.

The primary male finisher that used to be now not within the preview article used to be Thirteenth-place Santos Gabriel Rueda (Argentina) in 21:59.

Complete effects.

Men's podium Zach Miller Jim Walmsley Germain Grangier - 2023 UTMB

The 2023 UTMB males’s podium (l-to-r): 2. Zach Miller, 1. Jim Walmsley, 3. Germain Grangier. Picture: iRunFar/Meghan Hicks

Vertical Nasego and Trofeo Nasego – Casto, Italy

The 2 Global Mountain Working Affiliation Global Cup races took place on back-to-back days.

Vertical Nasego

Saturday’s uphill race climbed 1,000 meters over 4.3k. Uphill all-timer Andrea Mayr (Austria) led the ladies and broke her personal path report with a 38:06 end. No different girl has ever run beneath 40 mins in this path.

Common runner-up Philaries Kisang (Kenya) once more held that spot, completing in 40:27, and Scout Adkin (U.Okay.) used to be 1/3 in 40:35.

Andrea Mayr - 2023 Vertical Nasego champion

Andrea Mayr, 2023 Vertical Nasego champion. Picture: Marco Gulberti

Two-time Global Mountain Working Uphill champion Patrick Kipngeno (Kenya) received the boys’s match in 34:25. Christian Allen (U.S.) charged overdue to overhaul Joe Steward (U.Okay.), flipping the end order from ultimate week’s Problem Stellina race. Allen completed in 35:01 and Steward used to be 1/3 in 35:08.

Sierre-Zinal race winner Philemon Kiriago (Kenya) used to be 5th in 35:48.

Complete effects.

Patrick Kipngeno - 2023 Vertical Nasego champion

Patrick Kipngeno wins the 2023 Vertical Nasego. Picture: Marco Gulberti

Trofeo Nasego 

Andrea Mayr doubled again day after today for the up-and-down race and received without equal lead best with 2k to move. She used to be victorious in 1:46:06. Longtime race chief Madalina Florea (Romania) used to be moment in 1:46:52. The remainder of the highest 5 used to be Joyce Muthoni (Kenya), Philaries Kisang, and Susanna Saapunki (Finland) in 1:48:33, 1:49:44, and 1:50:06, respectively.

Andrea Mayr - 2023 Trofeo Nasego champion

Andrea Mayr en path to profitable the 2023 Trofeo Nasego. Picture: Marco Gulberti

Lots of the most sensible males doubled again too and Kiriago discovered this up-and-down terrain extra to his liking. In a repeat in their Sierre-Zinal finishes, Philemon Kiriago completed first in 1:31:00, simply forward of teammate Patrick Kipngeno in 1:31:45. Christian Allen inspired with a third-place 1:32:33, beating out Italian runners Cesare Maestri and Xavier Chevrier. Maestri and Chevrier completed in 1:34:43 and 1:36:17, respectively.

Complete effects.

Philemon Kiriago - 2023 Trofeo Nasego champion

Philemon Kiriago on his option to profitable the 2023 Trofeo Nasego. Picture: Marco Gulberti

Further Races and Runs

ETC Race – Courmayeur, Italy

Additionally a part of the UTMB Mont Blanc pageant and an acronym for Revel in Path Courmayeur, this used to be a 15k race on Tuesday, August 29. Sara Alonso (Spain) led the ladies in 1:37 and Roberto Delorenzi (Switzerland) received in 1:19. Complete effects.

Ben Nevis Race – Citadel William, United Kingdom

Rose Mather (U.Okay.) and Finlay Wild (U.Okay.) received the race up and down Britain’s absolute best mountain in 1:59 and 1:35. Complete effects.

3 Nook Rock PCT 50k – Carson, Washington

Allie Ostrander set a brand new path report in 4:43 at the point-to-point run, {and professional} triathlete Ari Klau received the boys’s race in 4:40.

(In 2023, Ostrander used to be suspended for 4 months after checking out sure for canrenone, a metabolite of spironolactone, after it used to be decided that she mistakenly took the drug with out first acquiring a Global Anti-Doping Company Healing Use Exemption.)

Complete effects.

Grand Traverse – Aspen, Colorado

The race ran 40 miles from Crested Butte to Aspen and paid $1,000 to its winners. Brook Handler and Keegan Oldani were given to Aspen first in 7:07 and six:14. Complete effects.

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